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  1. Love it from the head down, don't really care for the recolored logo on the helmet.
  2. More teams need to do this when the other team wears throwbacks, if we couldn't get a throwback Thursday to replace Color Rush I'd love for teams to at least wear throwbacks on Thanksgiving like they used too. One more reason the one helmet rule blows.
  3. I like these but i'm afraid they look a little to similar to the current Jags uniforms and given that they're both 2 southeast feline teams that were established in 1995 I feel like people would be quick to point that out
  4. #2 and #3 are infinitely superior to #1 so that leaves it to the last two. I personally don't care for the helmet/logo on uniform #3 but I understand why you made those changes. The helmet and logo on #2 make it the best option imo.
  5. Thanks. Never knew about it, weird thing to just subtly put into a social media graphic though.
  6. Did I miss something or did the Bears get a new bear head logo? https://drive.google.com/file/d/12_Oax2xWApOdPAEyj_9BoYJdquhYd9qy/view?usp=drivesdk https://mobile.twitter.com/ChicagoBears/status/1169404778150952960?s=19
  7. The stars nike-ify it enough for it to look like something nike would actually make while actually looking good unlike what nike would make. Probably my favorite concept you've made.
  8. The FOX score bugs look great but I dont think you'd be able to make out the text on challenges and penalties. I feel like having the Lions blue turn to red or yellow on a challenge or penalty then have the text just say Challenge or Penalty so you could make it out better on a TV.
  9. Once again another home run by you, the only change I would make is add a yellow stroke around the numbers like they currently have but given that they're hand drawn it's not that big of a deal.
  10. It’s sad that “I could live with this” is something we have to say whie exploring possibilities for a new Nike-designed NFL uniform.
  11. Beautiful! Being able to have both options satisfies nearly everyone’s wishes with the Browns uniforms.
  12. The great thing about this Browns concept is that you could seamlessly add orange pants to the set and have 4 great, traditional, Browns options.
  13. I really hope no ones b-hole looks like that.
  14. Until you posted this I thought it was an left facing steer head as well.
  15. I hope we won’t have to add the Jets to this list in April.
  16. Saints are still receiving that completely deserved Bountygate Karma.
  17. I’ve always wondered what it would look like if the Cowboys used different stripe and logo decals on their helmets for their away and home jerseys. So if they were wearing their white homes they could use a royal blue decals and if they were wearing their away blues they could wear their normal helmet with navy decals. That way if you like both looks like I do then you don’t really have to sacrifice one or the other. Ik it’s not a great idea and people who love teams having consistent home and away jerseys aren’t going to like it but I do think it could be a bandaid to the problem.
  18. Great concept, I really like the consistent striping pattern on both jerseys. The only difference I would maybe make is to add tv numbers or put the D logo over the stripes on the shoulder caps. It’s not a problem but the top of the jersey just seems kinda bare.
  19. Using the logo for the sleeve cap is really smart and looks really sharp. The only cc I have is to maybe see what inverting the colors on the home numbers looks like? I think the gold number/purple outline/white shadow might look better since it’s how the logo is. Imo when a team uses a color scheme as nice as the Legends they should use as little white as possible.
  20. The Eagles have worn Black jerseys with white pants before, but they haven’t worn that since 2013 and since then they’ve worn the black jerseys exclusively with black pants. Since their color rush was just their all black alternate anyways, they just go ahead and pair the black jerseys with the black pants. The Seahawks have worn lime green jerseys with different colored pants, but that was back with Reebok and it was a different jersey then the color rush they have now. They have yet to wear their current color rush with different colored pants.
  21. I’m an Eagles fan but I figured 4 bucks at Goodwill for a Plaxico Burress jersey right after he shot himself in the leg was a worthwhile investment.
  22. We already know 49ers vs Packers is going to be the best game of the week! Worst will probably be Mono-navy Titans vs Black yoga pants Ravens or outdated Falcons vs modern abomination Bucs.
  23. All the teams you could do on 9/11 and of course it’s the Jets... ...that said great uniform, I enjoy what you did with the numbers.