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  1. I LOVE that Uniform!!! Maybe a stripe down the pants, or on the socks would make it better.
  2. How long until Oregon gets a helmet that looks like this? http://i.imgur.com/9aE4bC3.gifv
  3. I get what you mean. I just really like that identity. It's very solid. In time however, I'm sure the locals will come to love what ever team name they have. I mean, the Lakers seem to have done pretty well in LA right?
  4. True, swap out Bay Area for LA though. It's a solid look IMO.
  5. If the Chargers are going to go new, I'd really like them to use the Bay Area Sea Lions stuff from Gridiron labs. I LOVE IT! http://gridironlabs.com/a11fl-bay-area-sea-lions-brand-identity
  6. I remember that image, but I don't remember that being the logo that was on the collar of the jersey in the video. I've been looking all over youtube and can't find the video to confirm though. I'll keep looking.
  7. Before Nike released all it's uniforms they were doing those hype uniforms about how their unis are going to make the game so much better. One of them had a skull at the collar. I remember people thinking it was a new Bucs logo that had leaked. Anybody else remember that? I can't find the video though. That skull could be a cool secondary logo.
  8. Since the Normal thread has gotten way off topic from the uniforms and the normal season is pretty much done. Figured we can post any changes being made for the end of the season games. Bahamas Bowl ODU vs E. Michigan Not noticing a change from E. Michigan That sticker on the white helmet is usually on the blue matte one. Bunch of their fans hate the white helmet and are hoping they lose so it won't become something that sticks around due to good luck or something.
  9. I think Minnesota does a better job when they have run all yellow in the past. But, yeah, all yellow looks good here.
  10. Old Dominion University has new helmets and uniforms. They are moving away from the Navy copy they had in previous seasons. ODU has returned to having black as an alternate uniform and will be wearing them against App state (Their white out game) Feel free to rip them apart. A number of people on another forum were hoping they would go with silver or columbia blue)
  11. Purple and Red is an awful combo. Clemson is almost as bad with Purple/ Orange Do the bucs count? http://www.colorwerx.net/portfolio/tampa-bay-buccaneers-nfl-pantone-digital-standards-graphics-2014-present/
  12. Ugh, I feel they were close to a good idea but missed out on something that could have been really cool.
  13. I think these 2 concepts look better. (Not my work. Posted in 2014 on other threads here.
  14. The lions messed that uni up IMO. They had a perfect template in the form of Oklahoma State. Black and Orange is my favorite combo, but it can be easily butchered.
  15. Black, Neon Green, and Gold? The rest seem ok, but ugh
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