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  1. If the lightning in the chest stripe feels like too much, you could always replace them with the diagonal rain lines that are seen on their jersey that was never used. It be an interesting nod to a look that most casual fans don’t know about.
  2. It takes me 30 extra minutes to hose down the side yard when doing yard work because my family's bulldog gains the ability to jump like a combine athlete doing the vertical when he sees water, and he doesn’t stop going until it is turned off. So I guess I can accept it as a water dog out of personal experiences.
  3. I’m not sure that would go over well for Coyotes fans. The pattern on the stripe is a clean alternative, but everything else just seems like Tucson trying to make it their own. This is good for Tucson, but the Coyotes don’t want to look like a knockoff of something that is their own. I personally also don’t understand the heavy use of purple (that was nonexistent in the original) and the green being completely cut out. Probably would be more acceptable to replace the purple with the appropriate brick color and switch out the brick in the pattern with green. This is only if the goal is a modern update of the original, of course.
  4. I agree about the home needing an extra sand stripe for the pattern to sit in. Without it the arms look too simple, having the brick pattern blend in with the actual jersey. It makes it look all brick with only black shoulder caps. I like the honor jersey, but I think it would lose its charm and be more of an eye sore once they’ve worn it a few times. I think a modern take that removed the cacti and mountains, but used the copper/purple/black in a more traditional striping (like the socks but more copper heavy) would be an appropriate nod to the chaotic time in NHL uniform history and would settle down the guys yelling “they’re only rehashing for more sales!” The pride seems simple for the coyotes, but I’d prefer the subtle approach of using our flag over the aggressive red/blue/gold mess that the flag actually is., so great job there! Feels a little similar to ASU’s jerseys worn recently, was that the inspiration? If you wanted to go another direction, people here would eat up a turquoise/copper themed pride jersey. Edit: Forgot to mention that the logo choice on the primaries is perfect. Although the original Kachina is my favorite, I always thought the full body coyote was sharp and elevated the brand!
  5. I don’t like the giant sticker used for the penguins and flyers, but ASU doesn’t look bad with it. I would actually say it elevates the look when using the large pitchfork. The large sparky is pretty ugly though.
  6. All I can think about when seeing the logo is the opportunity for the team being named Manchester Machine. I like the jerseys a lot, but I am not one to know much about norms for football style.
  7. The SaberCats were definitely a strange team in the Bay Area. They had a cult like following by a small group and it made the games exciting! You didn’t hear about them often, but when they folded it was a little sad. Kind of like when the San Jose Stealth left. (My uncle has a SaberCats shrine that he calls his man cave. It is both awesome and terrifying.) Odd fact: Mark Grieb, SaberCat Legend and arguably top 20 AFL player during its existence, was my chemistry teacher sophomore year of high school. I dressed up as him for Halloween as a joke and he was nice enough to sign my shirt and my uncle’s team helmet that I was borrowing. (He uses the helmet as a center piece for the “man cave” now.)
  8. Agreed, nothing about this pulls from the now unused logo besides the cross, which is something that the fire did not create. I think the logo is spot on and would hate for a change to be forced just because an element is shared.
  9. Hey if you wouldn’t mind going ahead and calling up Miami’s club team that would be appreciated. The whites have been my favorite in the series by far. The shoulder striping that turns into an arm stripe is awesome and reminds me of a shoulder cap look you’d see on a football jersey.
  10. I like the idea and the template is visually pleasing, but the fact that I can’t see the sleeves is really bugging me a lot. As for the actual concepts, I think Arsenal looks good as a whole. I see inspiration from the past being brought into the futuristic setting very nicely. I must ask if they have four sets or if one is meant as a goalie kit.
  11. Thank you! I was going to go on a search after homework, but it has kept me very distracted. You’re a savior to my grades.
  12. That sea lion looks very familiar but I can’t find what I’m relating it to. Did you base it off another concept or use some type of inspiration? I’ll search for it a little more, if it’s not on these boards I spent a lot of time on icethetics when I was younger so maybe there. Either way, if I recall correctly, this logo from what I’m thinking of and looks great for a team in the Bay Area. The unique name also gives it some extra points. I’d happily accept this team with open arms.
  13. Would it be too far to say it go the same with the Americans and Chiefs fans? I know they are much farther from the city, but if they are trying to capture the state as their market is that possible to some degree? I wouldn’t know. More of a question from a guy looking at it from the outside.
  14. Feels like a Trail Smoke Eaters/Philadelphia Quakers mix. Especially those orange throwbacks. Orange is my favorite color and trail smoke is my favorite junior team, believe it or not.... outside the team I played for, of course, but I feel obligated to say that. Everything about this screams my aesthetic besides the number font.
