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  1. The North stars history began in Minnesota and ended in Minnesota when norm green took the team to Dallas. Dallas is not the Dallas north stars. Dallas are the stars only. Dallas never used the name north stars and they never used the north stars N logo. The Dallas Stars have their own history and it began in 1993. Dallas can keep the stars name and their history from 93 and present. Dallas left the north stars logo and name behind in Minnesota when they decided to move.There is no reason why Minnesota can't be called the north stars and Dallas be called the stars. The North stars name and logo was branded around minnesotas state name which is known as the North Star state. The Dallas Stars branded their image around the texas western theme. When you think of the Dallas Stars you think of a Texan lone star. When you think of the North stars you think of Minnesota because Minnesota is the North Star state. The Dallas Stars have their own history when they decided to change the teams name, logo, and concept of the name. The Dallas stars can keep their name but we fans in Minnesota want our north stars history and name back.