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  1. Did we know this was coming? I was surprised by this today. Terrific, overall. I'm legitimately surprised (and happy) that they didn't go with one-color numbers (yellow's touching white! Oh, the humanity!). But since we "hate everything" I will say that prefer the 1980s set. I like the lack of white striping on the blues. I like the smaller yoke on the whites. And I don't care if it's overkill, I loved the primary as a shoulder patch. I also think that if they were not going to copy the 1980s 1-for-1, this was an opportunity to go either y/w/b/w/y or b/w/y/w/b on the sleeve and hem of the white...that mismatch has always been something I've tolerated on an otherwise great jersey. But all that is nitpicking a team that's just moved up my (non-existent) list and looks essentially how they ought to.
  2. To me Robo Pen is to Skating Pen as Helmet Dolphin is to Current Dolphin. Oddly most people here seem to prefer the sleeker, less soulful/cartoony Robo Pen to Skating Pen while they prefer the campy Helmet Dolphin to the "soulless" Current Dolphin. Cartoon logos are very popular here (Cartoon Oriole, for example). It surprises me that Robo Pen is so well-liked. I am the opposite. I hate Robo Pen but I love Current Dolphin. In fact, Skating Pen is really me breaking my own rule. I tend not to like campy, cartoony logos.
  3. You seem to have some similar color-scheme preferences to me: Flames sans black, Christmas Devils, pre-Gretzky Kings. I like a lot of what I see. The white, purple, and yellow Kings uniforms are the star of this show (not the black...). That and the Flyers (sans Gritty jersey) should be adopted right away. I also really like the Avs clash jersey. That's the best color-balance of your four. That color scheme is really nice with no black and minimal white. I like the way the Colorado Rapids use it.
  4. I don't really buy jerseys any more since there's no occasion to wear one (games for my teams, but I have that covered). I will buy a hat or a t-shirt on a trip. I like buying college t-shirts when I go on campus. I have New Mexico, Utah, and College of Charleston right now. I tend to wear them as workout shirts until they disintegrate. For the pros I sometimes will buy one if I like it. I bought brown Padres hat with an orange SD in San Diego once simply because I love that look. For some reason wearing hats of "other" teams seems more "OK" to me than wearing a jersey. But even so, most of my "other" hats are MLB hats purchased in the 1990s.
  5. I am OK with the striped numbers...a bit collegiate, but the Bengals are the original risk-takers with that helmet. I think the stripes on the numbers are a bit thick and maybe an ending to a couple is needed (like in the pants stripes). My gut reaction was that it was just alternating equal width straight stripes. I am not quite sure what you're going for with the jagged sleeve pattern. Of course, I'd take this in a heartbeat in the hopes that the throwback becomes so well-liked that it (and a white version thereof) takes over one day.
  6. I'm not going to lose any sleep over this since it's a minor league team I seldom notice but I think it's a solid name and teams just changing names* is odd to me. I'd rather they have a presence that lasts. Hopefully the Mud Hens don't move into a new stadium soon. *Barring a Washington-NFL type reason
  7. I know there's a few that don't like Lukas (And that the original question was spelled "Lucas" led me to think of former NBA coach John Lucas...) either because he's overtly political, too traditional, or anti-purple. I guess I don't feel like I've seen his name lead to any big bruhahas...but thanks for clarifying... And I do follow him. He's like any of the rest of us but with more inside info.
  8. What's the Lucas Rule?
  9. I actually don't know that you can / should pre-plan this well. My guess is that you'll find yourself either becoming a die-hard Kraken fan or maybe just enjoying them as as team you cheer for when they're not playing your favorite team(s). In other words, it'll just happen to you more than it'll be a conscious decision. My experience was when the Timberwolves started. I was in 9th grade and had mainly been a Celtics (good team; nice uniforms) fan. Granted, I was never a hard-core Celtics fan; they were my NBA team but their championships meant way, way less to me than any North Stars, Vikings, or Twins titles would have. But once the T-Wolves came, my interest in other teams waned. I still had others I liked in all sports because I was a kid...but ultimately, having a home team led me to root only for that team. But you might be different based on how hard-core you are in the others teams, and maybe even the degree to which your friends and family embrace the new team. Either way, you'll get to go to games...so it's a win.
  10. Four Marlins test positive. That was quick.
  11. For some reason I get a vibe that this one embiggens the smallest man...
  12. I hope a sub-.500 team wins the a World Series. This is a weird year and I could live with that. Plus, it might scare them off from making the 16-team playoff permanent.
  13. The complaining about the negativity is far, far worse than the actual negativity.
  14. The Seattle Wild of the Pacific Northwest! This is the second worst name, to "Wild" in the league. But, like with the Wild, I really dig the logo, colors, and jersey. The Wild went "busy" on their logo and the Kraken are going simple. But I really like that jersey and color scheme.
  15. Every college basketball uniform of the 1990s.