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  1. I couldn't agree more. It looks especially brutal on the goalie equipment and on the forehead of the newly painted masks. It's awful.
  2. So they scrapped the county penny program? Shucks
  3. Best Buy made overtures which the Twins rejected. They apparently didn't like the connotation and connections that would inevitably be made. Pig's Eye! Many bad idioms would abound...
  4. It's not significant. Iowa just has a lot of birds of prey. It was a better hawk likeness than the Struttin' Chicken logo that preceded it, though. The I-State needs to die. Iowa: The Cyclone State.
  5. Exclusive Pro in Illinois is not processing any NFL jobs right now. Sucks, otherwise it would run you $30 there and they do a great job.
  6. That 3rd on a football helmet would have been the perfect replacement to the bird in a blender. Plus the sports specific logo possibilities with the various ball designs behind the C would be endless.
  7. Minnesota companies that would be good on a stadium: 3M Land O' Lakes (perfect!) Big-G (General Mills) Toro Northern Tool Travelers (wouldn't work in Minneapolis) Pillsbury Polaris (Would have been great on a hockey area if the Stars stuck around) Northwest Airlines (err Delta?) Minnesota Companies that would be bad on a stadium: Best Buy Fingerhut Hormel Famous Dave's Deluxe Cargill
  8. Right...I was going to ask if the offense would still wear red or not. well... the defensive backups wear red in practice, and the offense wears white in practice, with the defensive starters wearing black. if the defense has to wear white on the road, and the offense has to wear red at home... then why not let everyone wear black every once in a while to show support of the blackshirts? i dunno. it doesn't seem that much of a stretch to me. they're all one team. they could all take pride in the defense's history. well put.
  9. EatSleepJeep


    Usually when your goalies has 57 saves, you get the win. 139 shots? That's just brutal.
  10. Please remove the baseball and the field, add some gold in there, and send it to Thanks.
  11. Looks great to me, accurate too says Zephyr(my 1.5yo Husky)
  12. It still takes a certain amount of humility to say, we gotta do this now or later so let's do it now and get it done and out of the way. It will be in place and hopefully de-bugged for the post season and I'm Ok with that. Now i just need the Twins to GET to the post season...
  13. This guy needs to get hit by a friggin' bus.
  14. Off topic: I have always believed that the ethanol people should have scalloped the inside of the upper half of the e to represent a cloud.
  15. Actually, that's about right. Canids don't walk on their metacarpal bones. Their "heels" are elevated. They basically walk on their fingertips. Although reducing that area would be more anatomically correct I say don't scrap this yet. It's promising and the color choice is pleasing. A uniform set has all sorts of possibilities. By using these shades you've properly put the timberwolf into it's habitat: Woods at night.
  16. There are plenty of circular logos with swooshing landscape representations. For anyone of them to lay claim to the format is dubious.
  17. Okay, I don't know if anyone's answered this before, but could someone please explain to me why it's legal for Adrian Peterson to smear a foreign, possibly adhesive, substance all over the front of his jersey? It's slippery substances that are not allowed. An adhesive would benefit people trying to tackle him. I think the marks are either dirt or the transfer of material from opponents rubberized facemasks.
  18. Reminds me of my days working at an ad agency. Check your soul at the door. Common sense isn't welcome, either.
  19. This is definitely a step in the right direction. As I sit here and look at my lazy Husky sprawled out on the floor a couple things strike me as wrong. The Wolf looks feminine, Not so much in the full version but certainly more in the third. The head is too small, and if it were enlarged that would help. The spiked arears around the eye appear to be eyelashes in the cartoon vein. Plus there's no mouth. The teeth are the scariest part of a wolf. Even if hidden behind a line for a mouth, they need to be hinted at. The right leg. The dark area at the top left of the leg needs to meet and blend with the dark portion of the body. This will define the shoulder well. There needs to be some bleed over of the light portion from the chest onto the inner portion of the leg and then all the way down to the paw. That leg is in the foreground and needs to be highlighted against the leg from the background.
  20. I'm impressed. I may actually buy one now. It's an upgrade for certrain. More Green would be nice, but overall it's a good look for them...
  21. I hate the Hawks as much as I'm required to, but this statement is just ignorant.