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  1. Could have went with Harbaugh for Michigan haha! This is pretty cool, you should try pixalizing the mascots.
  2. Awesome list! Thanks for sharing this.
  3. I consider myself a pretty knowledgeable sports fan. I even majored in Sports Marketing and Media, however, this is the first time I have heard of this...That is crazy! What do they use it for today? Were they even close to securing a team 30 years ago when they decided to build or was it like a field of dreams thing where if they build it, they will come?
  4. Yea, Florida is a tough market. One, you have a ton of transplants that already have favorite teams from where they grew up and two, they already have too many teams. I personally think Orlando could support an NFL team if there wasn't the Bucs and the Jags within an earshot.
  5. Correct. I think that's what makes the concept interesting is seeing how new franchises would fit with the existing ones in the city. I always think of Pittsburgh with how the Steelers, Pirates and Penguins have similar color schemes or like how Seattle has nautical themed names, Seahwaks and Mariners. I like the thought that goes behind creating an identity.
  6. I just realized that my initial post was worded a little vaguely, so I just updated it because it seems like it confused some.
  7. You got the idea! Here are some cities I can think off the top of my head: Portland San Diego Oklahoma City Indianapolis Sacramento San Antonio Milwaukee Nashville New Orleans Salt Lake City
  8. Denver is an example of a complete sports town. I am looking for people to choose cities that only have 1,2, or 3 of the 4 and to complete the town with their own concepts. Denver already has pretty strong branding across the board so I am not sure a rebrand would be the right move either.
  9. New Orleans definitely fits the criteria for an incomplete sports town. I plan on doing a few cities and will definitely consider New Orleans, but I am hoping to inspire others to throw some concepts of their own in too.
  10. So I have an idea that I would like for others to contribute to. Boston, Detroit, New York, Chicago etc, are all complete sports towns, meaning they have all 4 professional sports. Sorry soccer! I would like to get a thread going of some of you picking a city that does NOT have all 4 professional league teams and coming up with multiple concepts to complete the city. I am going with Jacksonville, FL. I will first present an identity for an NBA team, then NHL and MLB. I will post them as I complete them and then put them all together in a final presentation along with the currently established Jaguars. First up, the Jacksonville Freebirds. The Freebird name was inspired by Jacksonville being the hometown of the southern rock legends, Lynyrd Skynyrd. Jacksonville also has a significant military history and population hence the patriotic color scheme and logo elements of an eagle and flag. Uniforms coming soon!
  11. I agree. I actually got rid of the white teeth right after I posted that black and white version last night. I too thought it looked pretty clean without the teeth being separated by color. Thanks!
  12. Your input helped out a TON! Appreciate it.
  13. Thank you everyone for the CC so far. I think I got this thing heading in the right direction now.
  14. I really like your updated version. Cleaned up nicely. The angle and styling of the eye and the downward curve of the lips adds some needed intimidation.
  15. Thank you! Question, are you looking at the latest uploaded logo? I see how you could see that in the first few, but my latest logo has the eyes looking straight forward. If you still see it in that one, please let me know.