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  1. @Still MIGHTY, are you a broheim? You totally give off that vibe.
  2. In his defense, he would have posted in the correct thread had that thread been named properly. Just sayin'
  3. This just in, the Islanders have announced that they will be wearing the black alternate uniforms for all home games in the Stanley Cup Playoffs
  4. However, he won't realize true greatness until a photo of him crying is immortalized via internet meme!
  5. Those gradient helmets were awesome, but these were even better!
  6. Dude you must be smoking something, because those helmets were fresh as hell!
  7. The true power lies within the PURPLE!!!
  8. I was half expecting to see a World Series Champions logo when I opened this thread
  9. It must be cold in Salem heeheeheeheeheehee In all seriousness though, I think the skates look a little too figure skatish and the stick looks too much like a golf club. Touch those two things up and you're solid. Of course, I would have used a different color but I completely understand your color choices