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  1. I hope the bucs wear the white version of the pewter pants with red socks
  2. Does anyone know if the eagles protest with the second helmet rule passed so teams could wear a second helmet and or throwback
  3. This is why I like the bills because they wear there throwbacks against a different team every year but I think they should wear them twice a year
  4. If the browns didn't use a different uniform combo just about every game if they stuck with it simple like Home: Brown/white/Orange Away: White/white/Orange Alternate: Orange/white/Orange Key: uniform/pants/socks
  5. I would like to see the bucks with that uniform combo but with the Orange socks
  6. I don't know about you guys but I'm glad the Bengals didn't switch their helmet like some teams did because if they did they would really look like a zebra
  7. The only way I like the dolphins wearing throwbacks vs bills is if the bills wear them too but the likely hood that they do is very slime
  8. Technically the jets are wearing white at home because they are playing the giants and they play on the same field
  9. Hey at least the dolphins are starting to wear Aqua at home more who wants to see them wear Aqua permanent at home and maybe one or two games of white. I also don't like that the dolphins are wearing there throwbacks the final two games of the season instead of wearing them against the bills they should wear them against Oakland or New Orleans to spread the games out
  10. I dont think that the titans will wear all navy blue im gonna say navy over white. I also hope that the Bucs dont wear those pants in the pre season only I wannna see them in the regular season too
  11. They need to bring that back
  12. Next thing u know they will have a blue one that says florida panthers