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  1. I know this was touched on in some previous posts, but I think the Kings NEED to make a change. I don’t know if it’s because I see them all the time (being a Sharks fan), if it’s because I grew up around junior and club hockey during the time every team copied it, or if it’s just because piping isn’t my thing. This set was so slick and modern when it came out in 2011, I think, setting up the trend to copy/paste for junior/youth/beer league teams all over, but the overuse has just made them age so fast. It’s not their fault they made a trend setting uniform, but I think they should stay ahead of the curve. Yes, they won multiple cups in them, yet I still don’t feel like they look different enough from other eras to claim nostalgia points. When I think about the Kings, I also have to question myself if the criticism or lack of excitement for the jersey come because they are (or were previously) our biggest rivals, but I’d like to think I want all teams in the NHL to look the best they can, especially if they are playing my team the most. I hate Vegas, but don’t think their jerseys are bad, and I’d like to think the same about LA. The Kings have hit a hard low, and their current set is overstaying its welcome if Kings fans want to remember it as the “Stanley Cup” Era threads. Now is the best time to change things up.
  2. Am I the only one who thinks the area surrounding the ice looks like the setup for a game of 3s in NHL 20?
  3. Wow, NCAA Women’s Volleyball 20 is looking good. Can’t wait to play it! You’ve done an excellent job on these.
  4. Was going to come say the Condors look like Redding's team now, but it seems the pics are gone! They are no ones team! Do love OKLA A&M's look. I am a casual watcher of NCAA, and they seem like a team I'd favor watching if scrolling through a list of games on a Saturday.
  5. The design for Team Galactic is nice, but the colors don’t seem to add up. Yes, they match the marble, but the logo looks out of place with it.
  6. The vintage feel you bring to your concepts gives so much life to the work you do. I enjoy the simplicity of the logos and have to say that I wish their primary was used more in the brand because it is so strong (but it is baseball after all, so the use of it on one cap seems accurate). I love your take on a template, and envy your ability to produce such a diverse set of visuals for us. I would kill to have that as a photoshop template for any sport, but realize that is close to not possible and that gives the template some more charm. It does what most templates do not, making the creation tangible and bringing character to them by putting them on, well, characters. I'd buy it if you did it. Especially a hockey one. Unbelievable work!
  7. While we continue to tweak Provo to get them where they need to be, let's finish off Utah with the.... Ogden Mustangs Ogden is another one of those special teams for me. I played in Utah the year after my tryouts in Fresno, and got to practice with this team a lot. Other than 19-21 year olds messing with a kid 4-6 years younger than them, it was an experience I loved. During the time, Ogden had a nice look with more traditional striping, and an alt that looked like the Washington Caps throwback with the "W" on it. Since then, the Mustangs have become a mess, turning into one big junior hockey trend. Because of this, I decided to completely flip them to the other side, creating a traditional, vintage identity. For the logo, I put a mustang on its hind legs in front of an "O" that is based off the "O" they used on the old alt jersey I mentioned, it is meant to double as a shield to give the mustang more bulk. I also dropped their silver and emphasized a more vibrant shade of red. Seriously guys, when I say junior hockey mess I mean it. Here's a list of their current problems: 1. A quirky light gray instead of a white jersey. 2. The pants for those gray jerseys are also gray. 3. Fun little knee cap logos. 4. Some random inconsistencies in striping. 5. Giant block "OGDEN".... I'll just show their most recent jersey reveal at the end of the post. Anyway, here is what I did for them. The home is a bulkier double band that was inspired by the Buffalo Sabres Winter Classic jersey from 2018. I let them keep a little bit of their modern self by giving a shoulder stripe, but nothing too crazy. The white is just a color swap, keeping the stripes how they were on the other jersey. I think this might be my favorite uniform pair so far. Oh, and here's what I promised. I'll also add this in the same post to not clutter up the thread.
  8. Usually like to wait, but you have two Arizona teams and a Northern California team in one post. UNC - Not a name I'd think you'd land on for a team given the extensive creativity for each school, but that condor is fierce. I personally am not the biggest fan of dark green and black together. That being said, it doesn't mean the two don't belong together sometimes. I love the logo, and I am not saying it needs to be touched, but I think it could use some additional Redding flair to it so it is more recognizable. Maybe have the bird over a river, in the mountains, on a trail (known as the Trails Capital of California), or in front of the sun (is the 2nd sunniest city in the US, heat is associated with condors and you already have gold in the color palette. This might be the best route). I can accept a story of a rare Condor spotted in the city for the background of the name, but what makes it Redding's Condor? If you know what I mean. The secondary has a lot of potential, and I think you should run with it. Looking at the seal as a reference, I see that there is text surrounding the mark. Maybe scrap the NC in the middle and replace it with some Redding imagery. For example, the Sundial Bridge is one of the largest functioning Sundials in the world. It also can easily be altered to look like the "X" used in the original Jefferson Seal. I'd then use "University of Northern California" in place of "The Great Seal of State of Jefferson". Love the connection a lot, good start on a great idea. SSU - This color combo is 10/10, great for anywhere and perfect for Tucson. I am playing love/hate with the primary. It reminds me of that old school U of A logo, but feels a tad busy at the moment. If you aren't attached to the quail, I think you should scrap it for a monsoon moving across a simplified skyline of Tucson. That be very unique to the city. Or even use the skyline/school initials and have a gradient of the sand color over it. GCC - For as wild as this school is with their identity, I am surprised the interlocking letters beat out the javelina on the primary helmet. Other than that, the Tequila Sunrise feels spot on for the school. If they have an alt helmet, I suggest a full gradient helmet with the interlocking GC as the logo and a purple jersey. This would be the school I'd go to in place of ASU, and I would be very ok with that.
