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  1. I found these in a quick search: slideshow You can view more by playing the number game.
  2. Upgrade. I could never stand the truncated logo on his old mask. And as far as advertising concerns, Eddie "Billion Dollars" Balfour advertised his brother's racing team for years. That being said, Scott Clemmensen's old Devils mask probably scared children.
  3. Oh really? How did I miss that considering that I live in Des Moines. I can assure you it is more than a name change from Stars to Chops. Did I mention I work at Wells Fargo Arena in my spare time?
  4. Who the hell is LEEAVALIER? He's on the same line with Martin St. Paul.
  5. The White/white/white is sharp as is the green/green/green and the green/black/green. That yellow/black/black is a bad combo.
  6. (hint: look at StarsHockey's avatar) But it doesn't make sense without the whole wordmark. With just the top part cut out it looks incomplete. It works when the Spurs use the horseshoe U without the rest of the logo, but not here. The is like if the Capitals used the hockey stick "t" as a stand alone logo... doesn't mean anything and loses its punch. Are they really considering a change to Texas Stars or is that just a concept? the Texas Stars are Dallas' AHL affiliate that are playing in Dallas before moving to Austin next season. The Texas Stars were formerly the Iowa Stars where they had a much better logo. The bevel is just in their season logo and I don't see any change on the uniforms or the main logo design on the website. And they leave the ^ on the star at all times as a reminder since it always points north (at the state Norm Greed screwed out of a team).
  7. Watching that was always my favorite part of working there.
  8. Clearly paying homage to their native son and all around american hero: The mascot's number is 18,001? Doesn't Xcel hold 18,564? And what's with the manson-esque forehead marking? This just reeks of stupid.
  9. Do any college teams play at network associates in Oakland? The raiders/A's still share it, correct?
  10. They just use name plates for the preseason, since more players are on the team. During the regular season the names are individually stitched onto the jersey. I'm not positive, but I think the Rangers find middle ground by doing nameplated arched NOBs for the preseason. Yep, but they're screenprinted rather than sewn. heat-pressed, prefabbed characters, actually.
  11. How many college football teams play in a MLB stadium ala the Gophers/Twins (and Vikings)?
  12. I assume you mean "location" instead of "city" as i was going to bring up Minnesota, Florida and Texas.
  13. I have been waiting for the Vikings to put out a purple shirt with a big, bold version of this logo on the front. I need to get a PT job at a screen shop so I can just make the stuff I want... Although as i look at it it seems as if it's rotated too much counterclockwise
  14. Agreed. I recently saw a dark blue Chargers authentic with the triple color numbers up close. The font plus the excellent execution was something to behold.
  15. That Anaheim jersey was the high water mark for that color scheme. Duplicating it in the new colors would have been sick.
  16. The blue/orange works. The white/orange is meh. The orange/orange monochrome is an assault on the senses as well as an affront to everything that is good in America. Blue pants there are a must.
  17. A new, bland logo and SOD? It's a double heaping helping of .
  18. I think the LSU is a major upgrade. I would be interested in seeing the Big10 and 12...
  19. It's just getting treated like an accent color. Much like the Ducks and sharks are using orange, except the green is much more subtle. If they're going to drop the green I would prefer a void instead of a gold star in the middle though.
  20. No he didn't. Think about it. Was Roby (or Weatherford) clicking a button on his watch the instant his foot hit the ball? Of course not. He was busy PUNTING. Well, of course he was busy punting. I just thought that maybe he would glance down at his watch or something. Maybe not though, but I was relying on someone to verify or disprove that statement. I guess you just disproved it (unless someone else has some kind of evidence against you.) My post explaining what my football team's punter used his watch for was deleted, so I guess no one wants the information. What's wrong with you people?
  21. It is such a strong statement on its own, it's a mystery to me.