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  1. ..or the Mets NY or the Yankees NY or the Dodgers LA or the Indians I or the Royals KC or on and on and on and on and on. Is every team supposed to have a 'baseball relevant' hat logo? I like the bm on the Brewers old hats, but the M and the wheat is a fine logo too. But there's nothing particularly brewer themed about the ball in glove. And the Twins Primary is TC. The M is for road games.
  2. The swoosh and the wordmark are better than just the swoosh alone. in my mind.
  3. Incredible match. Couldn't believe that last shot.
  4. #2 but add a red 'paint' or #6 with a blue 'paint' instead of grey #5 can be no more bland
  5. And look at the rest of the public universities: University of Minnesota - Twin Cities University of Minnesota - Duluth University of Minnesota - Morris University of Minnesota - Rochester University of Minnesota - Crookston The University of Minnesota - Twin Cities is the only one simply referred to as the University of Minnesota(or for locals, "the U"). When was the last time anybody saw the Gophers playing on TV and the announcers pulled out the full name? Never. Not even when they play against UMD. When The Goofs play the Bulldogs it's simply Minnesota vs. Minnesota-Duluth. The largest campus should retain the main truncated title and the satellite campuses should require the suffix.
  6. I am glad I am not the only one who thinks Iowa's helmet is one of the best in college football. Considering I'm an Iowa State and Golden Gopher fan, it's high praise.
  7. Wait until the image you want pops up on screen>hit print screen>open MS Paint>paste
  8. Which is also an adaptation of the All-Star Game jerseys from 96 & 97 and one of my favorite designs in all of sports, bias or no.
  9. The correct phrase is "NO GOAL!" Yes, I'm a believer. What BS. So you are in favor of re-writing every single NHL player's assist statistics? You must be, because the NHL awards a player an assist when he passes to a shooter that misses but then scores on the rebound. There is no change of possession on a rebound. Brett Hull was still in possesion of the puck. Next time read the rule book before telling a referee how to do their job. Good luck with your quest. I get so sick of listening to Sabres fans cry about this. For the final nail in the coffin, quote NHL director of officiating Bryan Lewis on this topic: "A rebound off a goalie of any type, that doesn't cause a change of possession. That's still the puck of the attacking player to play. That's his puck to shoot and score. That's a perfectly legal goal."
  10. MLB - KC Black NFL - Buffalo's Blue NBA - New Orleans NHL - Dallas 3rd
  11. On this bike, when you sound the horn does it cry "SKATE IN THE CREAAAAAASE!"
  12. I think Notre Dame is most known for bringing out their alternate for big games. Their fans absolutely love it when the green jersey is featured. In the 92 Sugar Bowl, they wore their "Road White" which is white with green numbers and socks. As of late, however; they have been losing in the traditional special green.
  13. I still believe the Cleveland Browns have the most uninspired logo in history? It's just a color. And it's not even brown. I realize there are a couple of Browns logos with a dog of some sort, but if you showed any of them to the general population, including fans of the NFL, they would not be able to ID it as the Browns.
  14. And Norm Green deserves a fate worse than death for taking them away. Burn in Hell, Norm.