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  1. Wow, this dfwabel guy sure does seem to have everything figured out. He's kind of a poor man's Cliff Clavin (that mailman guy from Cheers), isn't he.
  2. Wow, you're a bossy little one, aren't you. I have a feeling you're a married woman. Has to be the only explanation.
  3. Hey, dude! WAZZUP! Remember how we kicked it in the 90's? That was so rad!!
  4. What are you, some sort of dime store Adam Corolla? What's the deal, man!?
  5. Sorry, I wasn't expecting you to post in this thread. After all, it has nothing to do with either the Baltimore Orioles or Washington Capitals, so I didn't think it would interest you.
  6. But you say that about EVERYTHING! Anyways, they don't look too bad. One thing that was a miss though was that either the Europe team or North American team passed on a great opportunity to bring purple in as a color in international competition. That would have been so RAD!
  7. I don't usually like to talk about this in public, but since you asked... Things were going so well between us, then they met that life ruiner Brick Red. I was crushed at first, but I've picked myself up since. I have a thing in Minnesota that had gotten pretty weird and needed some cleaning up, and I think we're stronger now then we've ever been. Teal, OTOH, never really got over it. Teal torched what was left with Miami, eventually went crawling back to Arizona, and accepted the role of "side piece". Now it's just kinda sad, and I don't think it's going to last. Even Sand had more dignity than that.
  8. You know dude, I've gone back and read through this thread. Honestly, do you EVER talk about anything other than the Blue Jays? I mean come on! Now if they were the Purple Jays, I could understand the obsession.
  9. Thanks, Bro. You forgot my cousin, the Eggplant Wizard from Captain N the Game Master.
  10. HOW DARE YOU! DON'T EVER ACCUSE ME OF BEING PAUL LUKAS! That man is the Devil himself. He has no right being any sort of authority on sports aesthetics!
  11. really dude? first you wanna talk like you know purple so well, and now you wanna bring my sister into this one, too? not cool.
  12. If Washington gives in and rebrands as the Warriors, then they should totally swap out the burgundy for purple. They can even have a purple helmet, and change the warrior head from red to purple. Therefore they can be the PURPLE HEADED WARRIORS!
  13. ummm this is real ignorant of you. you shouldnt talk about stuff you dont know, and you dont know purple.
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