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  1. So this is sort of awkward but whatever.... I should have just let this be done but I just realized the other day that the Royals have an actual crown as part of their set now... So I added that as the crown on the R! (These lines are pretty gross because I couldn't find my actual file and had to do some serious copying and pasting ) I don't know, it's a thing I did, here it is...
  2. Thank you! This stuff will help. I wasn't sure on those Dodger logos.
  3. So I made this chart to show the expansion/logo changes of MLB teams since 1901. I know something similar to this has probably been done before. I figured I'll print this out on 2'X3' paper for myself and hang it on the wall. Just thought I'd share! If y'all have some sort of C&C let me know. I'm going to be making some other ones (different leagues, maybe cities?) over the Summer. (I know creations are typically under the Concept section but this just didn't fit.)
  4. I think your work is great and I would greatly appreciate it if the following could be made. Kansas City Royals- 1980 AL Champs - 1985 World Series - 2014 AL Champs - 2015 World Series Chicago Blackhawks- 1934 Stanley Cup - 1938 Stanley Cup - 1961 Stanley Cup - 1992 Conference - 2010 Stanley Cup - 2013 Stanley Cup - 2015 Stanley Cup Joey Logano-2013 Chase Spot - 2014 Chase Spot - 2015 Chase Spot (Just a yellow banner with a (see attached) and (see attached) for the team logo)) I hope this isn't too big of a request. Thanks!
  5. Added Crown from Arkansas Naturals(Royals AA affiliate) Did this because it hugs the R more
  6. Alright so some changes have been made... Crown moved to the R "Baseball Club" color change Gray border changed to Royals Blue Crown color changed to match text gold
  7. So this is my first post... I took the circle logo from the early 2000s and changed some colors, added some borders, and put the current crown on there also. Not much, but still something I thought was pretty cool. I would think that it's probably too complex to go anywhere except the arm of the uniform. If you think it would look cooler a different way just let me know. I might just make it that way!
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