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  1. If it wasn't for the plexi, Kirby would have just hopped up into the stands too often. Attending Game 7 with my dad is one of the best memories of my life. 91 was such an epic year for Minnesota in sports; SuperBowl, Stanley Cup, US Open and World Series. Then the Final four in 92.
  2. I still haven;'t been able to reconcile the field-level luxury boxes in my mind. The people in these boxes will see NOTHING of the game on the field; benches, players, cheerleaders, still-photogs, video-photogs, carts, crates, mobile camera platforms, officials, you get the idea will prevent any of them from actually seeing a live play. Can anyone correct me here? Are the standing surfaces somehow higher to give these people an actual view?
  3. Childress confirms this with the Minneapolis Star Tribune.
  4. If memory serves it was sometime in the mid to late 70's. I actually remember watching a game the first season they used them because the announcers talked about. I can't find my car keys half the time but somehow I'm able to remember a silly fact like that. Arizona State uses pitchforks instead of arrows. Does anyone else use something other than the traditional arrows? i love that detail when watching their games. Georgia uses their helmet logo for their goal line G.
  5. Sadly, they dodn't have a Golden Gophers design. We could all use a good laugh.
  6. It would be fantastic if they used that on their helmet. A major improvement over the current old-timey logo. Whenever I see this logo I always think to myself that it would look good on their helmet. It just seems to translate better on the helmet than the current logo. Personally, I'm not a fan of this one. Too plain. What's everyone's objection to the current, specifically? It needs to be "updated" or "modernized." In other words, it's not ugly enough. Naw, just add some laces to the top and it's ready to go.
  7. Wiuld the Stars wear Northstars throwbacks? I would faint. Yes, as a matter of fact. I'm sure there are players that have never played outdoors. I'm sure there are players that never had their rink size determined by how many shovels they could round up. I'm sure there are players that never spent intermission in the warming house trying to unthaw their toes. And all the players are dead when the NHL was played outdoors or in open air arenas. Despite that, hockey outside is andd always will be its roots.
  8. Bucco Bruce I know as the Errol Flynn Bird in a Blender for Iowa State's old cyclone? The Shamu and/or the Johnny Canuck? As far as the jerseys go The Flying V was still the logo for that jersey. Same goes for the Burger King and the Wild Wing, Tequila Sunrise etc.
  9. I have one nitpick. You show a 9 and a 6 for the number font which are basically the same number just rotated. A 9 or a 6 will show how the 3, 5, 6, 8, 9, & 0. will look. Why not show us the 1, 2, 4 or 7 instead?
  10. All that glitters is gold.
  11. Does anyone have an example of another logo that has upside-down stars?
  12. From a logo standpoint, how DO you represent a Pioneer? You could update the "Boone" but it sounds like there's no way a genocidal white guy that also killed bears as a toddler. Perhaps just use a coonskin cap? Pretty lame all by itself. Other images of pioneer-related things: -Musket? Good luck getting a logo of a gun after VT. -Covered Wagon? Oklahoma has that image locked up. -Campfire? no -Tent? no -Fort? and no Really, what is a good logo for a PIONEER?
  13. Psssst. Budweiser is now Belgian. Word at Bud is this will not go through now. Inbev is having trouble securing the necessary financing.
  14. 1) It's Sid. He has no information besides his own fantasies and delusions. I think he's actually senile now. 2) If the Gophers were to share TCF with the Vikings I hope it would be a Bears/Illini situation where they're doing it while the Dome gets a needed facelift. Better lux boxes, more permanent signage, team identity, get rid of the bases/mound/moving seats, etc. 3) If they move the Vikings to Blaine, then the Goofs don't need to share at all as the Vikings will play at the Dome until they move. The Metropolitan Sports Commission will essentially be put out of business in this scenario.
  15. Email the team. email Mr. Bolibruck Put Uniwatch on the case. I'd be interested to hear the reasoning.
  16. Against any other team, it probably wouldn't have happened. When is Nashville going to realize that they are trying to win with a goalie the Stars cut from the AHL? Ellis is a flake. And that brilliant run last spring? A fluke.
  17. It's not the upgrade that bugs me but the execution. Specifically the tag. The old tag was flat on the end, the new one isjust comes to a point. The old tag was solid yellow, the new one is outline yellow. keep the iconic tag shape and keep it yellow and this one wins.