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  1. Oh goodness, so much to go through. I do love looking over these, though. TRU - From the start, I have to say we have one more logo of a person hitting something with *insert object here* than I expected to see on one page. While TRU's came first, it is the inferior. The fingers make it look like the caveman is gripping the club with his finger nails, and the way his wrist and the club lays doesn't look right. I like the creativity, but I would love to see a caveman face. The secondary logo is pretty cool, but the amount of noise being used isn't convincing me that the writing is chalky. I think you could find a different brush for it somewhere. Other than that, I think the logo is solid. Great colors and fun identity. 4/10 but not far from a 7/10. SSU - The worst part about SSU as a whole is that it is in Tucson. Secondly, Tucson does not deserve a look this good. I love the quail and his feather cap is beautiful. The colors are also really refreshing, separating from the usual AZ palette. Only things I would suggest have to do with the secondary. The smaller of the suggestions would be adjusting the quails arms, more specifically the right one. It looks a little awkward at that angle. The bigger one that is catching my eye is how the cactus lays flat on the shirt. I think it might look a little more natural if it fit the motion of the bird's body. Love the brand! You've killed it in the desert. 8/10 DTU - Their secondary is much stronger than the primary to the point where I would promote it to primary status. The idea for the Saxon is good, but for some reason I see something similar to a Muppet. Man fighting aggressively is overdone, anyway. The dragon is more unique to the name and has features that might be easier to build a full identity around. 6/10 KU - First thing to applaud is the is the color combo. So unique and attractive *chef's kiss*. I can feel the tradition radiating from this school and their classic K. I can also see the modern influence in the secondary. Kind of like Nike or Adidas came in and gave it their own spin without absolutely ruining the integrity of the school's identity. Coffin/Keystone/Vampire, clever boy. 9/10 MSU – I’ll start with my only problem, which is the secondary. It feels off but after thinking about it more, it feels like the right direction. I think what’s wrong might be that the staff doesn’t look like the staff Hermes wields just because there isn’t enough area for the god to hold. Idk, an MSU monogram may be the way to go. As for the name and primary, I love them. Great connection to the city, and I appreciate the love for an underutilized figure in Greek mythology. The front of the helmet looks a little clunky, but that is just nitpicking. 7/10 UU – The gladiator helmet looks so good at first glance, but I must say that the circles all being the same size in the mask makes the face look flat. If they progressively got thinner it would give the logo more shape. The sword is a nice option, but I think it would be used very little when comparing it to the other option. 7/10 I am burnt. Time to charge up at get at it again soon. Love seeing the series get some traction again!
  2. It’s been awhile and I don’t have much time for feedback, but I need you to know that this frog gives me the will to get out of bed in the morning. What a nice, sophisticated looking guy.
  3. Has been some time since I first commented and I felt obligated to show appreciation for the completion of such a high quality series. The way you merge traditional and modern is funky, and very creative. While I must admit that sometimes there were hard swings and misses, I'd rather see designers go all or nothing and there wasn't very many of them overall. Your series is a great example of pushing the limits, and I think it is very good for the overall progression of design in the sport. That being said, here is my breakdown. Everett - I like the look of my suggesting, but I think the one with only the mountain and bear is much better. It simplifies the chest, making it less overwhelming. Kelowna - I miss the monster logo, but that is really all I miss. These colors can be hard so I appreciate the effort you put into balancing them. I like the black diamond idea a lot and the jerseys are a unique take on vertical striping. Only change I'd make is to the hem just because it is pretty black heavy compared to the rest of the striping. That goes for the socks to that have 0 teal on them. Prince George - I like what you have cooking here. I would definitely sub the silver texture for plain white. I know the idea is fun and I personally love the treatment, but it is overstimulating in this scenario. Other than that, I like the logo a lot and thing the striping and colors are real pretty. I'd maybe emphasize the darker color on the white jersey because the two lights with light pants might be much, but I'd still wear it. Vancouver - Outside the logo, this one is a miss for me. I think I can't back the jerseys because the LA Kings template is much overplayed in juniors, and I have just come to expect more from you. To make it worse, the generic template has a very generic color palette. Not your fault because it is their colors, but you've gone wild with other teams so why not include this team. Lastly, there is absolutely no way I can support practice socks. In a way I see how it is different and "creative", but it comes off as cheap. Your revision makes Vancouver much better. I like the focus on red and white. Striping is also much more consistent. Thank you for doing something with the socks. Victoria - Shoot that double purple into my veins. These are some of my favorite colors I never get to see, and the way you balanced them in a Penguins template is perfect. Additional points for the sublimated