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  1. I like pretty much everything about this concept, except for the eyes. They just seem really out of place and too minor league. I actually really like the white wolf look. It's something different than a lot of the other concepts. Also, I like that you emphasized green in this set. Been saying for years that the Wolves need to use it more.
  2. The Ravens set looks really nice. I've always said that they needed to utilize gold a bit more in their scheme and you captured that beautifully. As much as I love the Maryland flag and I've loved the concepts that use them for the Ravens, it has been done to death, so I'm glad that you decided against it. I'm not the biggest fan of the Ravens fauxback, but I'm also not sure how else to go about it. I love where you're coming from with your concept though, but it reminds me a bit too much of a recolored New York Titans set. Maybe try going purple helmet with a gold Raven logo on it? Idk. The Bengals set is exactly what they SHOULD be wearing now. I love their current jerseys except for the stupid side panels and their outdated font. You corrected both of those issues. And in the same regard as the Ravens, as much as I like those white tiger alternate concepts, they've been done to death and so I'm glad you did something original.
  3. It's amazing how much better those D-Backs uniforms look as a football uniform over baseball. Love it. Also love your take on the Disney era Angels. All of these look good, but I think the Orioles Black alternate seems a bit plain. I like the use of the bird on the sleeves, but maybe use that Orioles-Maryland Flag roundel that they use on their current uniforms.
  4. Overall, I love what you did with my Packers. The subtle touchups on the home and road are slight, but significant modifications to a classic set. The throwback/combo of eras is also beautiful. I don't hate the ACME sets, but I like this much more, even if it does remind me too much of Notre Dame. It's still an absolutely beautiful set. The yellow alternate could use some work, in my opinion. It reminds me too much of cheese lol, granted it is tough to make all yellow look good (already cringing at our color rush game). I think green numbers with either white outline or no outline at all might look better. There needs to be more green in there somewhere. Green pants would also be a nice addition. I always wished Green Bay had a green pants option. Great series so far.
  5. I love pretty much all of these (except the Islanders black, but that's more of their fault than yours). Your retro ones are incredible. That Canadiens jersey might be my favorite in this thread, but I also love the Millionaires jersey and the Penguins, especially with your custom logo. Really great choice to go with the leather helmet look for Vancouver. The only one I have a suggestion for is the Sharks. The helmet looks great and I like the logo being subliminated on the sleeve cap, but I feel like there's something missing. Maybe a teal collar?
  6. Really like the Ducks look. The splash of green in the Coyote logo is really nice and I love that alternate, but your new shoulder patch looks a bit too cartoony. Really nice concept overall though.
  7. I think this probably was your best group of teams yet. Florida-I really like their new logo (even if it is a Jaguars rip off) and I think your set works perfectly for them, though I am sort of interested in what you were planning prior to the logo release. Bolts-Really like the pants. The jerseys are fine, though I think the numbers are a little bit plain. Maybe add an outline to it. Also, the helmet itself is fine, but I wonder what a chrome blue helmet would look like for them. Or a white matte helmet with chrome blue decals (even though you have quite a few teams with white helmets). Leafs-Good. Clean. Maybe add the maple leaf logo to their collar, but that's about it. Canucks-Nailed It Jets-Love the silver helmet. It really works for them. I really hope you do a throwback for the Jets., or a fauxback with the current logo and old colors. Capitals-Easily my favorite set of this series. The helmet is great, jerseys look really clean, and the pants are phenomenal. The only suggestion that I could make: A red (or blue, but I think red would look better) pants option so that they don't go storm trooper look every road game. I'm really interested on if you decide to do an alternate for them because their Winter Classic/Throwback jerseys are excellent and I think you could do quite a bit with that.
  8. Love the Sharks and Flyers concepts. Not a fan of the Penguins, but that's more because I dislike their current look in general, but because of anything you did. Maybe add more Vegas Gold. The Blues looks good, but I think you should flip the blues on the helmet. Use the darker as the stripe and the lighter blue as the primary color. I'm not huge fan of the numbers on the helmet but I get why you did that.
  9. Okay, I've come back to it and decided that I like the Sens helmet.
  10. Still prefer the Habs stripe to the update, but that's whatever. Really like the Preds update though. Devils- looks great. Love that helmet and the pants. Isles-not much I can criticize. I hope your Brooklyn Blackout is better than the bland ones that the Isles actually wear. Rangers-Obviously, they're a classic franchise and they require a classic look. That said, these seem a bit too plain to me. I'd be interested to see how the drop shadow looks, but I actually like the current numbers. Since "New York" or "Rangers" are so heavily featured on the front of their sweaters, maybe add script to the jersey (possibly in drop shadow) instead of the chest logo. Obviously, you wouldn't be able to go diagonal script here, but I think regular script across the chest might complete this set. Sens-Love everything except the gold helmet. I'm sort of conflicted about it. Part of me loves your emphasis on gold in this set. Part of me is kinda bugged by it because it reminds me of the 49ers. The gold helmet makes sense because the the Senator in the logo wears a gold helmet, but the team itself doesn't feature gold as heavily as they should. As for the alternate, I'd like to see your efforts with either their beautiful black alternate that they wear now or the cream colored set that they wore for the heritage classic a few years ago.
  11. Kings-Definitely silver and black, though the purple and gold would be an excellent throwback Canadiens-Love the stripe. Immediately thought of Northwestern when I saw it. I agree that I would like to see it extended on the back as well. I'd love to see you make an alternate based off of their beautiful Winter Classic set this year. Wild-Perfect. I wasn't a big fan of that number font on our original jerseys, but it works here. I'm glad you went green as the home jersey instead of red. I think a red alternate would look great, but I think green should be their regular home jersey. I hate the Christmas Sweater jerseys they currently wear. Predators-I like everything except for the sleeve cap striping. I get where you were trying to go there, but I don't think having the six string stripes there is necessary. Maybe keep the cap blue but then put the Pick logo on the cap, similar to how Army West Point has their rank on the sleeves.
  12. That Syracuse set is flawless, and I really like your use of the lighter blue on Villanova, especially their alternate. Only thing I didn't like was that you removed the V striping from the shorts. Oklahoma is solid; it kinda reminds me of the Rockets. Not a huge fan of North Carolina's. There would be riots if the argyle got removed.
  13. Cannon logo looks great with Columbus, and the updated striping for the Red Wings is perfect
  14. This might be too difficult to do, but doing a sort of subliminated Cannon logo on the Blue Jackets sleeve could be interesting. Kinda like what the Cal Bears do.