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  1. I probably missed it, but what's the deal with the lack of tertiary decals/sponsors on the side of the cars now? Even up to a couple years ago the area to the left of the side number and beside the wheel well would be plastered with decals. Now, nothing other than the NASCAR series decal. What's the story there?
  2. Those damn golf ball dimples are hideous... you should all be ashamed of yourselves.
  3. I'm surprised by the lack of talk about the shoulder perforations...
  4. Those virtual board ads that ring the entire length of the boards are distracting for some reason. I wonder if Sportsnet will keep using these during their regular NHL broadcasts...? Although they look better than the virtual ones they placed on the plexiglass.
  5. Do you mean the Hockey Canada ™ logo? The World Cup isn't an officially sanctioned IIHF event. This is an NHL/NHLPA event. That's why every team in this summer's tournament has a custom logo, and they are not using their country's hockey federation / IIHF logo.
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