pattern in there, but I could see how some may argue that it is still busy. Maybe drop the opacity just a little more? I've never been thrilled about Victoria's logo and would actually prefer seeing your logo on the chest. Prince Albert - Honestly, this one was a lot for me. You might be able to get me behind it with baby steps of progression, but even through all the retooling I just don't like it. More use of black would be great! I also think the hem stripe could stay flat. Portland - Gorgeous third. Thank you. Saskatoon - This one made me uncomfortable just because it was a hard shift back to traditional. That being said, I love it. I would maybe go thicker blue logo outline on the yellow jersey, but have no other input. Winnipeg - Only thing I really don't like is the "Winnipeg" word mark, but what's that matter? I'd maybe go for more navy, but I think this is perfect for a team named "Ice". Brandon - I really like the logo! The chest stripe is not a must just because it is already used sufficiently in this league, but I do like the pattern in it. I'd advocate for nothing on the chest just to give that logo a platform to be shown off. Would also like an all out wheat alt that utilizes the patch logo on the chest. Regina - Since I am going through all the teams, I have not read the breakdown in full. I am saying this because I am not sure if you tweaked the red, but I love what was done to make it pop more than the one they use now. Excessive use of white on a dark jersey is one of those funky things I love, so thank you for that. Although the navy jersey is perfect, I think the white misses. There is not enough navy and the chest stripe is forced. Let that script breathe! Love your patch logo! The crown does not quite match the style of the dog, but overall it is pretty cohesive. Calgary - Bottom tier from this series, but it is only because of personal preference when it comes to the Hitmen. Either you go pink or you keep their awesome copper color, that is just my objective opinion... whoops did I say objective? I will double down on that take haha! I am also just not sold on the flames, especially on the side panels. While their logo is cool, it is stuck in the past. I would have loved to see the continued using only the mask as the chest logo. Your rework in a later post makes it better, but I'm still not punching my ticket for that train. Lethbridge - Wow this is a fun traditional! Love the scripts on both jerseys and the striping. I am a little confused about the lack of white on the dark jersey and the odd balance of color on the white, but it is almost there. I'd buy the white just because it is funky. It would look very good on the ice if they used red pants with that light set. Also, again, great job on the patch logo. Give yourself a pat on the back by making a third jersey with that logo on the chest. Swift Current - I like your monogram much more than their chest logo, but that is my only complaint. After you added yellow to the light jersey later on, I was completely satisfied with what you produced. Red Deer - This new logo is rootin and tootin. I personally would prefer the script on the chest, but that doesn't hurt this look at all. I think your blend of modern and traditional striping is executed perfectly on this one. Medicine Hat - You have a great start with the striping, but it could use a tweak. On the orange jersey you should either go black/white/black or just swap the black and white. There is far too much white for how light the orange is. I think the white works, but still wouldn't mind that altering color suggestion going black/orange/black. Edmonton Oil Kings - And this time it's going to get funky. To keep my Cha Cha Slide joke rolling, your Oil Kings concept truly made me clap my hands. The oil slick is slick and the use of silver compliments the gradient perfectly. Speaking of gradient, way to resurrect this fad in the most appealing way possible. I hate gradient when it is done wrong, which is about 90% of the time, but this is the best look in the league. Also applauded the patch logo, again. Moose Jaw - Waited on this one until it fully progressed because the original post needed polishing, and it seemed you knew that. The logo results are much better than what was started with. I think this is a very nice look that fits with the rest of the league. The thin stripe is classy, and I can't say there is a better route to take. I do find the white outline on the numbers unnecessary for the white jersey because it breaks consistency not only with the jersey striping, but for the whole identity. Winnipeg - Yes on the logo and the general striping concept, but there are too many chefs in this kitchen. The most bothersome is the giant block on the back. I would just put a shadow outline on the numbers so they don't get lost in the stripes. I don't think the city name/team name adds to the front, you should just make the logo bigger. If the pants are going to be tan, then tan can't be the most consistent color on the white jersey. I would alternate the color of the stripes for that. The navy set is so close to perfect. I would remove the block and make the numbers tan. Kootenay - Now that the shining, metal look is the focus of the brand, I am completely sold. The Crows have been knocked out of the park. The Ice are never welcomed back after seeing this set. Great logos and awesome jerseys. Tacoma reminds me of Edmonton, but I still like the approach. Interesting choice going diagonal lettering on the white when you have such a good logo, but it doesn't hurt anything. I'd suggest an outline on the numbers for the gray, but that is all I got. Love the logo and think the patch logo is perfect. Thank you for something to look at! People like you keep this section of the site alive, and I appreciate it a lot. Can't wait for the OHL and QMJHL!
