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  1. I have been trying to get ahold of Kevinmets but nothing. . Any ideas?
  2. Agreed. . That Boston one looks so natural. Like it completely goes together. .
  3. That looks really cool. I live in CO and know alot of peeps who would like this.
  4. There. I just cropped it and got it under a megabyte. Does anybody know where I would be able to get something like this? My Google search brought me here. I see its all Boston but my team vary. I am looking for a Dodgers Lakers Cardinals Avalanche. Anyways ideas?
  5. Hey all. . New guy here. I recently saw a decal on a truck for a Boston fan and it had all four of the Boston teams incorporated into one logo. I have wanted to get a tattoo of my favorite team logos but have never found something that would put all 4 together and still look good. I am trying to attach this picture I took but it doesn't seem to want to attach. Is there a size limit to uploads?