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  1. Have you seen the actual MLB media guide? Your guess is as good as mine. In my opinion, that logo posted two threads up could be a mockup somebody made. I'm basing my observations on that the game developers typically have access to the media guide before the public and the logos have been accurate the past years, especially when it's so prominently featured in the postseason mode.
  2. Bump now that both 2k13 and the show are out. In MLB 13, the same postseason logos from 2012 are features very prominently in the game and the same goes for 2k13 (search for YouTube video of 2k13 tigers vs giants World Series). In the years past, the games have always had the year's logos in place so a good indication MLB may go for the same look again this year?
  3. i know it's way early in Spring Training, and MLB Postseason Logos dont usually come out until later, but in recent years, video games like MLB The Show has provided accurate first look of MLB Postseason logos for the upcoming season. While watching a preview video of MLB 13, i noticed the Postseason logo is the same as the 2012 logo. obviously, the game isn't due till next month and things can still change, but anyway possible MLB is planning on recycling the logos this year (which hasn't been done since the late 90s)
  4. nope, it's the standard color. I took a screen shot of the logo on the field for a random team in the game. The Show also features logos for the rest of the postseason, all with the same red white blue motif.
  5. Uploaded with ImageShack.us taken from MLB 12 The Show and tried cleaning it up a bit
  6. unless a channel is HD only, there's no reason to create separate graphic overlays for both HD and SD. every sports broadcast does the same thing, just the centered scorebars will always appear centered so not as noticeable.
  7. taken off screenshot from MLB 10 The Show: pretty similar to the 2008 logo.
  8. 2005 Saints "Home" opener at Giants Stadium against the NYG. one end zone was painted with the Giants logo and the other end zone was painted with the Saints logo. http://www.bigbluevids.com/index.php?Itemid=59&id=53&option=com_content&view=article
  9. i honestly have no idea how you would be bothered by that...