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  1. That's awesome to hear! Thanks for the Long Beach praise. If you're familiar with the teams, you know why I held off for this next one until last. I was trying to figure out how to show my Arizona team off without getting in trouble here. While they don't necessarily have an offensive name in the timeline I've created, I don't believe it fits the guidelines of the forums. That being said, we can refer to this team as the "Arizona Hockey Team" for now. The team located in Arizona was built to look Southwest without using "yeehaw"s and guns. To make the club more Arizona specific, I decided to pick a brick color, that would be given the nickname "adobe", and turquoise, which is probably the best known mineral in the state behind copper. The jerseys were the most fun to make, being my go at an overcomplicated stripe pattern that was very popular in the early years of hockey. While the league started in the 50s, I thought it be funny to have one team that just wouldn't let go of their complicated design. The actual stripes took loose inspiration from some Navajo blankets that I referenced online, and they were cleaned up to create some consistency in the pattern. The logo... isn't the actual logo. The original was stripped and replaced with a block "A", being part of my attempt to make the presentation more appropriate for the forum. Honestly, the look isn't hurt much by the logo being replaced, but it does feel weird to me. If you want to see the actual set or want to follow along with the history, feel free to visit the thread. I don't have the link in my sig, but, if you don't mind a goose hunt, I know @_DietDrPepper_ has it in theirs. I'll see you all when an expansion hits or a team makes a significant change! Thank you for sticking around.
  2. Since the last one wasn't much of a change, I'll go ahead and introduce the next team. The Long Beach team is named after the major earthquake that struck the town in 1933, and their look is inspired by the Art Deco theme the city went with when rebuilding. The interlocking "L" and "B" are meant to keep formality and be built to last. The navy/gold/white scheme is where the Art Deco most comes into play, being a common combo seen during the era. The jerseys carry a two stripe theme that repeats throughout. The most unique aspect would be the use of these stripes on the shoulders of the dark jersey, while the whites have a phantom stripe that leaves the gold hanging. The Earthquakes are also the first team in the league to use a deep cut collar paired with laces. Tell me what you think!
  3. I appreciate the kind words! Since the Patriots actually updated their look recently, I thought I'd dust off this thread. There are two other teams, but I might as well get Oakland up to date before anything new. The small changes made to Oakland came with the addition of a new minority owner. The goal was to construct a cohesive identity for the Patriots that didn't ruin what was already established. Other than the obvious addition of baby blue, the five stripes found on the arms of the white jersey were condensed and the colors were altered to create a pattern that feels new. These stripes were also implemented on the socks, replacing the oversized stripes and blue top that made the breezers look like they came down below the knees. The other jersey would take what had been done on the white and change the base to navy, creating consistency across the brand. The only things that stay the same are the gloves and pants.
  4. To be fair, I could not imagine the blue/yellow looking better. Also, when I watched the highlights I noticed their shoulder yoke looks so odd. Why does it cut in to the neck like that? It was nice seeing them capture their first win early.
  5. The Bucks logo looks so good on the brown. I'd maybe even put it as the top logo in the league because everything just works. The more I analyzed the look, the more I think the overall brand breaks down. The logo looks awkward on the red cap. Both the "C" and the buck being white gives a slightly muddled look, and I feel like you could just copy the route taken for the one done on brown (Make the "C" brown or white and the buck the opposite of what is selected for the "C" to create separation). The script also seems a little off brand compared to other aspects of the brand that were presented. This is baseball, so I really have no horse in the race when it comes to knowledge of what makes a good baseball identity, but I think the script would look better if it was closer to the block look that the primary has. This series has been fun! Wish we could see more about the history over the years.
  6. Hard to find something to critique when the thread belongs to you, JCR. It's always really nice to see you around. The Sparks look great as something you'd actually see in the QMJHL because of the jerseys that are similar to real life Boston. The Nationals have a pretty sweet logo and I like their jerseys because they remind me of the Montreal team from the sim league you ran so long ago. I think their video game jerseys are way off the color you are showing, I get the video game doesn't usually sync up perfectly, but if I wouldn't be able to connect the two without you showing them next to each other. The Trappers are the best, imo, due to the fact that I am a sucker for brown and orange. If I had to change anything, I would say the logo, while good, looks like two separate logos smashed together. I am not sure how you could make it more cohesive, but I can't stop seeing the wolf head and then the human head as an addition afterwards. I also think the numbers don't need that white outline. I suggest matching the numbers with the striping on the home. Just orange outlined by thick brown. Can't wait to see more!
  7. It has been awhile since my last USPHL post, but I haven't stopped. I actually got some inspiration from @chestnutz and their children's illustration style that gives more character to a project. The noise they were using felt vintage and I was very interested to do something new during my little COVID break. This resulted in a full blown fictional project I've been doing on another site, but I thought maybe I should show some stuff here. I made the template myself, and tried to give as much character as possible when it came to the owners (who are on the left) and players (who are on the right). The names and teams may seem weird, so I quickly want to say this is a series that kind of uses satire to exaggerate really odd moments in history as well as makes fun of traditional norms in sports design. Finally, here are some visuals. The first team is Los Angeles based and owned by Frank Zamboni. Yes, that Zamboni. Long story short, I got a bit over dramatic and decided that the NHL full on collapsed when they lost the New York Americans, giving way to me exaggerating the importance of the Zamboni that was built in Paramount, CA. This gave me the reason to justify hockey growing at a high rate on the west coast, making the most southwest markets traditional and the typical hockey markets considered "risky". TTHC is my Montreal Canadians when it comes to logo and name. I went with Two Towns because Paramount was actually created when Hynes and Clearwater merged in 1948, and since this team started in 1953 I thought it would make sense to celebrate the unity. The logo has two "T"s for Two Towns, an "H" that could be hockey or Hynes, and a "C" which is Club or Clearwater... whatever you want it to be. You're giving it more credit than a 1950s logo deserves, honestly.... which would never happen in real life with a logo or jersey. Tell me what you think. I have about seven more teams at the moment if anyone is interested.