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  1. For the Color Rush I took the Alternate uniforms and changed the color of the numbers, removed the numbers from the sleeves, and put the logo on the sleeves.
  2. With this design I basically took this years color rush and their throwback uniforms and made new uniforms.
  3. Heres the fixed left shoulder
  4. And finally we have Washington, and i also took their current uniform and just made some small changes.
  5. Clemson is the 3rd seed and they recently just got new uniform. So with this design i just added a few small things to make them pop a little more.
  6. Ohio State is the number 2 seed and with these designs i kept their classic look but also with a modern feel.
  7. Since Alabama is the number 1 seed the will be able to pick their uniforms, and most of the time the 1st seed will go with their home uniforms. I took Alabama's current uniforms and added a little bit to them. Since Alabama is linked with the houndstooth print i added the print to the numbers and to the stripe on the helmet. so the design still has alabamas classic look but with a little extra.
  8. With the College Football Playoff coming up soon, I decide to take the current top 4 teams and design playoff uniforms for them.
  9. @BJ Sands @ahowe6464 I actually like this much better, thanks for the tip
  10. its not supposed to be a gradient number, i just tried to give the look that they are shiny numbers
  11. After Jordan went on to sponsor Michigan Football, I thought that Lebron would be a good sponsor for Ohio State. I went on to create new uniforms that are modern yet still have the classic Ohio State look.
  12. This is my first post to the forum. I have taken all of the teams current designs and colors to create what I believe the Color Rush Uniforms should look like next season. I created designs for every Thursday Night Game. I also followed the NFL's helmet policy where the teams cannot have more than one helmet.