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  1. High Tyler my name is Teo and I am teaching myself how to use Adobe CS6 in particular illustrator and Photoshop and came across some of your designs online and I absolutely love you r work. I am 47 years old so I am a late starter to the world of computer design but I have always loved to draw ,paper and pencil from generation. So the main reason for my question is I work at a public school and their logo is a Viking. Some of the coaches have asked about the possibility of using an alternate logo to the school’s original logo so as I was looking around on my spare time I came upon yours and decided to look into what you are thoughts are on the school using your design or a form of it if you would prefer if be changed to not use you exact design. As I said this is all new to me and to our school which started up a graphic arts class and I do not know much about the copy rights laws but most important we want to respect and credit your work . Please share your thoughts with me and I hope to establish a relationship with you that can be passed on to the students as a possible contact on how to pursue a career in graphic design.