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  1. @Still MIGHTY, are you a broheim? You totally give off that vibe.
  2. In his defense, he would have posted in the correct thread had that thread been named properly. Just sayin'
  3. This just in, the Islanders have announced that they will be wearing the black alternate uniforms for all home games in the Stanley Cup Playoffs
  4. However, he won't realize true greatness until a photo of him crying is immortalized via internet meme!
  5. Those gradient helmets were awesome, but these were even better!
  6. Dude you must be smoking something, because those helmets were fresh as hell!
  7. The true power lies within the PURPLE!!!
  8. I was half expecting to see a World Series Champions logo when I opened this thread
  9. It must be cold in Salem heeheeheeheeheehee In all seriousness though, I think the skates look a little too figure skatish and the stick looks too much like a golf club. Touch those two things up and you're solid. Of course, I would have used a different color but I completely understand your color choices
  10. I would love to see Pablo Sandoval get traded to the Rockies
  11. I know MLB wants to honor the military any way they can, but apparently the whole camo jersey and hat thing isn't very popular. I propose a uniform patch that looks something like this!
  12. Purple


    You know what would make the "wit" logo better? Purple onions!
  13. At least one CFL team should just take a chance and embrace purple as one of their team colors
  14. They really should have given Chief Blackhawk a purple feather on his headdress
  15. Dude, you should have totally bought it. Jamarcus will forever live in our hearts for putting Purple Drank in the public's eye
  16. Oh come on, if you looked at his posting pattern, he only ever talks about teams he roots for. It is obvious he was talking about Baltimore. In this case that's okay, though. Only because the team in question has cool uniforms
  17. Aw damn, this is the league I used to kick it in the most. I was everywhere back in the day. However I got booted out of Milwaukee and Toronto. I thought I was set for life in Utah, even survived one major rebrand. But even they booted me for that attention whore Navy Blue. I still kick in in Phoenix, but that spotlight hog Black seems to be pushing me out. Don't let the fact that I'm front and center on the road uniform fool you, I'm sadly on the way out there. Even the state capital of California, where I arrived along with Chris Webber, Mitch Richmond, and good ol' White Chocolate Jason Williams. We was a THING back in the mid-90s! Great times. Now, even though I'm still there front and center, the team is marginalized and have even been having "coffee" if you will with the old tandem of Sky Blue and Red. I hope I stick it out there when the new barn opens, but we shall see. At least me and my homie Teal got back together to kick it in Charlotte again! There and with the mainstream team in LA are where I know I'm secure. I know I'm not hip enough to kick it with the ironic contrarian team that shares the barn with LA's mainstream team, but I laugh knowing that they ironically invite the three most mainstream colors, Blue, Red, and Black, to kick it with them. Y'all can go troll around in Silverlake with your man buns and IPAs, I'll kick it in Hollywood with Kobe, thank ya.
  18. I have to admit, I have gotten a little disenchanted with the NHL lately. Not a single team wants to kick it with me full time. Sure, the LA Kings did for a while in the late 90s into the early 2000's, but shortly after the Reebok Edge invasion, they kicked me to the curb. Sure, they invite me back from time to time, but they insist I go by the demeaning and uncouth moniker of "forum blue". Not to mention that when I am around for those few times, they insist on teaming me up with that Yellow mofo that insists everyone refer to him as "Gold". Get over yourself, dude. You're Yellow! Gold hangs out in the NFL with the 49ers and Saints. It really is a bad situation. Seriously, being a bit player on the logos of the original Phoenix Coyotes identity was more dignifying.