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  1. It is truly amazing how excited the uni-verse can get over something as simple as black shoes & socks...
  2. Does this work? https://cyclonefanatic.com/forum/threads/new-uniforms-revealed.239396/page-20#post-6236122
  3. I think this C/W/C combination is ??? What do you folks think?
  4. If this is true, it would be tragic, but I find it really hard to believe. I'm sure we'll see more BS "anthracite" (it's gray...) & other gimmicky costumes in the future, but highly doubt they would ever use black as long as Iowa is black & yellow (which will be forever). GFGS & BFBS is gross. It works for Oregon b/c they are Nike's little test laboratory, but don't bring that $#!+ to my school, please.
  5. Sorry, misread that, but I hope you're wrong. Is this Jacob Park? Ditching gold, the color Jack Trice wore, would be a huge slap in the face of what little tradition this program has.
  6. Um, don't listen to this guy. Iowa already has a black & yellow team.
  7. Wait, what about two-sided tape? I don't know about this...
  8. Gray & metal flake? Does it look pink/clay to anyone else? Maybe it's my television... Re: Saran Wrap, I never noticed it before, but as I'm digging deeper I realize it's not unique to USC & I guess I hadn't noticed it before. Must be a combination of jerseys being so tight & the whatever material Nike has concocted:
  9. Two questions after watching last night's Pac 12 Championship: 1. What is the color of USC's facemasks & what is the story behind them? They used to be gray, right? Now they're almost like some sort of clay/pink? 2. Why do USC jerseys look like they are made of Saran Wrap?
  10. That's a good point. Hadn't thought of that.
  11. I would be totally happy with an updated version of 14. The gameplay and graphics are pretty good. I'd pay $20 or $30 for an update.
  12. So, I'm sitting at home on this beautiful weekend with a knee injury, decided to dust off the PS3 & play some NCAA Football. I was thinking, with all the trickiness involved in the licensing situation with the NCAA & student athletes, I wonder if EA could just support the current title with new uniforms, stadiums & schedules? Of course, the Teambuilder website should rec'v support as well. Better yet, bring on NCAA 17. It's not like EA can't produce rosters to reflect a school's current strength without ripping off student-athletes likenesses. It's not like we all don't immediately go online to d/l an updated roster file anyway. What would it matter how authentic the initial roster file is? EA Sports, please bring back NCAA Football. Also, please make it for PS3, so I don't have to buy a $400 gaming system to play one game. (Literally, the only game I own for PS3 & previously PS2 is NCAA Football) Just some thoughts on a super-boring Sunday afternoon on the couch...