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  1. Why are you being such a troll. I callenge you to find the logo I used as a guide for my perspective drawing. I ban drew it in photoshop using a brush. No paths which is why it is blurry. Some areas are more crisp because I refined a previous logo and of course when you save to a jpeg a few times it tends to get crisp or pixelated. These are areas I did not refine on my old logo. I did look at other logos for reference, but I assure you all my drawing is original artwork even the wordmark. Thanks to you, others will probably side w you and you ruined my intention of cc.
  2. Hey I noticed your a Detroit sports fan on another post of the jets jerseys. I recently posted a new lions logo and would love your feedback. I got some suggestions from others earlier like removing the black and also the light blue highlights in the main on the side view lion. Essentially there are 2 proposals , one sideview lion head and one perspective view just one has the black and the other does not. I prefer the black because the lions use it now as an accent. The dark blue may not be bad though.





    presentation 2.jpg

    presentation 2a.jpg

    presentation a.jpg


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    2. Brett Jayroe

      Brett Jayroe

      That's the one I prefer as well! I like the added detail and the black over the dk blue 

    3. Tygers09


      I like to draw football helmets and sports logos on my spare time. I've always had a passion for football uniforms, more than the play, players, and aspects of the sport itself. So believe me when I say that when it comes to sports design, even for marketing purposes, that less is more. But in your designs, it's an exception because the attention of/or detail, makes the logo stand out more.

    4. Tygers09


      I just never learned or purchased the tools (Illustrator, Adobe,Photoshop,etc)and know how to use those programs. I' m more old school, using markers & pencils.

  3. A lion is a lion I guess there will be similarities thanks for the accusations.. What of the 2 I did do you prefer was the question , not accusing me of ripping off other logos. In all honesty you could say the same of those examples that they ripped each other off
  4. I am including image of recommendation you had of removing highlights(lt blue) in main. also I replaced the black w/ dark blue and modified the eye as well. what you think?
  5. Not bad! but if you look at the helmet image I included, don't you think it would blend in too much with the silver helmet?maybe not
  6. so now that you know its the same guy that did the logos, which of the two perspective faces do you prefer and which do you prefer between all 3? Thanks for you input

  7. Thanks for realizing its the same person. The Lions have black in their unis now. Thats why I am using black. If I replace the black w/ silver then it would blend w/ the silver in the face. how do I get around this?
  8. Look at the name I'ts me Brett Jayroe the same person.. I just recently modified the older one to try and improve it. which of the 2 perspectives is better.
  9. Hello , I am not a professional graphics designer but I am an Industrial designer by trade. I wanted some feedback on these two logos and which you prefer. Thanks, Brett
  10. I designed a new Lions logo for a contest on ESPN recently and would like your opinions.
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