  9. I actually tried this my first go at the updated logo. I had two problems with it: 1. The hilt made it feel so top heavy. 2. My brain couldn't accept the idea of the knife going in at that angle. I know it really doesn't matter for a logo, but the one I landed on felt like a natural motion for a knife stabbing downwards into something. With the blade facing the other way it makes me uncomfortable just knowing how awkward it be for a human to do that. Then again, that is just my thoughts. Maybe, it is a better option. What does everyone think?
  10. After @sportsfan7 so nicely complimented the colors, I naturally made more changes. As a logo, I agree about the previous colors, but when put on the jersey the teal/foam/navy felt so much better. So here it is. Provo Riverblades A new team! A clean slate! Anddddddd...... woof. This is a lot for a logo and, although I appreciate the team for somehow doing Niketalk with clipart, this has to be the worst logo in the USPHL. What is a Riverblade? Don't ask me, I only do the design. All I got from the name involves a knife used for fishing, maybe? Well, I ran with that. Although I do not have proper knowledge when it comes to knifes, I found a shape I liked that would stick to the team's original "R" while also working with my idea. The thought was simply to have a knife coming through a "P" (for Provo), creating an "R" (for Riverblades). While I am not 100% happy with it, I can definitely say it is better than the original and that is the goal of the thread. While the team is a mess, their color options to choose from are awesome, there are just too many. I dropped baby blue and kept the teal/foam/navy because I felt the three still represented mountains/forest/water enough on their own. What I made mirrors the jerseys the team presented, but, again, simplifies the whole look. I liked the fade from dark to light a lot, it feels like movement running down the jersey. Like a stream or... I'll stop before I start doing the symbolism thing. C&C is more than welcome!
  11. I watched this freshman year of college and literally had to remove myself from it because it took up so much time. I remember being fond of the Crazy Cat's Eyes, Team Primary and the Jawbreakers back then, but it all blew up and I have no clue who to back. With all this free time I have I kind of want to jump back in, and want to support a few teams. Now that there is some good history and professional logos for all the teams, it is so hard to choose. Is there somewhere to find more history that I've missed other than all the videos? Regarding the thread, I love this idea. It is so much fun, and if you have the time you could branch into other sports. The Midnight Wisps look very good, and I agree with @raysox about the pants stripe being ingenious. Only problem is that players who don't tuck the jersey would be hiding the blue star, unfortunately. I know it might not feel right, but maybe make the blue one the bottom or middle star? A blue/gray alt would also be class for this team. Great job!
  12. For Provo I wanted to get rid of the whole thing. It looked like it was put together as fast as possible with some bad explanations behind the meaning of the logo to justify the mess. Here is where I am at right now with the Provo Riverblades. What do we think?
  13. Can’t wait to see Denver next... the only city that makes logical sense to me based on the tease. Love the series, but haven’t commented because all my issues have been addressed. That primary logo for New York is way too good to be overshadowed by numbers on the sleeve. I’m very happy with that change.
  14. Hey all, might be a couple days for the next team because I’ve hit a wall with what is left in the division, and I wouldn’t mind a little bit of a brainstorm when it comes to the remaining teams. I’ll list my thoughts and if anyone is familiar with the team or would like to help by just throwing in their own thoughts it be much appreciated. Anaheim Avalanche: I’ve already said this team is packing up and heading to Bakersfield but don’t know what theme they should have. Does inspiration from Bakersfield’s country or oil influence make the most sense? San Diego Sabercats: This logo is a crime, and I am planning to scrap it. Any clever thoughts on a logo that would incorporate both SD and the team name? Southern Oregon Spartans: This name takes up half a sentence, but a change to the Medford Spartans doesn’t sound great. Anyone know the geography of the state well enough to drop some knowledge/opinions on this? Also was thinking about just taking the head from the logo and making it the primary, but I’ve done that a lot so I’m open to other suggestions for their logo (or even a more appropriate name for that matter). Ogden Mustangs: Have a love/hate relationship with their brand. Their jerseys have gone way too far, but idk if I’d rather start from nothing or keep their current logo. It has some history, but it seems off and idk why or how to fix it. Provo: I have an idea of what to do for this new team, just trying to figure out what three of their colors I should use of their five. Don’t mean to bump the thread, but I could use some collaboration on a few of these to make them work. Please throw your hat in the ring if you have any thoughts that could help. Thanks!