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  1. LOVE this court. I actually like that the border is grey and the paint is purple. One small suggestion that I would like to see.....swap the 2 logo's. Have the lion at mid court and the main logo on the sides. I don't think it will happen as i'm sure the Kings (and the NBA) want the city and team name with the bigger logo at mid court. Otherwise, great job! I'm in the minority but I actually really like grey, especially the gunmetal grey, and I hope they use it more often (on the court and on the jerseys). I really like how they are using it on the "Sac" jersey. I also want to see a grey alternate, kinda like what bluemagic89 posted, but with "Kings" instead of Sac and one of the lion logos on the shorts.
  2. I actually like the jerseys. I'm also happy that it looks to be more of a charcoal grey. Have to wait until we actually see the jerseys but I like what I see so far.
  3. The Oakland A's played their first 16 home games at Cashman Field in Las Vegas in 1996 due to construction of Mt Davis at the Oakland Coliseum (Sorry, don't have any pics)
  4. I grew up in Sacramento (and a Kings fan) and I always had an affinity with the old crown on ball logo. A large number of fans here in Sac preferred wearing the old school logo/colors over the current ones....however, there was a big "purple pride" movement the last few years among the fans with all of the relocation drama going on. My guess is they will keep the current color scheme with these new logo's but keep the powder blue jerseys for "flashback Friday" games. That would be a good mix of old and new. My hope is they scrap the "sac" and full lion logo's as there are too many secondary logo's. I'm fine with the lion head and crown logo's. I can't wait to see what the jersey's and court will look like. This franchise has screwed up alot of things the last 13 years or so but at least (in my opinion) they got the new logo right. They also got the new arena right as well. That thing is going to be awesome. side note, I actually really liked the "SK" logo they scrapped about 2 years ago. I wish they kept or modified this.
  5. I was gonna say the same thing about the ball lines until I noticed there may be an "S" hidden in there? Not sure if it was on purpose or not