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  1. This right here is the easy, and correct way to go imo. Although, I actually like the brown facemask. Never liked the gray.
  2. I would much rather see them base their identity off these. At least there's some connection to the region vs. every other set they've had
  3. I'm with you. Being a HighSchooler in the 90's teal is still my favorite color. I have lots of Hornets, Marlins, Dolphins, and Jaguars gear. Lived in the Midwest my whole life and I still follow these Southern teams.
  4. I'm sure the black outline of the logo is what justifies its usage. Albeit, terrible usage.
  5. I could do without the football on there but I actually like this. From the grainy leak, I thought the text might have been curved. Happy to see it's straight. I love that shade of green. I have no problems with black being an accent like in the '90s. The classic uniform had its time and place, it was time to move on.
  6. I actually agree. Tons of hate for these going around but I love the shade of green and the helmets. Looks like the text is curved on the helmet, odd, when it's straight on the logo. Also would've left the football off the helmet, but that's just me. I am shocked that I don't hate the black unis. I should hate those right? But I don't for whatever reason.
  7. SW Texas St. didn't change their name to Texas State until the 2000's. This was in '91 so they weren't really infringing on anyone's name. The first team they played was the Bobcats. So possibly an homage?
  8. I feel that the Texas State Armadillos don't get enough love (Necessary Roughness)
  9. Been saying that for years. Not exactly a hot take, but a very important one. Would solve the leotard problem
  10. Ditch the black pants. White or teal only. Make teal jerseys primary. The black jersey with teal pants is a great alt look
  11. Oh, we remember. Big bounce back year with the Crew than off to Detroit for too much money. Solid Uni though. Love the simple German M on the hat
  12. These really were a Dallas inspired uniform, but in a vacuum, this was a very good set
  13. The BiG is a great logo, but I actually don't like it as a hat logo. Put the BiG on the sleeve and a nice M on the hat. Royal and Gold (Yellow) is definitely the way to go.
  14. I think it looks awful, but I'm assuming they paid extra for that