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  1. I like all of them except for purple and red. When someone says "brown and red," that sounds bad, but that actually looks really good. I think the first and third are my favorites because of the VA Tech and Cavs feels of the other two nice ones.
  2. I am saying this only a few posts from where I state that I prefer only one vivid color...but my gosh do the flames look good as is. I was heartbroken when they added black and I'd put them in a small mix for best looking team in the league. That said, I think maroon might work out alright. Not sure whether you mean using maroon as an additional color or in place of red, but I've seen concepts with maroon in addition to red that have looked pretty good. Iowa State has a bit of this going on with their darker trim and it looks decent.
  3. That’s what they said on the telecast
  4. To me, the Cubs uniform is the most aesthetically pleasing of this series so far. That said, it's still so pointless.* It's not what the team is supposed to look like. A dark blue t-shirt with white over light blue "Wrigleyville" would probably sell really well and be an OK fan product. It's stupid on the field, particularly Wrigley Field, where only the pinstripes should be worn. *aside from selling merchandise of course
  5. Yesterday the Twins turned MLB's firs 3-6-4 triple play since 1980.
  6. (Tried to edit my post; quoted myself...)
  7. Not really a "logo" but the most famous design example I can think of is that a lot of people think the Monopoly Man has a monocle when he in-fact never has. I agree with whoever said that the Fruit of the Loom is the best example thus far. I'm having trouble coming up with a sports example. I think the Blasty example belongs more in the the "Misperceptions of Logos" thread, where someone might say that they thought the Blues' logo was a bird's wing rather than a music note or that they saw the Nordiques logo as an Elephant. It's difficult to come up with a good sports example because we'll all be looking at intricacies that the general public doesn't notice, like "I was thinking the the 1980s Royals powder blue wordmark was outlined in royal blue but it turns out it wasn't." That's just off of most peoples' radar to the point that it could not really apply. I would bet a lot of "regular" fans don't realize that the Yankees don't wear names on the back of the uniforms, but I don't quite think that's an example of the Mandela effect. I am sure a lot of people think the "Sabres" are the "Sabers" but again, that's not a great example. A good example would be more like if we all started talking about the Buffaslug and for some reason a bunch of us thought that there was a sword "underlining" it.
  8. T-Wolves would be gone forever (or until another team gets there, which would be unlikely). This is how it's done now.
  9. Not good. They play some high school games there and the Lynx played there fo a season during Target Center renovation but I don’t think it is the key to keeping an NBA team.
  10. I recently read that it was to put the road team in a darker uniform in the Texas heat. Though I don’t recall the source.
  11. It’s long past time for the Timberwolves to move. That said, I don’t understand an 80-year-old billionaire maximizing a ten-figure sale at the expense of his home state. It’s almost as pathetic as when octogenarian Carl Pohlad offered his original AL franchise to be eliminated in exchange for a pile of cash.
  12. I agree. While I tend to agree with most people that the darkening of uniforms in recent decades has been a negative overall (as evidenced by soulless teams like the Mavericks and the previous Brewers look), I tend to prefer one vivid color instead of two. For example, I am not a fan of the kelly green A's jersey. I think the forest green looks a lot better alongside the yellow. Similarly, alongside orange, I tend to prefer a darker blue. Maybe the darker trend pulled me in a bit, but I find multiple vivid colors to be a bit too loud for my taste.
  13. Every time someone makes a concept that matches the colors for the Cowboys, it's better in theory. But I've resigned myself to the fact that I like their mismatched colors. The concepts are always kind of boring. I'm not quite sure how or when it happened but I don't think there was ever a conscious decision to be unmatched. It just sort of happened, and I like it. It's similar to when the Tigers made all their D's match; a smart idea in theory but I think both their hat and (especially) jersey were downgraded.
  14. Some entertaining play-in games. But they ultimately took Steph out of the playoffs.
  15. The play-in nonsense peaked early. Most years, you're not getting LeBron/Steph. You're getting mediocrity/mediocrity. The idea that the 10th seed can get in while the 7 seed doesn't is asinine.
  16. Agreed. I'm not a "Vegas guy." Been there once (for Wisconsin at UNLV) and it wasn't my kind of travel spot. That said, if I was, going for a Vikings game or making a long weekend for a Thursday Wild game in February? Sure. Hitting Vegas to see the Twins in July? No.
  17. In a vacuum, the colors are nice. But not a great move for that franchise. The uniform was not executed very well iwth the lack of stripes. (Needs stripes).
  18. Side note: tonight was the return of doin’ stuff for me and I was able to sit right behind the dugout and watch LaRussa complain as Sano hit three HR and the Twins win on a walkoff. It was nice to be back. Edit: having not watched the game the night before I didn’t realize what had happened. So that’s why the Twins threw at him and the pitcher was tossed. So my team was also guilty of protecting the unwritten rules.
  19. With the Twins putting up historically bad numbers, I was a bit checked out. Today I saw that Otani has 13 home runs and a 2.10 ERA. This is the kind of thing I always thought would happen when I was a kid because I didn't "get it." If this was 30 years ago, it might even take sports-news priority over the daily repetitive coverage of an unhappy QB in May.
  20. I'm not convinced Gates is a great example of why this is problematic, given that he was a pretty successful player. I'm as much of a Tebow detractor as most people (though clearly not as much as some on this thread) but I don't have a big problem with this (in a vacuum, anyway*). I'm assuming there's no or very little guaranteed money. And while he's almost a cult leader, I really don't see him making the team if his abilities/performance don't warrant it. Will he? I have my doubts but let's not pretend he's not a great athlete with great football knowledge. *Of course, it is counter to the NFL's "distraction" aversion.
  21. I agree with the post about Washington being better off without yellow pants and not because some other teams wear them. A few years ago, when I heard they were going with yellow pants, I thought it sounded great. But those pants never looked right to me. Assuming they keep their general look and color scheme, I hope they keep with only white or burgundy pants.
  22. The following offenses can result in suspension: 1. Murder 1
  23. They tweeted that after he pushed that guy’s head into the ice? Classy. What’s even meant by “rent free” in this context? People defending dirty goons is not my favorite thing about hockey.
  24. My gut reaction was that Minnesota needs hockey, too. But neither the North Stars nor Wild have ever had a superstar. Herb Brooks is probably the best option. Maybe Neal Broten, who played with the North Stars for most of his career, won the first ever Hobey Baker award at Minnesota, and was of course on the 1980 Olympic team. But honestly it feels like Puckett, Killebrew, Grant, and either KG or Miken.
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