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  1. In 10 years #9 and #56 will be added. What about 2, 22, 25 and 26? 2 maybe, but probably not. Had he stuck around a little longer rather than chasing $$$ than probably. 22 got his hanging in St Louis, but perhaps there's room for it in Dallas. Will it change to a 16 when viewed from the other side? 25 seems to have a bright future in Miami. If it were up for retirement consideration, they wouldn't have given it to Conner. 26 perhaps. That's a distinct possibility.
  2. In 10 years #9 and #56 will be added. I see you're still rocking the banner sig. I have two issues with the Stars' banners. 1) Western Conference Champions Regular Season isn't a recognized award/trophy. it's an accomplishment for sure but it should not be up there. In two of the three cases, they also won the Presidents so it's a given. It seems like extra fabric for no good reason. Pull those three banners and hoist the 5 North Stars banners up there. Those 2 Campbell and 3 Norris are well deserved and should be displayed. Broten, Goldy, Modano and others helped earn them - they're in your history. 2) The retired numbers kind of get the shaft. Now I realize they inherited 2 from Minnesota and were not obligated to hoist them and the the third accomplished more in Minnesota and as a Devil than as a Dallas Star. For honoring those players I am grateful. However, sticking them all on one banner seems cheesy. Now with Modano and Zubov coming up I hope they separate them out. Give each their own banner, make the banners either generic enough and uniform (perhaps match the white conference banners) or go all the way and have them represent the various eras of the players.
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