  4. I really like the direction for almost all of these, but I am thinking that the amount packed into each team's look might be overstimulating for the average observer. Everett Silvertips This team's vintage look irl is a perfect starting point if the tips ever wanted to step away from their modern look. The thick stripe feels right and the color balance is solid, but there is so much going on when it comes to the chest. I'd suggest leaving the mountains off the jersey for simplicity. They look great in the logo, but I think by removing them you'd get a sufficient identifier with the "EVERETT" straight across and the bear sized down to fit the thick stripe. I'd also move the chest stripes up a little bit. While that might seem like a lot of tweaks, I really do prefer this line of inspiration. Seattle Thunderbirds The striping feels modern for their traditional identity, but I respect the minimal change. This team looks very good already, so I appreciate the focus on taking them to the next level by fixing their gray problem. Spokane Flyers The modification to the logo is very sharp, and I like the history of what goes into this overhaul. What I am hung up on is the lilac. Don't get me wrong, I am pushing for it. The problem is that the lack of it in the jersey makes it seem like the team isn't sure about committing to it. I'd go a step further and remove the red, making them navy dominant with lilac accents. I also wish you did third jerseys because that "Flyers" logo would look cool on the chest. Portland Winterhawks My personal taste is simplicity when it comes to logos, which makes me wonder why you included such detail in the middle. If the various shades of color was just flat white, I think I'd be 100% behind the new logo. The P/stick/wing is perfect, and I'd maybe even prefer that on the chest. The jerseys are funky but somehow feel vintage, and I like that unique middle ground you found between the two. Absolutely stellar job on this one. Tri City Atomics I'd suggest "Atoms" because "Atomics" feels clunky to me, but the change is much more inspired. That wine color looks so good and the way you made their logo and jersey design play of each other is very clever. If the hem stripes were straight it would be a cleaner look, but I can't say I dislike them at all. This is another upgrade, and I am sure it isn't your last.
  5. I've been following on your instagram so I have not really responded here, but I think feedback is always deserved. Portage Terriers 100% upgrade on that logo simplification. Love when dark jerseys feature a lot of white, and of course the light uniforms are stellar. The alt pop, but I think the collar could use some more green. This is a situation where I'd love to see the pants with each set. I know a lot of junior teams only feature one option (unless they have some shells). The gold definitely need some green bottoms. I like the rework for Neepawa. The green on green is the better of the two, but the black/green feels more on brand. Selkirk Steelers I don't like the overall approach to this logo to begin with, but I have to say you made it a lot better. Dark/light are classy, but I wish they would have at least one alt that wasn't the Hawks. I completely get the Retro, but some slight variation for the actual alt would have been awesome. I love the I-Beam logo, especially the retro. Steinbach Pistons The alt is one of my favorite logos in junior hockey, and I am so happy their new primary simplified the brand by getting rid of chrome. Dark/light/retro are all spot on, but I wish there was some tweaks to the alt. Something about only white on the shoulder feels unbalanced. Swan Valley Stampeders Idk which logo I like more of the two. Hell, idk which of your color scheme I like more, either. That Pittsburgh template with a spin is beautiful, and the focus on light blue for the light uniform is bold. The font is awkward, but I could get behind it. The alts are so funky, and I love it. The mismatched colors and stripes somehow feel right. This is the #1 retro jersey without having anything to do with the team's history, while also not even being a retro. Speaking of retros, theirs holds the other three back, but I get why you've used it. This is the best overall team. Virden Oil Capitals I've never liked this team in any way, but you did your best with what you had. Only thing I'm not sure about on the logo is changing the sticks to white. They kind of blend with the silver. The Team Canada dark/light are suitable, and the chest striped alt makes the logo look even more busy. I like the Retro the most out of the four. Waywaytoolongofacityname Wolverines The new logo is so much cleaner, and I appreciate you killing that funky "W". Dark/light are so clean, I would buy the white one. The Ottawa gold alt is aggressive, but I like it as an alt. I would have liked to see more athletic gold used in the retro. So much more that I would argue the primary color should have been their original athletic gold. I know this idea wouldn't be good, but I would kill to see a "New York" diagonal text like they have on their current dark, but switch out "Wolverines" with "Waywayseecappo". It would be an absolute mess, but it would give hardcore juniors vibes. Winklers Flyers Thank you for bringing more orange to the logo. Speaking of orange, it pops on the dark uniform, but seems off on the light. The orange focus is preferred, but I think the light could use some black. The alt/retros are all Flyers. I'll say they look good, but get a low score on creativity. Winnipeg Blues Way to upgrade this team from a St. Louis ripoff that is seen often at this level. Your logo blows their current one out of the water. The dark uniform is perfect, but I would not mind a blue buffer between the white and yellow on the light. Honestly, I think the chest stripe can be completely removed for this team. We have seen a ton of it in this series, and that logo gets busy with that added feature. I like the "Blues" chest on the alt, and their retro looks like Buffalo. I have always hated that their arms go blue/yellow/blue while the hem goes yellow/blue/yellow, but that is my own taste. It isn't here yet, but I have to say that I wish your "Freeze" script was the primary. While I like your new logo, the script is far superior. The modern approach is the right one around your current primary, but you could string together a gorgeous traditional set around the script.
