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  1. Well, Hartford pays MSG about $1.5 million a year for the Wolf Pack to play in Hartford. I can't see the Wolf Pack moving to Binghamton unless they are willing to put up that same amount for them to play there. Also, Binghamton is a hour farther away from NYC than Hartford is and people are saying that it wouldn't make sense to move farther from their parent city. MSG still has a one year option left on their contract with Hartford. If they do decide to leave then they have to find another AHL team to replace them. So, unless MSG and another team work out a three -way move then there's really no way for them to go to Binghamton.
  2. This is what they're giving to their season ticket holders. It looks a lot like a third jersey since the other two are red and white. What I want to know is that since the numbers are yellow on these, will they be yellow on the actual jerseys?
  3. This just feels like it was ideas that were thrown in a bag and picked out at random. There's yellow in the logo but nowhere on the jersey. There are light blue strips on one jersey but none on the other. Also, why is there an American Flag on it? I understand they are close to an air force base and want to associate with it, but there's no need for the flag.
  4. It's weird seeing the banners from the early 1900's with the logo from 2000's. It just doesn't make any sense when you consider that they're "technically" two different teams. They really should have the "O" logo.
  5. They haven't used the actual logo on a jersey, other than a special event jersey, since the 2004-05 season. I would love to see the logo com back but for some reason it's be relegated to the shoulder since then.
  6. The guy on the far right is the team's Ticket Sales Manager, and the other two are Account Representatives.
  7. It needs red because this looks to much like the Lightning/Maple Leafs.
  8. Just sucks that it sounds like they won't be playing in Hartford at all. They haven't even restarted construction, and there's thing that are falling apart on the stadium. http://www.courant.com/news/connecticut/hc-dunkin-donuts-park-issues-0818-20160819-story.html?dfg
  9. I don't think the AHL ever did a mid season switch. I know that from 1997 to 2002 the AHL was White at home. They wore Dark at home for about two or three years, and then went back to white at home until this year. A lot of teams had colored alternate jerseys just to switch it up. The Wolf Pack wore a "True Blue" Rangers jersey as their alternate for a few years. When they were the Whale they had a White home, Blue road, and a Green alternate. After they went back to the Wolf Pack they brought in a Red alternate jersey just to change it up. This year they will adopt the ECHL/OHL jersey rule which is White for half the season and then switch to the Dark after the holiday break.
  10. Yep, it looks like the AHL will start on October 9th 2015.
  11. Not sure on how many games they'll be playing, but glad they lumped the Texas teams in with the California ones. Makes sense to have the Cali teams travel east since they're all NHL funded more so than it did having any of the independent eastern teams travel down to Texas. Agreed. This is also ideal because all the New York teams are in the same division, all the PA teams are in the same division, and all the New England teams are in the same division. Having Toronto and St. John's in the same division is also best for St. John's because of the air traffic that flows between the 2 cities. Well, this also sets up the move of St John's to Laval just outside of Montreal. That's where everyone is saying the team will be moving to for the 2017-18 season.
  12. The League is already looking into moving their offices. The last time there was a possibility that Springfield might be without an AHL team they put down payments on space in Hartford and Hershey. Luckily they were able to convince the Oilers to affiliate with Springfield for 3 years and they didn't have to move. I've heard that the League is already looking at space in Hartford again.
  13. I thought that they were using the second logo on the second row?
  14. Looks like this is the plan for the the affiliates. Florida will affiliate with Portland (Already announced). They were affiliated with Arizona. Arizona will affiliate with Springfield. They were affiliated with Columbus. Columbus will affiliate with Lake Erie. They were affiliated with Colorado. Colorado will affiliate with San Antonio. They were affiliated with Florida. At least that's what everyone is saying will be what happens. Looks like movement of opportunity more than anything else.
  15. Canadian tweeters say it was out of left field! Everyone has been taken aback by it. Now when do we hear rumors of the Panthers relocating to Quebec City or Hartford? Whalers fans have been saying that one bottom team or another will move to Hartford, but the XL Center (Hartford Civic Center) is to old and would have to be either fully remodeled or rebuilt before anyone even thinks of putting a team in Hartford. Heck the city is building a new minor league baseball stadium instead. The governor wants the XL Center to be upgraded, but has put the state $150 millions in debt and is begging UConn to partner with them to upgrade the arena. UConn seems to want no part of it since they're in the middle of a $1.75 billion upgrade to their campus in Storrs and in Hartford.
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