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  1. Falling behind so I should give a run through while I have the chance! I think you’re heading in the right direction with the Harlequins. I personally found it hard to make out what each piece was in the final product, but once I figured out that the ruffle at the bottom was the neck area everything fell in place. I’m getting a lot of shadow (scary clown) vibes that are on the edge of menacing and abstract. I think maybe add a nose? Just to give the audience another reference point. HPU has a great simple branding that will lend influence to the uniforms in all their sports. I could imagine them having a Seahawks like football helmet that involves the neck wrapping around to the back. Very well done. GAU has a sharp looking Herons logo and I like the colors. I find birds hard to do so I especially appreciate this one. ABU is probably my favorite at the moment because of the way you treated the shield, incorporating the hound into the whole thing. Would have preferred to see the dog on its own be a secondary, but based on the type of school it is I understand the use of the shield. SC has a branding that fits Minnesota. I like the scheme, the name and the visuals to go with it. I will echo Section30’s comment regarding Babe’s forehead. It looks a little awkward, but that’s an easy tweak to an otherwise stellar brand.
  2. Not sure about Penguin, then again not sure about anything going on there. I appreciate that you went with the traditional look (opposed to the more modern jester like take on the character). I think the hat looks placed on top of the face shape and doesn’t look like he is wearing it. Might also be too aggressive with the shadows. I think with more characteristics or maybe a mask it be more identifiable. Think the Tidesman look sharp! Don’t see why they’re using a pitchfork though! Haha (joke geared towards my own school using what they call a pitchfork as their logo. Just go back to Sparky you guys)
  3. I appreciate the comment! It seems that converting my ideas into one cohesive identity is where I am being held up, a real "Too many chefs in the kitchen" type of problem. A lot of ideas that I want to use, but might not belong together. The colors were definitely based on an Art Deco palette I found online, wanted to be like LAFC but with a little more pop. I think I am actually going to utilize the mask for a different identity that is geared more towards a NOLA theme, so that is very nice to hear. Thanks! Wish we had more voters like you around haha! But the other option was awesome too, I knew it would be tight and have no problem with how it turned out. Once all my applications on my Mac are fixed I think I will try tweaking the mask shape. I hear what you're saying with the colors, I actually considered baby blue for awhile, but opted for the true Art Deco. Happy you picked up all the little nods to the city! For Chicago, I think this one will be on the shelf for a little bit. I might bring it back and play with it, but I am not sure where I would use it. After looking at it, I do agree with a lot of your analysis though. If I work with it again I'll probably start by cleaning the lines like you suggest. Thanks!
  4. First off, welcome home! Assuming you came back to the Grand Canyon state. Hope the drive wasn’t all that bad. I recall you saying you’re a student athlete, mind telling how that’s been during all of this? As for the actual concepts, I think you locked down GCC, colors are Arizona and location is appropriate enough. Like the college feel of the logo, it is very Mizzou, like mentioned previously. This school gives off that ASU vibe. Has history but prefers a modern direction for the brand. Would not be surprised if Adidas had their hands on this school. MU feels traditional throughout the whole identity. Logos are very college and I love the name. Would be difficult getting students to Flint though (Sorry Flint). Maybe it’s just the green and location, but Michigan Stare seems like an appropriate equal. Okla A&M is probably my favorite so far. The colors are perfect for my taste and the use of A&M has balance that isn’t in your face but not too subtle. This one is hard to give one school, but seems to be a combo of the two in Oklahoma that everyone knows. A unique state/region name like OU, but with a scheme that has potential for bold new looks like OSU.
  5. Mr. MAHL is biased towards Minnesota? What a reveal!... I want that too though. Section30 has really made me want more sports in the state. Damn you Section30!
