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  1. It’s great you’re enjoying the series but I have been following this since the year Windsor won it and I have put hours and had major mood swings because of a fictional team in Oakland. What Hawkfan has created is beautiful, and I’m not speaking for him, but as a fan I need to politely ask not to piggyback on this 4 year old story. Cheer for your team and share opinions, hell even get in on the action for thoughts on expansion when the time comes around if asked. Everyone on this thread encourage new followers and we love your enthusiasm, but please do not touch the teams.
  2. UNLV would not be playing NAU because UNLV is D1 club and NAU is D2 club. UNLV could definitely play their D1 club rivals ASU though, and NAU could certainly play their D2 ASU rivals. Hell, I’d even throw D2 GCU and D1 U of A in that mix and have a state/regional outdoor classic for both tiers of club hockey, giving college hockey even more attention in the west. P.S. You knocked the jerseys out of the stadium. They are beautiful!
  3. Lord you have done it! You’ve made something similar to the Buffalo Sabers red/silver/black logo from the late 90s and early 2000s that completely threw me off as a kid making me think it was a dragon. That quail logo looks like a knight helmet looking left with a feather coming out the top if you look at it facing the other way. I thought I missed a New York rebrand!
  4. I really like Torpedo’s overall design. The consistency through the jerseys even though they look completely different is what I like to see. I also think the logo is very well done! Kind of reminds me of the Varna Admirals logo from your Balkan hockey league thread from awhile ago.
  5. Correct me if I am wrong. I believe the away kit is suppose to be a reference to USA’s 1994 kit that is actually a favorite among their fans. It is just a little more subtle.
  6. That Raccoons logo is my idea of the perfect “classic logo” that could hold with minor changes through time. You really went above and beyond for their identity. My favorite part is the ring tail socks, they are a great touch!
  7. Would love a look at what you have cooking. Been freeing up some time from real life to try to restart my thread on the fan fiction side of things where I use your current template.
  8. I think that salmon like color with the teal would be my favorite for Nashville. Also would feel like full commitment to that 90s feel.
  9. I’ve been able to experience Utah for a small go during my club hockey career and I feel like you’re on the right track, going off my experience, but the colors are too toned down for Utah. The neon like blue is too much of cry for balance of color, but I’m no help because I have really no suggestion to tweak. Maybe try going more towards Utah Jazz City Edition colors?
  10. Would this league possibly be an alternative to the USHL or NAHL to keep college eligibility?
  11. That is exactly what the Revolution needs. The whole brand, like you said, is Revolutionary as sh**. If you do make kits I’d suggest using the NE logo as a stand alone for the crest used on the jerseys.
  12. St. Cloud is getting on my nerves... between this and the nuggets losing in the finals I’m having fictional leagues really dampen my mood. Oh well, many years to come for the moose to succeed.