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  1. I found this ball the other day and cannot figure out who's autograph this is. Does anyone know?
  2. I like the use of the city flag in the Stars concept, but I have to say I'm not a big fan of the star logo on the hat. I think it works on the blue alternate, but not the home or road. Also, the use of white on the hats is interesting. I can't think of a team that has a white crown or bill on their hat, you could leave it, or you could try doing white front panels like the Orioles home hat. I think a blue crown with white front panels and a red bill would look pretty good with that home uniform. What you have here is solid, I just think it needs some fixes to perfect it.
  3. I didn't know one could change the title of the thread to reflect new changes until just now, so I updated the title in hopes of gaining some feedback, I've got other designs in the works that I can finish once I get some feedback.
  4. Similar to what someone said above, but the light blue/orange combo doesn't always work. I like the addition of the orange though, as the navy/light blue reminds me too much of North Carolina. I think having orange and navy as your primary colors would look good, then maybe throw in a dark gray as an accent.
  5. Love the Rays unis. Only thing I might fix is try to play around with the hat colors, as I think a different color crown/bill on some of the uniforms. I'd try a yellow bill on the road uniforms, light blue on the road alts, and a light blue crown on the light blue home alt. If those combo's don't work, the entire set is still strong and stands out from the rest of the league without being "out there".
  6. Looks great. Unfortunately, I am using a school computer, so while I could make my concepts online, I would have to stop over the summer, so that's why I have handdrawn them.
  7. Here's all the concepts I have completed Raytown Rangers Uniform #1 Hat - All red with lasso "R" on hat Jersey - White jersey with blue accents, "Rangers" across chest Uniform #2 Hat - Blue crown, white front panels, blue bill, red lasso "R" logo Jersey - Red/White gradient on body, blue/white gradient on sleeves, "Raytown" across chest Blue Springs Bears Uniform #1 Hat - Purple crown, white front panels, purple bill, black "claw" logo Jersey - White jersey, Purple and black bear claw "BS" on chest, "claw" logo sleeve patch Uniform #2 Hat - Purple hat, black "claw" logo Jersey - Purple jersey, black "Bears" across chest, "claw" logo sleeve patch, "BS" sleeve patch Blue Valley Bees Uniform #1 Hat - Yellow crown, black bill, black "BV" logo Jersey - White jersey, yellow and black honeycomb pattern sleeves, "Bees" honeycomb wordmark across chest Uniform #2 Hat - Black crown, yellow front panels, black bill, "Stinger" logo Jersey - Yellow jersey, black sleeves, black "Blue Valley" across chest Liberty Twisters Uniform #1 Hat - Black crown, white front panels, gray bill, twister "L" logo Jersey - White jersey, black accents, twister "L" logo Uniform #2 Hat - Neon yellow crown, black bill, twister "L" logo Jersey - Neon yellow jersey, "Liberty" across chest, twister "L" sleeve patch
  8. Uniform #1 Hat - Blue crown, white front panels, red bill, blue "I" logo Jersey - White jersey with gray sleeves, "'whackers" on chest Uniform #2 Hat - Gray crown with blue bill, blue "I" logo Jersey - Gray jersey with red sleeves, "Independence" across chest
  9. FYI - I've finished the Blue Valley Bees, Raytown Rangers, Liberty Twisters, Independence Bushwhackers, and Blue Springs Bears uniforms. As soon as I get some feedback on the previous uniforms I'll post them.
  10. Next team up, Leavenworth Slammers! This one was pretty fun to work on, so without further ado... In case you didn't already know, there is a penitentiary in Leavenworth, hence the "Jailbird" Uniform #1 Hat - Black crown, white front panels, orange bill, orange "L" logo Jersey - Black and white striped jersey, with orange sleeve and collar accents, full "Jailbird" logo, with "00.." on upper right chest (Last two digits are players number: 0015, 0004, etc.) Uniform #2 Hat - Orange crown and bill, with the "Jailbird" head logo Jersey - Orange jersey with block "Leavenworth" across the chest I think this identity fits the league perfectly, and I took a lot of inspiration from the Joliet Slammers (Independent Baseball team) for this concept. Hope you all like it. Next commenter can choose what 3 teams I do next. I saw someone else doing that and thought it was a great idea! Only 10 more teams!
  11. I found a t-shirt template and hat template online and put them in the same doc. https://wwhssiga.wordpress.com/t-shirt-template/ http://www.istockphoto.com/vector/hats-templates-gm92889516-10603360