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  1. I don't think there's really any question that the Twins are the worst 100-win team ever. I doubt anyone else had 19 games each against three such bad teams.
  2. I don't know about the under. Minnesota's offense has been clicking the last few weeks. I could see them scoring 48 by themselves. Rutgers is the worst team in the Big Ten (Power 5?). And it isn't particularly close.
  3. Maybe I have the unpopular opinion. I've hated everything about the Ravens look since day 1. Unpopular opinion: When named after an animal, a team doesn't have to use the colors of that animal.* The Detroit Tigers are fine with blue and orange. It would have been OK for the Ravens to come up with a color scheme that didn't try to emulate the colors of the Raven. It's thanks to this very board that I even knew ravens were tinted with purple. But they could have gone with Red and blue, green and yellow, black and red for all I care. Those all have better contrast than black and purple. The two stripes down the middle the helmet? Can't really see them. Unpopular opinion (?) black and purple is a bad combo. *I'd even call it a double-edged sword for the Bengals. They nailed it in 1982, but the current look with the white side panels is trying too hard to emulate tigers. The Ravens is a great name for a team from Baltimore. But visually, I've never been on board.
  4. "They should not have let the refs be in position to decide it" is OK in the "bad calls are part of the game" sense. But when "bad calls" drift into "one-sided officiating" it's a cop-out. What would be the reaction to this game had the Lions been on the good end of calls like this? We'll never know because this would never, ever happen that way.* "Bad calls" tend to go in the favor of the more "important" teams and the high-profile players. Particularly in the NFL and NBA. *Packer fan: "The Fail Mary!!!!" No. That wasn't one-sided. It was pure garbage both ways. And what "happened" to the Packers led to the end of the replacement refs.
  5. Oh...yeah...Actually I wish US thanksgiving was in October. Better spread from Christmas and for us the north, better weather.
  6. Most of what I read (on the deadspin comments; full disclosure) is that Mahomes threw the ball before the flag was thrown.
  7. I’m sure I am missing something obvious, but why are there NHL games going on right now on a Monday afternoon?
  8. I often see Yankee jerseys with NOB. I think fans just like NOBs and they're a better seller.
  9. Tony is one of my five favorite MLB players that never wore a Twins uniform. But he was WRONG on this. Wrong!
  10. This is exactly how I felt. I loved the Creamsicle Bucs from the first time I saw them. I remember being surprised they'd kept them so long. When I heard they were getting new uniforms I was not surprised but nevertheless disappointed. Then, when I saw them, I thought "wow; nailed it." Ultimately, the Creamsilces are still my favorite Bucs uniforms (and top-5 NFL). And if I were king, they'd go back to those colors, the template, the white helmets with the same trim and a toned-down, less detailed logo on the helmets. That said, I don't see that color scheme coming back full time. And the 1997 uniforms were really, really good and there's no reason they should have dumped them in favor of some silly clownsuit. Bring 'em back!
  11. I and most fans will agree that the game, in a vacuum, is not on Kershaw. A lot of people are putting it on Roberts. That said, it still becomes "on Kershaw" in a sense. Because that's the talk now...another bad postseason appearance. It's on him, in terms of the impact of his legacy. It's too bad. After the Twins lost, I'd have been perfectly happy seeing the Dodgers win it all with Kershaw winning World Series MVP. But I'm not convinced he has it in him. It's too bad.
  12. I went to Game 3 of Yet Another Series Loss to the Yankees and it was loud and exciting until we started to accept the result. I kinda feel for Braves fans getting there for the decisive Game 5, only to have it become a coronation for the visitors almost immediately.
  13. I went to the Coliseum in 2007 and it was a fun experience...brought my old ass back to the old days of concrete...my annual trip to County Stadium, etc. That said, I don't think I'd want it to be my home park. Never been to the Trop...maybe I should go. It's my only chance to rank an MLB park I've attended below the Metrodome.
  14. Never has a 100-win team been so far away from legitimate contention. Of course, if the schedule is balanced, they probably barely exceed .500.
  15. I kinda think the NFL and college should swap hashmarks. Not enough good kickers in college. Things should get more difficult, not easier, from college to pro.