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  1. 13 minutes ago, L10nheart404 said:

    Can't wait to see these in action.xmff9kor43751.jpg

    Aside from the gradient that should be removed, the side stripe on the jersey doesn't make any sense for continuity.  Yes, it works with just white and black pants. But the red pants, which I think would be a great alt look, doesn't work with a black stripe and red stripes on the jerseys.  Simply removing the jersey stripe makes all combos work.

  2. 3 hours ago, L10nheart404 said:

    I still don't know what was so bad about theseoriginal.jpgf750f6ee16df47bd6a8e108c2699b024.jpg


    I love those unis. The most important piece here is the color scheme. They kept drifting away from it. Added it back a couple years back and immediately pulled the green for silver.  No black, just blue / green with silver accents in the logo but not in the uni.  The current jerseys would be greatly improved simply by adopting this color scheme despite the current terrible template

  3. Simple tweaks to the shoulder caps on the road make this a lot better.


    As for the numbers it just seemed to me like the built in lines were looking for a color contrast to be consistent with the 'split horn' look.  I'm not sure how I feel about it, but I just wanted to see what it would look like.





    *Edit - tweaked the gold 

  4. 9 hours ago, See Red said:


    I don't know exactly where it falls (I'm also bad at telling the difference) but the Packers helmets do have some metallic.



    I'd say technically gloss with small amount of gold fleck.  Not sure there's a name for it.

    The first year they had it, I wanna say 1999, I thought it just rained every game. I've never been accused of being smart.

  5. 15 hours ago, Conrad. said:

    Nope. The Earned warmups were created to pair along with the City uniforms from this (last?) season.

    Just wondering if they're testing the waters with the look. Blue is long overdue for an alt. Not a fan of recycling previous alts in black.

    Testing out the diagonal Bucks text on a warm up to see if there's any fan reaction.

    Either way, I'd like to see them

  6. 10 hours ago, Conrad. said:

    And I'm 100% positive they are 😀

    Some of the general info of those could be a clue of things to come, though...


    Could the "Earned" warm up from this season be a tease to a blue alt for next year?



  7. I'm gonna start a petition to allow the Rams to play 16 home games. I'd rather have that then to ever see those road unis see the light of day.  The grey would be passable if they had some sort of matching sleeve horns / caps. The terrible stretched sleeve numbers. A damn near invisible white 'horn'.  And I'm not even gonna start on the shoulder patch nonsense.


    That being said. I personally love the helmet. Split horn and all. The home looks great, don't even mind the gradient.


    If only one Nike trend could be eliminated from all of their unis for me it would be the reflective garbage. Looks awful in college basketball and worse here.

  8. I understand people's dislike of the current Miami logo, but I'm really ok with it.  I think the only change needed for the current look is sleeve stripes instead of the logo. Add stripes matching the current helmet and pants stripes and this is a good, solid set. And striped socks to be work with the aqua pants.

  9. 4 hours ago, oldschoolvikings said:


    I'd feel better if, along with these guys, there was some forty year old fat guy from Sheboygan giving a big thumbs up.  You know, just covering all the bases.

    I'm 40 minutes from Sheboygan. But the boxes of forty and fat guy are spot on. If someone wants to share early with me I'll give you the answer

  10. 3 hours ago, colortv said:

    I have a feeling this is similar to what the Rams will roll out:




    That jersey is hideous,  but I don't hate that helmet. I probably should but I don't.  In a vacuum without knowing the classic helmet, this is a good helmet for a team called the Rams from LA

  11. 1 minute ago, Carolingian Steamroller said:


    *takes long drag of cigarette*



    Striped socks, classic jersey stripes, brown pant stripes match the sleeve stripes. No wordmark. Number font matching updated script font. I like the brown facemask and glad it stayed.    Wish they had Orange pant option. The alternate stuff could go away. It's a terrible look IMHO.     Overall huge win, it's the slight update to the classic look

  12. 15 minutes ago, rolszewski9 said:

    Hey Everyone.


    Since seeing what Nike and the Atlanta Falcons released on Wednesday, I decided to fix what they screwed up. While there are some things in the design I liked, I felt they went overboard with with the emphasis on ATL. I also felt the numbers appeared wonky and just didn't fit with the overall scheme. Lastly the stripe. I really was puzzled to see how they tried to make that stripe work. It feels forced and while it works in relation to the logo, I feel they could have been more creative. Putting the stripe on the sides just seemed very lazy and outdated.


    Using these as my focal points to fix I came up with this design concept. This is my first go at creating a concept and posting it on here so any suggestions or constructive criticism would be great!


    I hope you guys like what you see!




    Needs gradient.  Ok, can't say that with a straight face.  This is a good look and ties into the logo

  13. 2 hours ago, pepis21 said:

    Imho this is what Falcons need to tweak to have at least pretty decent home uniform + smaller numbers (credits to Canzman):




    This right here.  It's not a great uniform, but can definitely work. Small ATL, Smaller numbers, no side stripe on the jersey. NO gradient on the red. With a white, black, and red option on the pants with contrasting colored socks, no yoga pants. I'd prefer glossy helmet, but can live with the satin

  14. 1 hour ago, NFLfan10 said:



    Why can't teams ever manage to get the socks right? It's so simple.

