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  1. 1 hour ago, bbb said:

    Now that the uniform tweak is official , thought i would have to re-post my shot from 2015 for my fins



    More orange, less navy, current logo and number font. (I'm sorry the template is still Elite51 and not vapor untouchable but i made these back in '15)


    What y'all think?

    What if they sleeve striped matched the others?  But, yes, exactly with the orange and leave the blue to the logo.

  2. 5 hours ago, bkknight95 said:

    So I saw the rumors that Jacksonville is coming to their senses and getting new uniforms, which undoubtedly means that the world's ugliest helmet will soon be no more. Ugly bucket aside, I personally think that the Jags are a few tweaks away from actually having a decent uniform set. So I decided to layout what I think those tweaks should be: 




    I think that the Jaguars currently look good from the neck down, so there aren't a whole lot of changes to be made but there are some. Let's break them down shall we? 


    Helmet - Do I really need to introduce the incumbent? I changed the disasterpiece that was the helmet to one from the past. I brought back the old black helmet that looks teal in the right light. Kept the jaguar logo on the side, added the JAGS shield logo to the back of the helmet. IMO, it's a decent logo, but doesn't need to take up chest space on the jerseys. 


    Jerseys - The jerseys as they are now really aren't bad to me, in fact I think that they take too much heat from how much the helmet sucks. First off, as I mentioned above, the JAGS patch moves to the helmet. Those weird shoulder designs get taken off and the "claw mark" if you want to call it that, gets moved inside the collar. The teal jersey becomes the home jersey again with the appropriate white numbers. I like the number font, so I kept it. Added the JAGUARS wordmark to the chest and the primary logo to the sleeves so they weren't blank any more. 


    Pants - I didn't change much. I moved the jaguar head from the side of the pants to the front right. It feels cleaner to me. I knocked around the idea of a different pant design, but nothing else really seemed to fit with the design. 


    Socks - Teal and Black. No need for anything on them. 


    And since the NFL is keeping Color Rush around: 





     So as cool as the gold CR uniform was for them (IMO, I didn't hate it completely), I went with teal as the base color since it's more unique of a color to them than black is. So for the first time in team history, teal pants would be worn.


    Let me know what you guys think.





    Just finished a conversation at a bar about exactly this.  Said get the previous helmet with the new logo.  Move the shield to the sleeve caps. You put just the logo, even better. Make the Teal the primary with white numbers. Throw in a pair of Teal pants and boom.  you have a solid look.  Great look

  3. 19 hours ago, colortv said:

    Of all the things we could discuss on this board, not making these the full-time uniforms has to be the biggest sin of all:















    Get some matching blue pants for road with yellow/blue/yellow striped socks.  I get the love for the throwback, I own one.  But I actually like these better, I'm sure that's an unpopular opinion.


  4. 10 minutes ago, upperV03 said:

    These suck. No other way to put it.

    Minnesota should drop the "Timber" from their names.  If you're not gonna take advantage of that look or name on the uniform, just drop it already.  They may be the best dressed intramural team but this is a joke for an NBA team.

  5. 1 hour ago, VDizzle12 said:


    I did a quick mock up and I'm surprised how much I like it.



    Unfortunately I doubt they are adding stripes and it was probably just the designer trying to keep the graphics consistent.

    Stripes on the socks are needed for every team that wants the leotard look.  For the Browns; lose the pants text, chest stripe extension and use white for text and numbers for the home jersey.  I actually like the orange road numbers, don't know if I'm alone on that one.

  6. 6 minutes ago, coco1997 said:

    As a compromise, how about keeping the road wordmark blue, but making the front number yellow?

    This is a good compromise.  I did like the gold on the road as it was different, but I get how it could get lost in the gray. This is the best of both worlds here

    Milwaukee Brewers Uniform Road Mixed colors.png

  7. 1 hour ago, tigerslionspistonshabs said:

    I like it. The Brewers lack a real identity and this gives them one. The M is a solid cap logo, and as much as I like the mit-M, it's better as an alternate. 


    The gold/yellow script is hard to read on the grey uniform though. I'd say make it blue with a gold/yellow outline. 

    Here it is with Blue Script, gold outline and blue drop shadow.  Tried it without the additional drop and the yellow is lost on the gray

    Milwaukee Brewers Uniform Road Blue Text.png

  8. Have not posted a concept as of yet and I thought I'd get into the game.  Here's my take on the Milwaukee Brewers.  I gave them the Blue Jays treatment.  Updating their classic look by tweaking the font.  I kept the current look drop shadow as I feel it has a 'beer label' kind of feel more-so than a standard outline.  Used the BiG as the sleeve logo but gave them a simple 'M' as the hat logo.


