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  1. The guys who elected teams to the super league had a large ship bias and you can’t change my mind. That being said I kinda wished we would have seen a retooled version of the ship logo you made for your North Korean hockey series. Think it would have paired well with the monogram. Crazy unis though, might be my favorite look!
  2. When are they going to release their home outfits? Seems odd that they unveiled the away ones by themselves. Also, with a total rebrand does that mean no alts this year?
  3. Gonna have to agree with this statement. It is a look that works for them, but saying top 10 in the whole league is the cause of some rose-tinted glasses. My opinion on the Canucks identity has gone down dramatically because of this thread. Worse part is that it isn’t due to the flaws being pointed out, but instead I connect the team to pages and pages of ongoing opinions and bickering now.
  4. For an ACHA team, your college actually has a look that stands above many club identities. If I’m not mistaken, they might even be one of the teams that have been enhanced by Rebirth (a manufacturer that specializes in club hockey). I think your takeover would be welcomed though, giving a more polished look to the identity. Fun fact! Club teams don’t get to use many of the main logos utilized by athletic programs (that’s why my alma mater gets to use sparky and not the pitchfork when it comes to club hockey). Hope the season goes well! One of my close friends plays for the team there. (Even though every time I visit I leave with some type of unnecessary injury) Excellent job! I’ve always been curious about the orange used on the team’s helmets.
  5. I know there is a lot of connection to the MLS team with the shield shape, but I think the general shape of a hiking backpack could be a unique look that would fit the theme of the team.
  6. Crap, this was the direction I was going with a team in a project I’ve been doing. Only real difference is that yours is done brilliantly and mine is just a few shapes put together! I think that blue used by the club is perfect for a team to pair with white because it really reminds me of the moons glow for some reason. Great execution! If tweaking were made I’d say it doesn’t have to be restricted to a roundel. Maybe show some shoulder or another piece to the suite.
  7. I like the look a lot, but can’t help thinking Noctowl when I see it. I think it might be the sharp, pronounced eyebrow/nose.
  8. Come on man. This is your third time doing the same thing with the same topic with zero concepts to start again. A couple of us have commented before offering help but now I’m really just confused on the motive. Come with some developed concepts to the CONCEPT forum, you’ve already been told.
  9. Idk why but I really enjoy “in San Jose” I know schools do it but you don’t see it written down often so it threw me off. I like the colors and logo a lot, that’s one scary Terrier. Completely different for an identity in San Jose, it would without a doubt stand out from the others.
  10. Oakland looks like a classic from head to toe. I am always one for that shoulder cap look on a football team. Think that the anchor could have been played with more as a pant stripe though. Saipan seems to be a modern looking, football playing California Seals!
  11. Great looks all around, so when you say 32 teams you meant 3 full fledged tiers, right?
  12. I believe in his original thread he stated that a team named the sharks had plenty of potential for a modern look so he wanted to make it challenging by going the other way. Inspired by an old school college monogram perhaps? I think it does a great job of giving the impression that this school has tradition.
  13. I think Townsville looks great! Those are colors I want to see a pro team in Arizona use (too much maroon here). Copper and Turquoise look like they’re meant to be together when executed this well. Also, Nomads is a perfect soccer name. I see it falling in line with names like “Wanderers”, but is different enough to not be stepping on anyone’s toes in the league.
  14. You’re sick of it? This is a forum to present your concepts and ideas to the public for critique. What you do with it is your decision, but I don’t see how you are sick of the thing that these concept boards are meant for. I generally suggest running with feedback and building on it. That being said, your project wasn’t shut down because of the names it’s just that a lot of material has not been presented for the size of the project you are showing. I honestly think based on concepts that there is limitless potential in the series, but that won’t happen until there is more to show other than sketches. Feel free to directly message me if you need help constructing ideas or questions about how to build on the foundation.
  15. I know it was a mix up but find it hilarious that the only team able to claim the title of University of Louisiana is located in Alexandria, Alabama.
  16. It’s your show I’m just watching it... I was asking if there was a reason rather than demanding change. Maybe switch that BC thing up though I couldn’t see a league separating a natural rivalry.
  17. We got a teams like Galveston but skip out on any city in the Bay Area? Is this like a minor league concept or your ideal pro ball fiction? Also there are two BC teams in separate divisions?
  18. Dallas State always was my favorite. The colors. The argyle. The D/S logo. The alternate helmet. This school has it all for me! Not a complaint and more of a question, why go with the D/S logo for the helmet and the chest? Feels repetitive when they have such a nice primary that would fit right in on the front of the jersey. (Side note: I hope to god we make it to San Jose, Oakland, Phoenix and Arizona Tech this time around. Basically the whole West. We were left out in the prior run!)
  19. Oh ok, I understand that perspective. The fans have been arrogant, but my general thought is that it’s died down to some extent over time. As for “Big Tech New Money” I think that’s an unfair assessment to a lot of the fans that don’t come from that and don’t want to be represented by the reputation. It sucks that a whole team is attached to that specific Bay Area stereotype, but I guess I fall victim of misguided judgement of fan bases as well, like Boston or Vegas. I also can’t stress that last bit you said enough! There is no overlap in that aspect at all from my experience.
  20. I know very well of the short comings in my hometown. Also, isn’t it a norm for pro teams to say they have the best fans in the sport? What’s an organization going to say? “Eh our fans do pretty well, but are still behind others”. I’m curious to know what is wrong with the Silicon Valley. Being removed from the Bay Area I have not felt any negativity towards it from people I’ve met. Is it the argument regarding hockey not belonging where it doesn’t snow? I always haven’t really understood that... anyway, I’m more curious about the Joe Thornton comments considering they were made by people who I’m pretty sure are local.
  21. I don’t understand the collective disagreement towards Joe Thornton’s signing. Besides being old, he is a consistent 50+ point scorer when healthy and seems like a great mentor figure in the locker room. Slot the guy on line 3 and watch him do what he does. For lack of depth and getting close to hitting cap I don’t find the move to be the best thing ever but it’s far from worst case scenario.
  22. Been a few months, friend. Gotta accept that people have lives that don’t conform to your requests. It happens a good amount around here. Thought you’d pick up on that after you got to the point of posting just a period.
  23. I think all of these look very clean, but I would expect some more variety in design for the sport. Right now I think Temple is the best look because of how unique it is. Think Tulane would look great with a wave pattern even if only subtle on the arms, utilizing their awesome color palette. Great start, I like the series idea.
  24. I’m not very knowledgeable about all the investors at Phoenix Rising, but I am pretty sure that people got excited last year because they had a new money man in Alex Zheng. Or has he drifted from the team? If so, at least we still got Diplo!
  25. Phoenix Rising hit 14-0 on dollar beer night yesterday and move to 15-0 in their last 15 with a two game gap on the entire league and a goal difference that is more than 2nd through 5th in their conference combined (+41). Know it’s not the top flight, but lord is that decent stats to have in soccer. Hopefully it keeps building the communities interest because games have been great! (Just saw the post about LAFC from earlier and made me think about it)