    Contrast to the pants. It's really not that difficult.


    I know I'll be in the minority, but I really like the red pants. The same way I like Jax teal pants with either the black or white jersey.  However, this now causes conflict with the red stripe on the jersey and black on the pants

  15. 8 minutes ago, moratorias said:

    These were seen on the Dirty Bird Nation Facebook group.


    Helmet has a HUGE falcon with chrome face mask. Red jersey has a gradient to black on the bottom. Looks like there are only black and white pants options, maybe there’s a red? Helmet is still black, but looks matte instead of glossy.




    Standard black throwback in the middle on the rack

  16. 1 hour ago, spartacat_12 said:

    I've always thought pinstripes on MLB road uniforms was an underrated look:






    Also, I liked the metallic gold basketball uniforms everyone seemed to hate:






    Plus here are a couple hockey uniforms that don't get enough love:





    I'm with you on the Road Pinstripes...as for the gold basketball? I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it. 

  17. 12 hours ago, kimball said:

    Wasn’t their change to the baby blue pretty much their “change” last year. No need to do anything.

    Loved the yellow facemask. Return to a block style numbering and make a powder blue road look. Nothing else needed

  18. I'm gonna hold off judgement until at least seeing a full-color version of the logo. I don't think it is really that bad as a secondary logo, but it does lack some personality needed for a primary logo.  I think there's potential for a brand off of this. It seems like the biggest problem is the horn not being one piece but having notches, or whatever. We'll see where they go with it

  19. 29 minutes ago, Sec19Row53 said:

    Interesting. I hear the opposite from fans and media.

    It's not every time, but in my experience (working there since 2012) when there's a quieter crowd it's almost always a Gold package game.

  20. 15 minutes ago, Sec19Row53 said:

    Sorry - I assumed it was common knowledge around here.


    1 - I'm a season ticket holder at Lambeau. I sit in Section 19 (now known as 119 after the 1994 renovation, but I've had this nom de plume for a long time and ain't changing it) Row 53.  I have been a ticket holder for most of my life (back to around 1972).


    2 - I'm from the Green Bay area although I live closer to Milwaukee today.


    3 - When the team still played in Milwaukee and Green Bay, there were two different season ticket holder groups - you either had tickets in GB or Mil.  The NFL set the schedule, including which games were played in either location/venue.


    4 - As Lambeau was being renovated, it became a better venue for paying, financially, playing surface, and amenities for the teams. As teams started requesting to NOT play the Packers in Milwaukee, a decision was made to move all games to Lambeau.


    5 - So what? Bob Harlan determined that Milwaukee ticket holders would maintain their tickets at Lambeau Field, and that they would be assigned the second and sixth (later becoming the fifth) home game of the season, as well as one of two pre-season games.  This means that there are TWO different season ticket bases for the Packers. Those who have the Green Bay package (like me) are the "Green" package. Those who have the Milwaukee package are the "Gold" package.


    6 - So, because it is known which ticket base is at which game, it is an easy step to make judgments based on the atmosphere created by the fans. Having attended a few "Gold" games, I don't argue in the accuracy of how the differences are described. Regardless, the people in attendance are different. Also, keep in mind that EVERY DAMN TICKET is sold out to a season ticket holder (ok - that's a lie. Tickets added in the most recent expansion allowed for residents of Brown County, who pay/paid a County Tax to help fund the renovation, could enter a lottery annually for the chance to be assigned one game to get 4 tickets. That game might be regular season or pre-season).


    If you have more questions, fire away. I think this covers it, though.

    you can definitely tell the difference in atmosphere based off the package.  I work in gameday operations at Lambeau and when we're looking to pump up the crowd we do mention "it's a Gold package day" meaning it's not as loud. It's not every Gold game, but a great majority of them.

  21. As a lifelong Brewers fan, man we've had some tough years, I view this set as a big upgrade. I did like the previous set aside from the number font. The biggest upgrade is the shift to athletic gold from Vegas gold. I think Vegas gold looks great in sunlight. In the often closed Miller Park the metallic look doesn't have the same effect.  The bright athletic gold looks good in all situations. 


    I dont mind the changes to the BiG. I actually feel like the original is off when I see it now. I know I'm in the minority there.

    Big fan of the new font. The numbers having that 'barre-feel' if that is a thing


    The mismatch sleeve piping? Yeah....that's a no. Wide or narrow just make it match.


    The cream home is long overdue. 


    The alt blue may take some time. I like the idea I dont get the font.


    Barrelman is a great add, but needs to be on a sleeve.  Not feeling the barley ball as a logo.

    And the Wisco logo? Nice, but why not cream bricks from which the whole thing is based off?