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  1. use this as the primary and that white S logo as the shoulder patch. This doesn't seem that hard to do.
  2. dbofox

    Capitals Tweak

    Much better than the Reebok piping and side panels. Not sure if I'm in the minority, but I like the Weagle as a shoulder patch and alt crest. The all caps works
  3. This here is where the redesign should've gone. I would just flop the Denver and Nuggets on the jerseys. I know there aren't really home and away anymore, but there should be
  4. please just wear those helmets until whatever 'rebrand' is happening with the new stadium....or you know...just wear those uniforms
  5. I think these are an upgrade from the mess they moved to in the last few years. The original powder blue set didn't need to be changed. The main issue for me is the trim usage. The trim on the white jersey is nice, but then the shorts are just navy and white. Match the shorts with the navy and red trim and add color to the trim on the blues. The blues look like they're a navy/white team with gold tertiary. Close to being a pretty solid look. Just make a few color tweaks in the trim, and actually stick with it for more than 5 minutes and it could work.
  6. Sconnies are in the know. It was for everyone else's knowledge. And agree, stick with Ripon for now
  7. The Reebok jerseys are made by Ripon Athletics located in Berlin, WI. Not sure if they're trying to support a local provider, and that's their reason for not switching. It's fine with me if they can keep the colors continue to be consistent.
  8. I do this for a major pro team, and this is my nightmare. I triple check everything and am still scared of mistakes slipping through
  9. "Teal is the heart of the brand" So let's only wear it 3 times. Fans have been screaming for a teal primary and you stick with black because you want to own black? YOU LITERALLY OWN TEAL!!! Why try to "own" something that so many other teams have?
  10. These may be my favorite Miami uni of all time. Ok, I get it, number font is not the best. I actually like the new logo on a helmet, I know I'm in the minority there. I don't mind the chest script either. Colors are great. Nice, simple, clean. (hoping the tramp stamp is gone)
  11. Drop the front logo on the jersey and there's are fantastic. Stripes on socks....something a lot of teams need
  12. I would hope that they just have the old helmet stripe on the display. If they made an effort to set a release date for changes, even small changes, they wouldn't want anything out early.
  13. do you keep the two-toned blue to keep the 'sword' look? Either way, this is way better.
  14. I played high school ball in Wisconsin. The real problem with the old 'U' shaped chin pads was that would be rock solid in the cold. you'd have to put your helmet on in pre-game and not take it off
  15. I'm gonna sleep on this one and not go off the rails right away. Initial thoughts: The helmet is not bad, don't like the sword yoke. side panels are not quite as bad as I was thinking. I guess If they didn't go monochrome, I could 'live' with it, but that's not gonna be the case I'm sure.
  16. I personally don't mind the "Cleveland" on the jersey. Lose the "Browns" on the pants, home jersey numbers to white, and make the sleeve stripes stay on the sleeve. I've come to like the brown facemask. I could live with those changes going forward.
  17. Also focus more on the blue than black....but I know that's asking too much.
  18. What if they sleeve striped matched the others? But, yes, exactly with the orange and leave the blue to the logo.
  19. Brewers stepping back from the 'B-I-G'? Move away for a year before full rebrand?
  20. Couldn't the just keep those helmet full time now? Sure it'd be mis-matched golds but would be better than white horns with white facemask.
  21. Just finished a conversation at a bar about exactly this. Said get the previous helmet with the new logo. Move the shield to the sleeve caps. You put just the logo, even better. Make the Teal the primary with white numbers. Throw in a pair of Teal pants and boom. you have a solid look. Great look
  22. Get some matching blue pants for road with yellow/blue/yellow striped socks. I get the love for the throwback, I own one. But I actually like these better, I'm sure that's an unpopular opinion.
  23. Now I hear the 'Teen Girl Squad' song looping in my head