  15. Detroit: Wish Detroit would utilize that Giant logo some more, I had forgotten it was in their visual package. Do they keep it in the back pocket just for certain times? It is superior to the DS for sure. I also like the whalers look that goes up higher on the arm. New Jersey: Really like the striping you went with, it feels very college to me. Their UNJ logo has looked best on a hockey sweater imo. Wilford Woodruff: Has an awesome script and I wish they had numbers to match the flowing nature of it. Going with that thick stripe with two very thin stripes is a consistent look you see in the NCAA, and although it isn’t my personal favorite I think it accomplishes the goal of the series. (Feels like Northern Michigan to me) Denver: I love the colors, but I feel that the orange stripe could be thicker. It looks like all three colors are balanced in the logo so I just assumed they were all meant to be equal in use. Do they lean more on the navy and green? Using orange as more of an accent. Dakota Tech: Has the identity of a classic hockey school and there is nothing not to love about them. Boston: Think their script is the best option for the chest, but again this is a timeless look for them. Really love the silver and green
  16. Am I the only one that thinks the moose head logo is similar to the sod poodles logo? Reminds me of a reskin for a character that you see in a video game that is unlocked when you complete enough challenges.
  17. Heck yea brother! This is some pure college hockey. What makes it most obvious? (And what I find most satisfying about college looks) 1. Northern New York created a full on roundel with their massive amount of letters around a number. 2. Upper P literally throws the whole entire alphabet across their chest on the alt and that is a move I respect a lot. (made a team with a ridiculous amount of diagonal txt matched with a two color 4 stripe look for a project of mine I’ve been working on, so I’m going to have to politely ask you to get out of my head please) and what I like that works on any level of the game. 1. Im a sucker for the focus on thick white stripes for a colored jersey like Northern New York has done with their greens. (Perfect example being the Peterborough Petes maroon jersey if anyone is confused)
  18. Never a fuss when there is a couple pinstripes to start! Boston’s hat logo is giant! Makes for a heavy head. What would I know though? I’m a sharks fan, we absolutely hate extra material on a uniform.
  19. Wow that player is really committing to “heel to toe” on that tape job! I think they all look good, other than the stick looking a tad short for the player but that might just be perspective. Can’t wait!
  20. I don’t think so. I thought the lightning from last year and the wings from the mid 90s were similar, but they had only collected a ton of wins and fell short (lightning much shorter and much more embarrassing than Detroit). The best team, if you define best by points which should absolutely be the case, goes to the 76-77 Canadians with 132, and although I wasn’t born the internet has told me they won the cup. Sounded very very dominant as well. Like to the point no one could argue that they were at a completely higher level that year. Around +200 Goal differential in regular season and a clean sweep of the finals. Terrifying. Edit: To be fair, the 72 Dolphins also won the most games they possibly could on their way to the title.... I think I’d throw a * next to that one
  21. Real pumped for you man! Don’t think we’ve seen something this big since.... *checks my left shoulder* *checks my right shoulder* *whispers* “the World Hockey League sim”. Joking aside, it was a well put together series and I hope you had a lot of fun doing it. If you decide you don’t want to rest on your 7th day, I think using these colleges for hockey would be pretty cool. Tapping into the more traditional identities you see in college hockey with more scripts on chest and things like that. Just cut down on the teams because I doubt all would make it. Teams I’d like to see for that idea: Miami State (even though that is very unlikely) Alaska State Oakland State Seattle State UC San Jose U of Anaheim LASU Entirety of the Mid West Athletic Conference The A-8 Most of the frontier minus obvious teams like Tucson but maybe leave a Phoenix team East Coast Conference and Great Lakes (extra emphasis on GR Comets)
  22. Game was more frustrating because of the absolutely no nonsense defense they came with that we seemed to have really worn down, but then had nothing come of it besides chances that almost cost us the game due to uncharacteristic play.Win is a win though. I’m not looking forward to another 90 mins with my head in my hands if we decide to play like that again against Monarch.
  23. And it ties in with their city flag so that’s not bad
  24. Change it to purple and gold, then put crossbones on the hat and I think you have a proper pitch to give to East Carolina University. Excellent work!
  25. I hope you like the Earthquakes because I can’t see the MLS not forcing that rivalry down our throats immediately. This makes me a little torn because I’ve always liked Republic second behind Rising in the USL and the Quakes are my hometown MLS team. Can’t just sit on the fence! What should be done? I will miss Republic, they are one of few teams that I make an effort to see play every year here in the desert. A really classy club that separates itself from the rest of the west. Guess that is good reason to move up and forward though. Maybe I’ll replace that game withhhhhh......... let’s be honest, another dollar beer night. I’ll pour one out for the 7th place sized hole you’ll be leaving.