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  1. Nice.  Since you are clearly making an effort not to have yellow and white touch (a rule I don't agree with), I really, really like the double-outlined numbers on the white jersey.  Way better choice than either plan red or using black outline.


    The only thing I'm not a fan of is the white shorts on the road.  Too much of a "storm trooper" look.  Red shorts would break that up nicely.

  2. LeBron's done a lot of good things (and said a lot things about important things) and the problem with that is that the shut up and dribble crowd is going to hit him with purity tests...particularly since he's never been particularly well liked.  I wasn't fond of the China comments even if, to be frank, I wasn't really cognizant of the context (and I'm only now reading about the antisemitic lyrics). But I appreciate him using his clout to talk about the difficulties for blacks in America, knowing full well that a lot of people think having money disqualifies him from feeling that way.  It's a strange balance between avoiding hero-worship and appreciating someone using their stage.


    As an aside, I hate that I'm supposed to hate LeBron and love people that remain neutral.  Sometimes there's no neutral; neutrality is by default the side of the oppressor. 

  3. I like the nod to the mid-1990s look, which is my favorite look in the team's history (starting with the removal of the Motre Bame from the hat).  Unfortunately, there's not much to remember on the field from that era.


    I dislike Beer Barrel Man. Otherwise, I only have minor complaint and, like with BBM, it's an unpopular opinion.  I like the current two-seem ball. Give me your glove with that ball, and it's perfect (relative to the BiG, that is).  But overall , this is pretty sharp.

  4. On 8/24/2020 at 10:36 AM, coco1997 said:

    D-Backs: I like the red & purple color combo. Not a fan of the gold road uni. I think a traditional gray set would work fine in this case. Maybe flip the colors of the “A” for the red cap and jersey. 


    Spiders: Solid set. Great logo.


    Royals: I like the use of athletic gold over metallic. Not sold on the gold script with white trim on the powder blues.


    White Sox: I’d work on making the blue more of a sky blue like on the Chicago flag. 

    Rays: I really like the choice of colors and the color balance. 

    I had the exact opposite reaction.  I think the purple helmet really clashes with the red sleeves on the primaries. 


    I think the Rays, Reds, and Spiders look fantastic. Pirates, too.  There's nothing wrong with the Royals (in fact it makes sense given their name and the lack of that scheme in MLB) but I guess I just like their "boring" look.


    While I think the stars on the Astros primaries need blue rather than two bright colors, the only one I'm not fond of is the D-backs. Too many colors with too much clashing.


    It's funny. I find OSV to be a traditionalist in football but a fan of pushing the envelope in baseball.

  5. 10 minutes ago, Lights Out said:

    Not continuing the pinstripes onto the shorts has always looked dumb and will always look dumb no matter how many times the Hornets try to make it work.


    It's also annoying that they have the city name on the home jersey and the team name on the road jersey instead of the other way around.

    Are there even home and road uniforms, anymore?  Do teams tend to wear white at home more frequently?


    I think these are an upgrade but the NBA is part college hoops (constantly changing) and part college football (too many uniforms).

  6. As a Twins fan who is on this board, I should know better, but I think the gold-trimmed cap is an "alternate" and their "primary" is the cap sans gold. Yeah, that means that at home they wear the primary jersey with the alt cap and vice versa. The Twins are trying too hard...


    Other random comments:

