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  1. IMHO gray facemasks only work with teams with gray / silver in their scheme. Doesn't mean they all should, but I think that works. I'm not a fan of gray because they're a 'classic' uniform, I get it, I just don't really like it. I think Indy looked better in either white or blue masks. SF with red. Cardinals would look much better, from the neck up, with red facemasks
  2. 100% agree! Match the look on the road WHITES, lose the gradient numbers and the shiny elements and this is good to go! I actually like the split horn look, again on the unpopular side
  3. growing up with the Irish Rainbow I can say that I was in favor of the change. I have a soft spot for the purple look but nostalgia now says the Irish Rainbow is timeless. The previous green / red set was their worst. Colors not the issue, was a bad template
  4. I do really like the Midnight Green. There are some great concepts on here that remove the black that I really liked. Bring back the silver as the secondary color
  5. Agreed. Only need the gold pants. On the road jersey, make it white first, then use the same shoulder horn but in blue with a gold sleeve cap. Similar to the old look
  6. This may be my favorite NBA jersey of all time. I know that may be a stretch, but these are dang near perfect for SA
  7. Wondering if it is just the current shade but it lime was just the description used.
  8. Coughlin's gone now. So take the basic uniform he wanted and make some small tweaks to make it really good. Teal at home, gold accents, some pants stripes, and remove the chest logo. done.
  9. Aside from the gradient that should be removed, the side stripe on the jersey doesn't make any sense for continuity. Yes, it works with just white and black pants. But the red pants, which I think would be a great alt look, doesn't work with a black stripe and red stripes on the jerseys. Simply removing the jersey stripe makes all combos work.
  10. I love those unis. The most important piece here is the color scheme. They kept drifting away from it. Added it back a couple years back and immediately pulled the green for silver. No black, just blue / green with silver accents in the logo but not in the uni. The current jerseys would be greatly improved simply by adopting this color scheme despite the current terrible template
  11. Simple tweaks to the shoulder caps on the road make this a lot better. As for the numbers it just seemed to me like the built in lines were looking for a color contrast to be consistent with the 'split horn' look. I'm not sure how I feel about it, but I just wanted to see what it would look like. *Edit - tweaked the gold
  12. I'd say technically gloss with small amount of gold fleck. Not sure there's a name for it. The first year they had it, I wanna say 1999, I thought it just rained every game. I've never been accused of being smart.
  13. Just wondering if they're testing the waters with the look. Blue is long overdue for an alt. Not a fan of recycling previous alts in black. Testing out the diagonal Bucks text on a warm up to see if there's any fan reaction. Either way, I'd like to see them
  14. Could the "Earned" warm up from this season be a tease to a blue alt for next year?