  6. It has been nice seeing you post some hockey, @TrueNorth13. Double points for making it juniors! The overhaul of the league logo is a massive upgrade to the point that it stands above about 99.99% of the junior hockey league logos that exist. Way to shake up the upper arm look with the chest stripe. It feels like that upper arm design (Penguins/Coyotes template) has become popular again, and what you did was just enough to make it look unique. Dauphin Kings The outline looks odd in the middle of the crown, but I'd say you did a good job brining the logo up to date. While I do enjoy a good look that utilizes only two colors, you were right to add the red. Their current blue is just too dark, making the overall identity bland. I'd like to see a light version of the alt because I think the design would make a solid home/away. Your light and dark being used full time does make more sense considering junior hockey teams have a harder time committing to a full custom look. Neepawa Foresters I love the Forester logo you made, but it feels odd on the chest. I think this team could get away with a full commitment to the funky wordmark in that logo. The flannel looks perfect on the dark, but the light feels lacking for some reason. Maybe it needs more black? Alts are a classic and the retro looks clean. Only thing I need to say is that the retro reminds me of the old Dallas Stars, and that just leaves a bad taste in the mouth. OCN Blizzard The logo is a major upgrade over the overcomplicated, yet somehow still clipart-esque chrome primary that they currently use. The colors you picked and your use of them definitely feels more "Blizzard" to me. I really love the dark jersey, I actually think it is close to perfect. Not necessary, but I would suggest keeping the teal and gray striping a consistent thickness on the sleeve. I get what you are going for, but I just think it would look cleaner. The alt is fun and on brand for a junior team. Not only does it call back to the team's history, but it also follows the consistent theme of junior jerseys being inspired by the NHL (Vancouver's RR). Great work! This has been an awesome thread to keep up with.
  7. You didn't have to go and embarrass the MLS with a tier 2 state league! I'm going to stick to the consumer perspective again to keep things shorter, but I'll still share thoughts for improvement. Fremont Dynamo SC Love the name and the origin! Small room for improvement, though. I think the "volt" title of the color is off the mark because it's meant to imply light and movement, while all it really does is reminds me of a highlighter that has gone over pencil too many times (Not your fault because you didn't name it). I think the look would pop if you leaned towards the lime green in the Volt color. The design on the kits are awesome, I just couldn't see myself wearing the color. Irvine SC Ah, the double color. You always get me with them, and this time it is my favorite color. I'll take both jerseys because they are beautiful and remind me of a creamsicle. I will also take a hat, shirt and warmup pullover with that logo. The simplicity of your balloon makes my brain think it is just a badge holding the "I", and I love it. Inspirational take on what would usually be an average roundel. (I vote to dub their clash the "Neighborhood Watch" kit) Calcio North Beach Well, three for three and I'm not sorry for the amount of space this post will take up. I'd definitely wear that logo on any clothing. The color combo is gorgeous and unique. You wouldn't be able to get away with it in other sports and that is why I love soccer aesthetics. Kits are pretty solid, but that sponsor is the most aggressive thing I've ever seen. Sacramento Athletic Club Wouldn't be caught dead wearing SAC gear, but that isn't your fault it's because of the city (I'll just say my 5th grade field trip to the capital wasn't perfect). Do need to list the team for how clever the name is, though. Doesn't feel force, and I bet the residence eat it up. I could imagine the players are very proud to have "SAC" on their chest (ha). Catalina Wanderers I'd prefer the "Catalina Wine Mixers", but I always appreciate "Wanderers" being used in any sport. Love the creative freedom that the name gives, while still sounding solid. So I can say I didn't call out this team just to make a Step Brothers joke, this team is a prime example of the research done that I appreciate so much. AFC Santa Monica The standout of this team is their logo. Mark them as one I would get a hat for. I really like the font that you use for "afc", and they utilize colors very well to give off a Santa Monica vibe. Temecula SC Just love the quail logo too much. Couldn't stop myself from giving it the much deserved appreciation. Beverly Hills SC This team is potentially my favorite of the whole series. The crest's inspiration is so obvious, but perfect. The monogram "BH" is also just as good. In fact, I wish you went the Rangers route and let the "BH" out of the cage on the clash so we could admire it at a larger size. The Art Deco palm trees on the home are also too good. I'd buy one full price on pure impulse, and I would not regret it later. "The Cheesecake Factory" on the chest is also fantastic. That is an S tier kit sponsor. Much like The Cheesecake Factory, this team offers me all I could ever want, and more, all in one place.
