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  1. Press Release with full visual identity Old Logo New Logo
  2. University Press Release Athletics Department Press Release Athletic Website Old and New logos
  3. Central College (Pella, IA) Division III Press Release with a highlight video Logo by: Joe Bosack & Co. Old and new logo attached.
  4. The logo is not new but the Sportslogo.net conference page has the old logo. The seal should be retired according to the CAA Brand Manual. CAA Logo Style Guide | CAA Reference Guide | CAA School Logo/PMS Colors | CAA Brand Manual OFFICIAL CAA: jpg | eps
  5. From press release. "brings the university back to its roots, founded by the Sisters of Providence and Ursuline Sisters in 1932" Even though it seems more of the hospital getting the naming rights than anything else. (Providence St. Joseph Health (PSJH) system) Makes you wonder if this is something you will see happen in the future. Instead of a company getting naming rights for an arena, they just go for the whole university.
  6. Formerly the University of Great Falls, now called the University of Providence. Athletics Press Release with Sport Logos Education Press Release with University logos http://upargos.com Attached an old logo for comparison.
  7. New D3 conference, the American Collegiate Athletic Association. Officially starts up September 1st. Designed by Phoenix Design Works Press Release
  8. Division 3 school, so I'm not sure the interest level. Press Release Logo Sheet - pdf
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