    • Funny; my take on the Orioles logo is the opposite of yours.  I hate Happy Bird but I actually like the "O's" logo on his hat. Older versions include a small orange blob.  They needed to ditch that either with what they chose, a B, or blank.  But I'd rank it where you did...maybe a bit lower.
    • I'm with you ranking the Rockies extremely low.
    • You underrated Toronto (no question top-10 for me), Pittsburgh, and Houston. The cheating doesn't impact me.  I think it's fantastic and I hope they don't decide they have to totally re-do themselves because of that.
    • You overrated: Padres (I hate to say that but the broken "D" bugs me and I thin the logo's a bit too "fat."), Nats, and White Sox (I just don't like "Sox" as a hat emblem).  Also the Twins.  The gold doesn't work.  And when it's not there?  The "C" is tough to see on the blue background.  I'd put it in the top 10 if both the T and C were red with white outline.
  7. The link to the Q and A was great.  I wish every team would (from every sport) have a uniform Q/A like this.  I was disappointed that there wasn't a more well-known story about why the logo changed its shape.  But I like that they dispelled the rumor about "Greatness" (and I had no idea that Tiki Barber, for some reason, started it) as well as the discussion about Georgia.

  8. 15 minutes ago, McCall said:

    As baseball traditionalist as I am, i'll never be on board with this unwritten rule. I'll never fault a team for scoring as many runs as they can or for a batter bunting to break up a no-hitter, no matter the score. You're trying to beat them, and they're trying to not let you beat them. Anything can happen at any time.


    The worst situation was a couple years ago when the Twins were up 7-0 on the Orioles in the 9th inning, and they, the Twins, shifted on a Chase Sisco, who then bunted for a hit. Dozier and other Twins players criticized him for doing so, saying he violated an unwritten rule. 🤨 THEY shifted, up 7-0, and HE broke the unwritten rule for not hitting it where they were positioned? They were basically saying, "you have to lay down and accept defeat or you're the bad guy".

    I recall that because, as a Twins fan, I found it embarrassing.

  9. "The beauty of baseball is that there is no clock; it's never over until it's over."


    Nobody's going to harass the Rangers for trying to score in that situation.  Imagine if they come back and win 11-10 and Tatis and his manager know they essentially packed in in the 8th.  There's no point in the game at which one team gets to try and the other does not, since one out of every (whatever...100?) times, that would result in the wrong team winning. It's not the same as skipping the victory formation up three touchdowns with 00:01 on the clock and throwing a bomb.


    I wish the Rangers would have scored eight or so runs in those last two innings...

  10. Geez.

    I don't think anyone thinks that this school's "Clan" name is supposed to be the same as "(Ku Klux) Klan."  It's not that it's confusing; it's that in the United States (EDIT; just realized this is in Canada...), the word "Clan" (or Klan) on its own conjures certain images. I know when I hear "Clan" I think "Klan" at first.  If someone refers to their family as "the Smith clan" I don't.  Why? Because a lot of people call the KKK the Klan for short. If that wasn't a thing...if it was always either "Ku Klux Klan" or "KKK" then the word "Clan" would not have the connotation that it does (or can).  And this would be less likely to be an issue.


    So just because it's not racist and in no way connected to the KKKlan doesn't mean it's not the right* thing to do. And you what? If they'd decided to leave it, I'd have had no problem with that, either.  But the institution had to decide what was right for itself and it chose not to connect itself to a word that, through no fault of theirs, causes a visceral reaction. Not everything's a PC conspiracy to win some culture war.


    *Actually, to me it wasn't "THE right thing" to do. But it was a perfectly viable thing to do.  Some things exist outside of two absolutes.  There's nuance to things like this.

  11. Yellow CAN touch white.  And it would make the numbers on uniforms like the Vikings, Packers, and Steelers better (Particularly the vikings, since they have more recent history of that than the others). The "rule" that yellow cannot touch white has contributed to the one-layer number fad and the addition of black where it's not needed.


    (Yellow cannot touch white on both sides, though, Vikings.)

  12. Did we know this was coming? I was surprised by this today.


    Terrific, overall. I'm legitimately surprised (and happy) that they didn't go with one-color numbers (yellow's touching white!  Oh, the humanity!).


    But since we "hate everything" I will say that prefer the 1980s set. I like the lack of white striping on the blues. I like the smaller yoke on the whites. And I don't care if it's overkill, I loved the primary as a shoulder patch.