  8. My lord, we are full steam ahead, again! I'll try to run through them without taking a whole page of the thread. Eastern Ohio - Clean, simple and solid. I love the history behind every team, but the Barons having an eagle mascot feels weird. Other than that, I think everything else checks out. Both the primary and secondary could split use 50/50 depending on sport. The colors make me think of Notre Dame, which is brilliantly clever because my brain is conditioned to think of Notre Dame as traditional. As a result, it helps this school lean even more towards that traditional style. 7/10 - Would attend. CIIT - Saying the school's name makes my jaw sore, but I like the creativity. The shell is just not strong enough to stand as the primary. Don't get me wrong, it is an awesome logo, but it leaves some to be desired. Maybe if it was in a roundel with the schools name, or (even better) if there was some type of sash on it. Personally, I believe the fox deserves to be promoted based on the historic inspiration. Its a much more fascinating logo, and you executed very well. Btw I appreciate the Nike type of branding you're playing with the color names. 8/10 - Would visit the campus, but don't think I'm smart enough to attend. Polaris University - I think this might be the first double color I am not crazy about. The lighter purple is hitting a little close to pink, while the darker one doesn't feel dark enough. The primary is very clever and I like the direction, but it might need some fine tuning. I like the secondary much more! You could put "Polaris" under it and immediately elevate the logo to the primary sports mark. 5/10 - It's just not the path I want to follow. Rio Grande - Best part of this is the colors. They are vibrant and give a lot of flexibility for unique branding across every sport. I adore the quetzal, and can't wait to see the tail used as the stripe on their football helmets / hockey pants / basketball jersey and short panels. 7.5/10 - Something to squak about. Hall & Oats Rose & Oak - I can't get over this school. The colors are perfect, the owl head logo is probably my favorite of the series and the body option that goes with it only adds to the overall identity. The only thing it is missing is a classy "Rose & Oak" cursive script to use on baseball and throwbacks. I would be excited to wear that secondary on a hockey sweater if I was a student! 10/10 - The look would 100% justify going to school in Des Moines. RMSU - I was expecting more ice and less sand, but I feel like the colors work. At first, I had a problem with the abrupt cut off of the mammoth's leg, but I think my mind processed that it is supposed to be a bent leg, now. The secondary is so simple, but executes. It deserves more words, but at this point I can't stop thinking "CCM font" over and over in my head. 8/10 - It is icy. VMU - Fits are clean and I like how you used the trident wave on the helmet. CIU - Diamonds are so nice, but I still have a problem with that script! The asymmetric jerseys are fantastic and the colors look good. I'm not sold on the number font because of the tapering on that top bar of the 5.
  9. How dare you take the potential “Inter Los Banos” name away from that city. Imagine the merchandise sales from that one. The shirts would say “The Restroom International” or ever the team name sounding close enough to an individual demanding someone to enter the bathroom..... Merced County is a beautiful looking team, and I’ll forgive you if you give me their home jersey for free. I’m adding up so much fake debt.
