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  1. This sounds like a really cool project. How do you plan on simulating the seasons and keeping track of everything?
  2. This is really cool! I like the mix of a hockey design on a soccerish kit. It will be fun to see the rest of the teams. Btw, did you create the template yourself? I haven’t seen it before.
  3. This is a great idea. Well done on the execution as well. Will be interesting to what you will come up with next!
  4. Good job on the presentation. Will be interesting to see the rest!
  5. Never been a fan of pixel art, until yesterday, when I woke up and just felt like doing pixel art. I managed to get a decent looking template and wanted to try it out. Decided to create jerseys for the states of the US. Here´s some of what i´ve come up with. What do you guys think? Still trying to figure out how to upload pictures without worsen the quality.
  6. As a swede I really like this idea The league logo looks great. Will be interesting to see what you will come up with next
  7. Oops, thanks for pointing out. I'm glad you like it!
  8. 1940 -No changes to the league before the season but it´s revealed that some big changes are going to happen very soon. Even bigger than the last, major expansion Detroit Nationals adjusts the red color and adds an away jersey Philadelphia Brothers also gets an away jersey 1940 - results 1. Sporting Nashville 2. Philadelphia Brothers 3. Toronto FC 4. Queen City 5. Montreal Saints 6. Houston Heroes 7. Detroit Nationals 8. Winnipeg White Stars 9. FC New York 10. Oklahoma City FC 11. Columbus AC 12. Chicago FC -Sporting Nashville jumps back from 4th Place to first Place again, winning their second NAPL title, just in 3 years -back to the top 4 after last seasons wierd outcome is Philadelphia Brothers and Queen City -Houston Heroes, on of the three newest additions to the league, gets a mid table finish while the other two, Oklahoma City FC and Winnipeg White Stars ends up in bottom half of the table -Last seasons positive suprises, Columbus and Chicago finds their way back to their familiar bottom places
  9. I tried to go with something modern for that for that time age but I guess you're right, it's a bit too modern
  10. Interesting. I haven't really thought about it. But if you take away Toronto's wins, there's only one Canadian winner in 6 years
  11. 1939 -This season will be known for being the season with the first big expansion in the NAPL´s history. 3 teams, from down south in Texas to up north in Manitoba, joined the league all at once. Winnipeg White Stars, Houston Heroes and Oklahoma City FC 1939 - results 1. Montreal Saints 2. Chicago FC 3. Toronto FC 4. Sporting Nashville 5. Detroit Nationals 6. FC New York 7. Houston Heroes 8. Columbus AC 9. Queen City 10. Philadelphia Brothers 11. Winnipeg White Stars 12. Oklahoma City FC -The most unexpected season in the history of the league, with the league table almost looking upside down. Last seasons two worst teams ends up on top while Philadelphia and Columbus find themselves at the bottom -Toronto FC back in the top 3 with last seasons winner, Sporting Nashville, not far behind -The newcomer, Houston Heroes, has an ok first season while the other two struggles, ending up last -After such an upset in the league the fans are very interested to see what´s going to happen next