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  1. Sorry everyone for the delay, had a few professional projects that started taking up a lot of time. To make up for it, I am presenting 4 of our Canadian franchises today. I have also taken some of your notes into account and am brainstorming future adjustments. After tonight, we have 5 clubs remaining. Then I will roll out the 2009 season.
  2. We are over half way through the franchises of the OHA. After we meet all of the teams, I will briefly shed light on some of the players, story and moments from the OHA's first nine seasons. At the conclusion I will unveil some fun event logos such as the 2019 Draft, 2019 Indoor Classic and 2019 Challenger's Cup. As for today, you will probably sense a collegiate feel to these two franchises. CHICAGO MARSHALS I was looking for a New York Rangers type name that is generic, simple, yet unique. Chicago, being such a classic hockey town needed to have a classic look. To go with a western vibe the Marshals sport gold and deep red. The look is inspired by the Boston College hockey program's. The logo is inspired by an old time Marshal's badge. NEW JERSEY JAGUARS This is probably the one team that I do not have a thoroughly researched rationale for its name. The Jaguar moniker was stolen from the short list of names the Devils considered when they were moving from Colorado. The logo is heavily based off of a royalty free logo that I found. The look is based off of North Dakota's look. It was one of my favorite all time looks. Man, I love college hockey uniforms the best!
  3. I agree with all of you. I'll check into that on the second go around. My first idea was to use the two trees to create an M with the negative space between the legs.
  4. The OHA proudly represents the beautiful country of Canada from coast to coast. Therefore this installment we present the Vancouver Cavemen and the Saint John Darts. VANCOUVER CAVEMEN The Cavemen idea was originally a fantasy hockey concept that I had for one of my personal fantasy teams. I am a Flyers fan, hence the orange and black. SAINT JOHN DARTS The decision was between the Tides and the Darts. The Darts gave me an opportunity to practice making a skull-pirate logo. Tomorrow we will head back to the USA.
  5. @Flames1fan in Illustrator you make the text the style that you want and then with the text selected go to OBJECT (at the top of the screen) ENVELOPE DISTORT then choose the style that you want. You can just play with it from there.
  6. Next up are two of the most successful franchises. One is the dominant force of the Canadian Conference, the other is the lovable underdog that has claimed multiple titles. OTTAWA WILD GOOSE The Ottawa look is meant to be unique and different from that of NHL teams. Their look is inspired by Western Michigan's hockey program. The logo was inspired by YURI KARTASHEV, but is mostly original. EDMONTON SOURDOUGHS The 'Doughs are known for the gold helmets. Gold helmets are to pay homage to the Gold Rush that so many prospectors went north for.
  7. I am totally with you on the cow pattern. My vision (which I am still working on) is that the cow pattern would look awesome on the goalie equipment so I didn't want to do too much. Will post once i make it work. Good idea!
  8. Yes my apologies, my attributions are forthcoming. The Sasquatch silhouette can be found in a bunch of different places and there for didn't attribute. We shouldn't have any problems going forward as I already for the attributions ready to go. Thanks
  9. Thank you everyone for the good start. The spokes on the wheel is a nod to the Bruins and the Sasquatch are inspired by the Hershey Bears (one of my favorite teams and identities). I was unaware of the Toronto Wolf Pack rugby team but at this point it's who they are. Go Pack Go! Tonight, I present you two more American teams before heading north of the border. NEW YORK RINK RATS I think it would be fun to attempt to make the 'Rats "Mighty Ducks-ified". The jersey is inspired by the old Trenton Titans jersey. The yoke is meant to reflect the Bronx Bridge. WISCONSIN BELLCOWS The 'Cows are one of my favorite teams. The attempt was to marry the Devils and Redwings looks into one. The name came from the Wisconsin dairy industry as well as a nod to the Wisconsin Badgers football program's running back legacy.
  10. Our tour of the OHA franchises will happen two teams at a time. The pairings are random. There is a 9 year history that will be unveiled a little later. Like I said yesterday, I tried to pick color schemes and identities that are unique to the city. 95% of the logos are my own. For the 5%, I will make sure to credit the artist or whoever. Here we go, welcome again to the OHA. First up is Boston and Seattle BOSTON FATHOMS SEATTLE SASQUATCH
  11. In general I tried hard to make the names and colors different than the typical identities in that particular city. Great question on Ottawa. I know it should be Geese, maybe I'll switch it by the time they come up in the rotation. I played hockey against a team called the Super Goose one time and thought it was oddly cool. That's the reason for it, but maybe it's better to be correct.
  12. Welcome to the OHA What if the Winter Classic was every week? What if hockey was played outdoors the way it is supposed to be? In 2009, I fell in love with idea of the Winter Classic. I found it intriguing that my favorite sport’s teams were able to play in the iconic venues of other sports. I loved the throwback sweaters and watched the 24/7 HBO show every year. I agree with most and was not a fan of the addition of the Stadium Series. I too felt that it watered down the event and made it less special. I thought it would be special if all the teams could wait their turn and feel honored when it comes to their city. With that said, in 2009 I went the other way. I thought a great concept series would be if every team played outside…every week. Therefore I present the Outdoor Hockey Association. The OHA's main logo is a face-off circle. The circle making the shape of an "O" and the face-off section forms an "H". Teams The OHA is composed of 24 franchises in North America. 12 franchises are from the United States and 12 are from Canada. There are no divisions, only two conferences (USA and CANADA). Geographically, the OHA is located in colder climates. The southern most city in the OHA is St. Louis. In the coming days I will unveil each team's logos, the reasoning for the identity, and uniforms. All of the identities are completed so this series should move rather quickly. For now...here is a sneak peak at the 24 franchises. Schedule The OHA plays a condensed schedule and more closely resembles an NFL schedule than that of the NHL. Each team plays a 17 game schedule. Each team plays each team in their country-based conference once. This is similar to a college football conference schedule. They then will play three teams from the west and three teams from the east of the other nation’s conference. The schedule begins the Sunday after Thanksgiving and the regular season concludes by the end of February. The playoffs are on the weekends in March. Every New Year’s Day the OHA celebrates hockey everywhere with the Indoor Classic. Venue The premise of the series is that the league has perfected the technology for outdoor hockey. The ice is always perfect and the stands are slightly heated. It is not something I really cared to worry about in this universe. The teams play in some of the most iconic venues in the country. The Series The season is currently underway. After I unveil all of the teams I will post the week by week results of the season up to that point and then update on the results moving forward.