  10. It has been some time since I have been able to appreciate this, but I am stopping by to make sure I update my running list of jerseys! Logos I really like that would find their way in my closet whether it be on a shirt or hat: Modesto Athletics: Just love the shape of the "M". Also, really like the double orange. It is very unique and I am a bit disappointed it didn't make an appearance on the kits. Atletico San Jose: It is my home squad, I have to support them. I like the simple logo, and I think using our flag's colors was smart. The font used for "ASJ" is eye catching. Solvang fB: I just love the simple style shown here. Again, we see the trend of me being all in with the double color. SC Golden Gate: This is my favorite team in the series, and when I say this I mean by a long shot. Shoot that International Orange straight into my veins, I can't get enough of it. The way that the lighter orange pops off the other is gorgeous, and I think the powder blue is a nice addition that can be used in many ways for clash kits in the future. Olympic Los Angeles: Hate that I like an LA team so much, but the name is perfect and I think the logo is excellent. Coronado International: Just a gorgeous crest. It is as simple as that. Sol De Yuma: The colors are funky like the city they play in, and with a look so nice I think I could get behind the team playing out of my current state. And here are the newer jerseys that would definitely drain my wallet: Russian River SC Clash: It feels a bit off when considering the team's colors, but it is inspired. I really like the use of the two greens, they feel balanced. Atletico San Jose Home/Clash: Although the home feels close to the LA Galaxy in real life, it is a classy look overall. I think the home fits the vibe that you hit with the crest, and the clash gives the cutting edge feel of the valley without going too far away from the team's tradition. Deportivo El Centro Clash: Idk, something about this jersey is just funky in a good way. I usually hate when gold and white touch, but this is doing it for me. Solvang fB Home: It is a classy kit, and I adore the cross look. SC Golden Gate Home: Again, the way the orange pops is gorgeous. I'd probably grab anything this team put out with the two colors together. Sporting San Francisco Clash: That orange is so vibrant/aggressive, and I love it. That striping gives a feeling of movement with speed, making me think you nailed what you were going for. Olympic Los Angeles Clash: This is too good not to have in a collection. The colors pop and I really like the inspiration. Sol De Yuma Home/Clash: Another duo that makes the cut. The Home is simple, but what you did with the pinstripes is fascinating. The cactus look of them is a bit genius and I have to applaud you there. As for the clash, it should be known Arizonians eat up anything with the flag on it, so that is why I am eating this jersey up. I tried to raise the standards to cut down my list, but wow do these looks impress. That is all I got for now. Keep it up, you're doing a fantastic job!
  11. Not devastated by the division names, but I am appalled by Chrysler’s marketing department not capitalizing on a prime opportunity. Come on, we could have had the Chrysler Pacifica Division! Instead we are stuck with Honda.
  12. Doesn’t even flop the tongue? This is amateur hour.
  13. This is a fun league for a California native, and I appreciate the thought put towards the project. I didn't realize how many cities actually had a team until I saw Los Banos, a small pass through for my trip from AZ to the Bay while I was in college (Also, what a name for a city). I am actually surprised that bigger cities didn't truly get multiple teams like you'd see in England, but I do like the spread of clubs because it gives a diverse representation of the state. While we haven't seen San Jose (where I am from), I do believe the treatment of the Bay Area teams has been excellent, from a native's perspective. Using Mt. Diablo as a name is great, and I love their crest/colors. Silicon Valley has appropriate colors and I really enjoy their kits. Maybe I missed it, but do they have a nickname? I would love to see what a soccer club would do for a nickname when it came to tech inspiration. My favorite has to be Roses AFC. Their logo is gorgeous, and their twist on pinstripes is inspired. I would buy that kit if I could, and for full price. In second, I'd put that Salinas team for now. I really like the identity, and appreciate the kit sponsor inspiration for the clash. That would be another top I'd have in my collection from this league. You need to calm down with the all class kits. At this rate I would be broke fast, and we aren't even half way through! Keep up the spectacular work, and I'll keep a tally of fictional money spent on jerseys as this progresses.
  14. I love the colors and very much enjoy that primary logo. I have always wanted to do a version of the skating (fill in mascot here) logo, but have always worried about making it look unique. You executed doing this beautifully! I think the beehive could be more tied to the team. Right now it looks like just a hive. I wouldn't alter it much, but maybe there is a way to incorporate an "S" or two in it. Nothing blatant, but I think a subtle nod to the city would help.
  15. Lord, that is jarring. From a players perspective, that would be an obnoxious eye sore. You would get adjusted to it over time, but I don’t think it is justified. Also, why an orange line? It could be any other contrasting color.
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