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  1. Needs gradient. Ok, can't say that with a straight face. This is a good look and ties into the logo
  2. This right here. It's not a great uniform, but can definitely work. Small ATL, Smaller numbers, no side stripe on the jersey. NO gradient on the red. With a white, black, and red option on the pants with contrasting colored socks, no yoga pants. I'd prefer glossy helmet, but can live with the satin
  3. Contrast to the pants. It's really not that difficult. I know I'll be in the minority, but I really like the red pants. The same way I like Jax teal pants with either the black or white jersey. However, this now causes conflict with the red stripe on the jersey and black on the pants
  4. Standard black throwback in the middle on the rack
  5. I'm with you on the Road Pinstripes...as for the gold basketball? I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.
  6. Loved the yellow facemask. Return to a block style numbering and make a powder blue road look. Nothing else needed
  7. I'm not a huge fan of the "just bring back the old look" for the most part. I like updated nods to the past. The Blue Jay's did it right. Slight upgrades to a great look of the past. I hope this ends up being a slightly modified and updated look
  8. I'm gonna hold off judgement until at least seeing a full-color version of the logo. I don't think it is really that bad as a secondary logo, but it does lack some personality needed for a primary logo. I think there's potential for a brand off of this. It seems like the biggest problem is the horn not being one piece but having notches, or whatever. We'll see where they go with it
  9. It's not every time, but in my experience (working there since 2012) when there's a quieter crowd it's almost always a Gold package game.
  10. you can definitely tell the difference in atmosphere based off the package. I work in gameday operations at Lambeau and when we're looking to pump up the crowd we do mention "it's a Gold package day" meaning it's not as loud. It's not every Gold game, but a great majority of them.
  11. As a lifelong Brewers fan, man we've had some tough years, I view this set as a big upgrade. I did like the previous set aside from the number font. The biggest upgrade is the shift to athletic gold from Vegas gold. I think Vegas gold looks great in sunlight. In the often closed Miller Park the metallic look doesn't have the same effect. The bright athletic gold looks good in all situations. I dont mind the changes to the BiG. I actually feel like the original is off when I see it now. I know I'm in the minority there. Big fan of the new font. The numbers having that 'barre-feel' if that is a thing The mismatch sleeve piping? Yeah....that's a no. Wide or narrow just make it match. The cream home is long overdue. The alt blue may take some time. I like the idea I dont get the font. Barrelman is a great add, but needs to be on a sleeve. Not feeling the barley ball as a logo. And the Wisco logo? Nice, but why not cream bricks from which the whole thing is based off?
  12. I would guess any logo tweaks or changes would be minimal with the seats at the new stadium matching the logo striping. Unless of course they change up the seats
  13. I completely agree. As a designer I get some of the quirkiness of the original but I prefer the ball centered with the traditional thread look. As I did love the Royal and Athletic Gold look Navy is a great look. Ever since SF switched to their cream look for their home set I thought how it made too much sense for Milwaukee to have that look. I think the cream looks better with Navy than Royal. And when talking number font it's not even close how much better the new font is compared to the Times New Roman. I know that's not the BiG discussion, but it's just such an improvement. Love nearly everything about the new set. Not sure I'm sold on the Milwaukee Tool font on the Blue jersey yet.
  14. The Bucks should focus on Green, Blue, and Cream. Ditch all black. Blue is a great compliment to the scheme and black is unnecessary.
  15. Yup, that would be my hope. It bugs me when people say pinstripes 'belong' to the Yankees. The athletic gold won't show up well against cream, but there's ways to make it work
  16. The Home should just be cream with pinstripes. Similar to San Fran with the home being an off-white. Home / Away / Navy Alt / Cerveceros would be fine with me
  17. I agree with almost all of this. I actually think this logo is pretty good. I've thought the last couple years how do you somewhat modernize the BiG. Centering the ball in the glove is an upgrade. I like the stitching change. The connection and webbing is a little meh, but I don't really feel strongly one way or the other on it. The current unis, including the gold jersey, all looked good under the sun and drab under the roof. Where the royal and athletic gold looked good under the roof as well. The bright athletic gold is awesome and I understand the navy. They'll be able to sell royal as the nostalgia.
  18. This right here is the easy, and correct way to go imo. Although, I actually like the brown facemask. Never liked the gray.
  19. I would much rather see them base their identity off these. At least there's some connection to the region vs. every other set they've had
  20. I'm with you. Being a HighSchooler in the 90's teal is still my favorite color. I have lots of Hornets, Marlins, Dolphins, and Jaguars gear. Lived in the Midwest my whole life and I still follow these Southern teams.
  21. I'm sure the black outline of the logo is what justifies its usage. Albeit, terrible usage.
  22. I could do without the football on there but I actually like this. From the grainy leak, I thought the text might have been curved. Happy to see it's straight. I love that shade of green. I have no problems with black being an accent like in the '90s. The classic uniform had its time and place, it was time to move on.
  23. I actually agree. Tons of hate for these going around but I love the shade of green and the helmets. Looks like the text is curved on the helmet, odd, when it's straight on the logo. Also would've left the football off the helmet, but that's just me. I am shocked that I don't hate the black unis. I should hate those right? But I don't for whatever reason.