  6. LA Titans - I see what you mean by the NOLA feel. I think a lot plays off of the colors, which were meant to be more Art Deco to start but I could see how that might be lost in the progression. I was trying to go away from the usual take of the all mighty Titan, but I guess it is hard to change ones thought process for something that works. Atlas is a literal Titan who has the world in his hands, which I felt was appropriate for a city that influences the world, but I guess I didn’t account for the actual punishment it was. Chicago Ghosts - This one was definitely cookie cutter considering I wasn’t sure how to connect the city and the name. It is pretty in your face, but I was going for a less aggressive mascot that might have made its way through time. The forced letters felt like a quirk that would make the team feel like it had some history, coming from a time where it was more acceptable. The sash was to balance that giant head, but I get what you’re saying I leaned too far into the city aspect. Appreciate your feedback! It’s always fun to hear.
  7. I just lost in a team identity competition that was going on for two hockey teams named the Los Angels Titans and the Chicago Ghosts. Since I took some time on these I wanted to show them here and get more eyes on them. Would love some feedback! For the LA concept I tried to do something different from the usual aggressive warrior route, and picked Atlas holding the Earth as my inspiration. Used a Greek theatre mask style for the face and decided on navy, metallic gold and aqua like teal because I felt it fit the city. The uniform, much like LA, is meant to be a spin on tradition with some flair topped off with a gold bucket because I demand that we challenge norms! Chicago with a name like Ghosts is a tad difficult, but I tried to shape it more around the city than the team name. A simple ghost with a sash based on the Chicago flag, and if it isn’t obvious I gave the little guy a C and a G as eyes. The threads are also based on the city flag, but I decided to make it more subtle by opting for a red stripe that trails off towards the middle instead of a literal star. I think it gives a cool effect I wasn’t expecting. Well, tell me what you think! Where’d I go wrong? Haha I haven’t posted a concept here for awhile so I can’t wait to hear from some familiar faces I don’t get to hear from often now that life is extremely busy.
  8. Yuma has always been a pass through for me on my drive back up to the Bay Area, so it is very hard to think of it in any other way. I think a mutual city without any real rivalry that is pretty well liked here, you know, the “oh you’re in Arizona you have to go to” favorite, would be Sedona. I think it’s a known city that would have a thriving university, and I’d not be disgruntled by my club hockey hate for NAU (Id suggest Prescott before Flag honestly). For the South it is much harder to trick teens into signing up for four years in the middle of nowhere. U of A reigns supreme for that in this country. Maybe label the university as Saguaro State? Great Arizona theme that gives the opportunity to place the school in a location around Tucson because it all falls in the National park. Screw it, this is fiction, we are going Florence and calling them the Jail Birds!
  9. Being located in Phoenix, this identity feels the farthest thing from Flag to me. I’d expect more vibrant forest colors. Blues, greens and maybe that purple could fit in if used correctly. Pros is that I would happily be represented by a Javelina any day (Most people in the state wouldn’t argue that). Cons would be that “Southern Arizona” is the other team in the conference that rep AZ and I instantly think Tucson, which more than deserves a school, but I’d never claim to be a fan of either based on state rivalry that’s already drilled into my head. Perfect college feel to it and I love the colors and mascot. That’s a design that gets a member excited for a thread!
  10. That leek stick is very creative and absolutely awesome! It feels like a logo and identity you’d see in a classic video game like 03 Hitz. This is a winner, I like both uniform options a lot.
  11. The Pride jersey is very similar to the Sharks Stealth Mode jersey, but I’d say it looks better in red. Let NJ have it, it feels more Devils than Sharks.
  12. I was having problems finding where this logo seemed off, but I think this feedback might be it. I think the nose on the robot part of the cyborg is a tad block like and it might be the case for a lot of the logo. Great name for the team though! With a little polishing this would been a great identity for the original XFL.
  13. Looks like a classic, old school script that would be great for baseball. Any more details about the team that could maybe influence the script to make it more unique to the team? Maybe even adding something to the whole logo to signify “baseball”.
  14. I like the project! It’s always nice seeing your work around here. I think the goalie template is an upgrade on the idea that you had when presenting the college teams in your previous series.
  15. I think the elf would benefit from the neckline on the back of the head going out to create a fuller neck rather than bending in. Also I think your name would flow better if you dropped the “Wood” so it would read the same when the full name is said Valenwood Elves.