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  1. These are great. i think there are a lot of teams that are doing themselves a diservice int he marketing department by not mixing up their BP hats. If you're in the mood, I'd be interested to see a Twins version with the T from their jersey wordmark. Another eligible team would be the B for Brewers, the B for the Orioles and the C for the Indians.
  2. I think in terms of hockey. Sorry. When they had a team, it was DIII.
  3. Drake University Bulldogs. and rendered in reverse What I like about this set is they were smart enough to shadow or highlight the correct sides of the D depending on a dark or light letter.
  4. Bingo. Tell that to the Toronto Maple Leafs. AS for this particular team, I would have liked to see them use the /\ as the bottom of the X in 'Texas'.
  5. Wow, that is fantastic. Feel like putting an interlocking CS version together? That might well be a grand slam...
  6. Compared to Houston, the Seahawks looked great. I retract my earlier conclusion.
  7. Why aren't the Broncos and Raiders wearing their AFL Legacy throwbacks?
  8. I found Ken Houston as an Oiler, but Brandon's Wheaton King playing for the Brandon Wheat Kings still has to be the ultimate example.
  9. I gave it some time and thought it might grow on me. It didn't. This is still God-awful.
  10. OMG. As an Iowa Stars season ticket holder, there was no way I thought the Stars would do worse then the Chops with their uniforms. Boy was I wrong. These are beyond dreadful. The I-Stars had one of the best kits in all of hockey. Oh, how the mighty have fallen. That being said, I'd like to have any team right about now...
  11. The Gophers pants still seem blah and uninspired. Taking a cue from the old M&M jerseys, I'd like to see a pants stripe like this:
  12. Even after breaking down the crown, I end up with two "ears" at the corners of the front panels made by the extra material. The new material 5950s don't respond to the hot water treatment as well as the old ones, but there's still some improvement. I also fill a coffee mug with near boiling water and then roll the bill and insert it into the mug. It seems to take a good, permanent set as it cools helping to get rid of the flat bill that seems to be all too popular with the youths.
  13. Today's look is great, except I've never liked the maroon facemasks. They'd be better in gold.
  14. Yeah, um don't Chad. Ask Fred ing Smoot how that works out. They'll likely toss you to the ground, possibly injuring you in the awkward fall or they'll throw a beer on you. Or both.
  15. Dorothy Metcalf-Lindenburger has 19 letters and 1 piece of punctuation in her last name. Let's see that fit on a jersey, jamie Langenbrunner.
  16. What's really interesting is that Christopher Lloyd is slashing the holy hell out of Erik Estrada there in the lower right. Or why the little blue guy in the upper left has a 10 foot long stick and why the goalie's koho stick is presumably going to trip his own d-man at the bottom.
  17. Bingo. When a sailing ship is in motion, it naturally heels to one side. The only time they're vertical is when they're at anchor or docked. Simply by angling the masts, it would create the illusion of motion. Also, this would give the opportunity to add some shape to the sails, curve the edges to indicate there's some wind pushing them. Also, the bow looks more like a viking ship than a clipper ship. Try reducing the curve, making it a little more angular. Also, consider adding a bowsprit and having it line up with the spikes in the wheel and even break out of the background to create more of a 3D effect. I like the stencil font, apply it evenly and you'll have a winner. Also, don't be afraid to change the color of the box around the wordmar and have the top of that box be wavy or waves.
  18. It builds character. Then Buffalo as a city already has plenty of character. They're warehousing it now. 2 MNF games that come down to the end, I love it. Too see the Oakland fans riding high and then get the rug yanked out from under them like that was pretty dramatic.
  19. The White Sox broadcast crew takes the cake on this one. Hawk Harrelson is downright obnoxious in his homerism. For the reasons mentioned above and then some. Although his "He gone!" call is beyond annoying, the word "Sox" isn't in his vocabulary; it's always "we" and "us". Oh and on a national level Kirk Herbstreit and his love for The Ohio State University edges out Corso.