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  1. Opa, um Sãopaulino aqui! Saudações, irmão. Vou acompanhar essa série, apesar de que sou apaixonado por futebol, tento acompanhar o máximo outros esportes. Just in case, sorry for brazilian-pt answer.
  2. Thank you so much... I'm still in the process of developing handmade drawings. But I would like to try the logos in some program that can be easy and handle. (Although I use Photoshop a lot). If you can help me, with some tips, I'll be very grateful.
  3. I like so much your soccer concepts. Concepts like this inspiring me. Like Aggie12, SoFlo_Sports.... Waiting for updates!
  4. Xenon always making good concepts. And, always good to see Aggie12 here! O/
  5. Good Template, man. Really good job. Waiting for the other Canadians.
  6. Way, way better the black for Barça. I like the alternative for Napoli. Nice work for all concepts.
  7. Agree with this point. White + Barça is "?" but the color matches well.
  8. Waiting for another works. Good job for Barça. (Agree with OliverP. about the number and name font.)