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  1. Crap you're right! I'll try to update when I get a chance.
  2. The great Battle of Seattle thread and rumors that they will indeed be the Seattle Sockeyes inspired me do make this. C&C welcome!
  3. I agree, that striping on the back of the Riders jersey looks SO sloppy and disjointed. And side panels are so dumb!
  4. True but then just have Jets then? I was hoping for a cool update of that logo with the sleek jet.
  5. You have a cool name like Jets which could be an iconic logo and you put a football inside of a football then spell out the entire team name? I dunno, just doesn't inspire me too much.
  6. Wish there was a jet in there instead of the football. Not hideous but not super exciting either.
  7. Thanks man, appreciate that. And yeah, I thought a visual might be better than a long winded explanation but I guess I broke some kind of golden rule there, lol. Never knew black was confirmed - hope its not too much! (personally i don't think it's necessary)
  8. Just wanted to see if pewter might work. Not really sure if it does. Will probably put this one to bed now and see if I can get some NFL ideas done that I have floating around in my head. Thanks for all the feedback!
  9. A different kind of color scheme....
  10. Not sure if yellow/gold is as good as silver for an accent but thought I'd throw it out there anyway...
  11. Another variation on the teal color scheme and a new anchor logo which is also supposed to suggest a football. Also added silver highlights as one poster suggested.