    I also think that if they were not going to copy the 1980s 1-for-1, this was an opportunity to go either y/w/b/w/y or b/w/y/w/b on the sleeve and hem of the white...that mismatch has always been something I've tolerated on an otherwise great jersey.


    But all that is nitpicking a team that's just moved up my (non-existent) list and looks essentially how they ought to.

  13. To me Robo Pen is to Skating Pen as Helmet Dolphin is to Current Dolphin.


    Oddly most people here seem to prefer the sleeker, less soulful/cartoony Robo Pen to Skating Pen while they prefer the campy Helmet Dolphin to the "soulless" Current Dolphin. Cartoon logos are very popular here (Cartoon Oriole, for example).  It surprises me that Robo Pen is so well-liked.


    I am the opposite.  I hate Robo Pen but I love Current Dolphin.  In fact, Skating Pen is really me breaking my own rule. I tend not to like campy, cartoony logos.

  14. You seem to have some similar color-scheme preferences to me: Flames sans black, Christmas Devils, pre-Gretzky Kings.


    I like a lot of what I see.  The white, purple, and yellow Kings uniforms are the star of this show (not the black...).  That and the Flyers (sans Gritty jersey) should be adopted right away.  I also really like the Avs clash jersey.  That's the best color-balance of your four. That color scheme is really nice with no black and minimal white.  I like the way the Colorado Rapids use it.

  15. I don't really buy jerseys any more since there's no occasion to wear one (games for my teams, but I have that covered).


    I will buy a hat or a t-shirt on a trip.  I like buying college t-shirts when I go on campus.  I have New Mexico, Utah, and College of Charleston right now.  I tend to wear them as workout shirts until they disintegrate.


    For the pros I sometimes will buy one if I like it.  I bought brown Padres hat with an orange SD in San Diego once simply because I love that look.


    For some reason wearing hats of "other" teams seems more "OK" to me than wearing a jersey.  But even so, most of my "other" hats are MLB hats purchased in the 1990s.

  16. I am OK with the striped numbers...a bit collegiate, but the Bengals are the original risk-takers with that helmet. I think the stripes on the numbers are a bit thick and maybe an ending to a couple is needed (like in the pants stripes).  My gut reaction was that it was just alternating equal width straight stripes. I am not quite sure what you're going for with the jagged sleeve pattern.

    Of course, I'd take this in a heartbeat in the hopes that the throwback becomes so well-liked that it (and a white version thereof) takes over one day.

  17. I know there's a few that don't like Lukas (And that the original question was spelled "Lucas" led me to think of former NBA coach John Lucas...) either because he's overtly political, too traditional, or anti-purple.  I guess I don't feel like I've seen his name lead to any big bruhahas...but thanks for clarifying...


    And I do follow him. He's like any of the rest of us but with more inside info.

  18. 1 hour ago, BringBackTheVet said:

    Just curious - was this due to the 'Lucas Rule' or was there more?  I just noticed that the Lucas Rule isn't actually in writing, but since it's almost always a derailer, it probably should be.

    What's the Lucas Rule?

  19. I actually don't know that you can / should pre-plan this well.  My guess is that you'll find yourself either becoming a die-hard Kraken fan or maybe just enjoying them as as team you cheer for when they're not playing your favorite team(s).  In other words, it'll just happen to you more than it'll be a conscious decision.


    My experience was when the Timberwolves started. I was in 9th grade and had mainly been a Celtics (good team; nice uniforms) fan.  Granted, I was never a hard-core Celtics fan; they were my NBA team but their championships meant way, way less to me than any North Stars, Vikings, or Twins titles would have.  But once the T-Wolves came, my interest in other teams waned.  I still had others I liked in all sports because I was a kid...but ultimately, having a home team led me to root only for that team.  But you might be different based on how hard-core you are in the others teams, and maybe even the degree to which your friends and family embrace the new team.  Either way, you'll get to go to games...so it's a win.

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