    CC appreciated as this is my first attempt.  If this goes over well enough I may do the rest of the league.

    Milwaukee Brewers Uniform Home.jpg

    Milwaukee Brewers Uniform Road.jpg

    Milwaukee Brewers Alt.jpg

  9. 48 minutes ago, alecgoff said:

    If it is real though, it will be a throwback jersey, and not their primary road uniform.

    Agreed.  The old Hugo on the shorts is a giveaway.  I would love to see them back, or a modernized version of them

  10. 11 minutes ago, B-mer said:

    Well, here we are again.  A new era of NHL uniforms calls for a new era of concepts trying to fix the mistakes.  While I won't necessarily call some of what i'll post "fixes", maybe just a different option based on what we have.  I'm going to try working with the new collar system, as much as i don't like the laces with these. 


    Someone at hockeyjerseyconcepts made a template, i drew the lace options and some of the missing stitching. 


    Starting out with the Wild, making what appears to be what everyone really wanted. 


    This looks great, and is definitely the direction they should've taken.  IMO the center stripe they went with actually doesn't look bad.  Helps the green logo stand out better on the green background.  That being said, this does look fantastic.  Nice work


  11. 13 minutes ago, WSU151 said:


    That 2 is hideous.  The top is thicker than the bottom.  Uneven serifs that use curves on top and angles on the bottom.  Ugh.

    I think the bottom of the numbers may still be rounded and sized the same as the top.  Looks like the numbers are behind the bar on the bottom

  12. 1 hour ago, OnWis97 said:

    The front of the green jersey looks nicer than I envisioned when I saw the tease.  But the back illustrates why I don't like stripes going through jerseys this way (Canadians, Astros Rainbows, etc.) Number outlines tend to blend into the stripes.  

    If there was a green stroke outside the wheat border of the number it may look better.   They may also go the route of Florida and not have the striping go around the back


  13. 13 minutes ago, hettinger_rl said:

    Why not just go with something like this:



    It would still work in a similar way but also gives the timber aspect.

    I was actually working up something along these lines.  new colors with the old wolf and treeline.  Would be much better than what they're going with.  great work

  14. 1 hour ago, agentrygraphics said:


    I didn't realize that in addition to an NFL team, Minneapolis was going to field an Arena team as well. 

    I hope they don't go this route, however, pair it with the purple pants and you kind of get a 90's Northwestern look that I always liked.  But really, don't wear black.

  15. 19 hours ago, doctorpeligro said:


    It also looks like Under Armour changed minor aspects of the font (for the worse, in my opinion).

    These are the previous Badger Bold numbers:


    This is the front of the new Wisconsin jersey.  Notice that the 6 is narrower and also loses the corner at the upper right.


    I wouldn't say I've been looking 'forward' to this font on a football jersey.  But I've been expecting them to to do this for a while now.  I'm tired of all the Nebraska folks saying Wisconsin should change, so hopefully this will quiet that a little at least.     

    I'm more concerned about the W UA and I'm guessing the B10 logo that will go on the right side.  That's gonna be clustered.

  16. On 7/11/2016 at 10:32 AM, natolian10 said:

    Hopefully I can get some feedback on these but I'll go onto the next team.


    Appleton West Football Helmet.png

    Appleton West Home Football Illustration.png

    Appleton West Away Football Illustration.png

    Appleton West Alternate Football Illustration.png


    Helmet: Kept the same helmet except changed the facemask to orange.


    Jerseys: The main thing about their jerseys is that the home and road designs are different. I like the design better on the sleeve caps than on the shoulders. Blue takes over as their home but the orange jersey can be used anytime at home. Terrors is written in big letters because that is what they currently have and they are the only high school with the nickname terrors in the state and maybe in the nation. The alternate logo is too good not to be included on this uniform so I placed it across from the nike patch.


    Pants; Continued the helmet stripe onto the pants.


    Design: This is one of my more traditional designs but as I said I wanted to put a little twist on some stuff. I wanted the stripe design to recreate the logo. Small top, wide middle, small bottom. The font is a mix of fonts. The text is Beaverton Block and the numbers are ASG 2014.


    Thanks for looking guys and hopefully I'll get some C&C on this. I'll probably have Eau Claire North up later tonight or early tomorrow morning. Thanks!

    West always looked good with a more classic look that you've continued here, very nice.  I think I like the blue facemask better, but the orange definitely works here.   No love for the private schools with Xavier and FVL?