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  1. That idea was also used for a proposed complex with White Sox and Bears stadiums from the '80s. Also, Kansas City had that idea when it was planning renovations for Arrowhead and Kauffman a few years back (in order to bring a Super Bowl to KC), but the sliding roof was scrapped before they started. As "OnWis97" stated, that concept pictured is NOT for Pontiac, MI. Rather it is the original concept for the Truman Sports Complex in Kansas City. Kansas City has twice floated the idea of a movable roof for those facilities. In the 1970's the voters approved it, but it came in $1.5M over estimates. Ron Labinski, the architect who worked on the original facilities and later formed Populous, commented on the issues with the original roof plan before the referendum in 2006. Actually I did not realize that. I just thought the "Tigers" ballpark looked a lot like Royals Stadium. The second picture from that site even moreso.
  2. I am sure that would have been expensive to move Royals Stadium to Michigan.
  3. Well, that's it. Time to load up the moving trucks... It's all but a done deal. These legislators carried out the will of the people. Good for them. This should be the last season of Vikings football in Minnesota. I'll be weird, but so be it. Almost a billion dollars for ten games a year? Not worth it.
  4. I totally agree. Actually, what I don't agree with is what you are almost implying: that it would make sense if he was the "undisputed" best ever. Even if he is, so what. That's no reason for a league-wide retirement. To me, Gretzky is the greatest. But Robinson's league-wide honor is about his cultural significance. Just retiring a number leaguewide for "the best player" is silly.
  5. Yeah not bad. I like the "color to diamond" ratio better in the 1980s and 1990s, but today, all you can ask for is this much color and not all diamonds. The blue around the logo at least gives it some "pop"
  6. Oh man, those stupid circa 2006-2007 gradient undershirts. Those were awful. Yup. They were so bad that the MLB passed a law that said that undershirts had to be all-one-color on the parts exposed or something. For awhile, I actually liked them, mostly because I was twelve when they first debuted. I think that pattern was the manufacturer's (Nike?) way of getting around the rule that their logo could not be shown. I suppose this was MLB's way of making sure manufacturers did not start making these designs, rendering the undershirts un-"uniform" as a Nike-sponsored teammate's pattern would greatly differ from reebok-sponsored teammate's pattern. Good idea, MLB.
  7. Vikes are pretty close now: http://www.startribune.com/politics/blogs/141027143.html
  8. I absolutely agree. This was a great update. I wish they'd kept this through to today. But of course they decided to come out with practice jerseys for edge update, which probably hastened the desire to go back to the old. This is one of my top 10 all time NHL jerseys; maybe even top 5.
  9. Well if it was put to a vote, it would lose huge. But I guess I am losing any surprise (except how the SF Giants ballpark was done)...extortion works.
  10. The merry-go-round continues. I am not seeing the momentum. You have a populace that does not want to pay tax dollars for it and a team/league that wants more, more, more. It's time to let the Vikings go. Edit: I don't follow that closely (wake me up when it's decided), so I may have been a few days behind: http://minnesota.publicradio.org/display/web/2012/02/17/vikings-stadium/ I still say it's time to let 'em go.
  11. Not if you've seen how horrendous NHL fashion sweaters can get. I've seen plenty of examples, thanks. Neither of the two Oilers knockoffs posted here come close to being "on par" with any NHL fashion sweater I've ever seen. yeah, you're talking about two different things. Yes, NHL has some ugly fashion jerseys (see the two above jerseys), but from a quality perspective, the Oiler knockoffs are comically bad, unlike the official jerseys. Those official fashion jerseys suck, in my opinion, but they don't display the poor quality of the Oiler ones.
  12. Some of your quality points are taken...but like with other poor-quality products, hopefully people send them the message by not buying them.
  13. My first thought was that the Kemp jersey looks OK, but look at the transition from the orange-ish color to yellow on the circle and compare to the real thing. Also note the outlines...looks like the real one has a way thicker yellow and thin red on the "40", whereas the ebay ones are the same width. The color of the ball looks gray on the ebay one and pretty much the dull orange of the real ball on the Kemp photo. There are a few other small things too.
  14. Not only do they know they are buying a fake, they brag and flaunt it. I have to disagree with you about this. The people on this site? Yes, they would know whether or not they're buying a fake. But almost any other sports fan would be clueless. People really underestimate how much the average fan knows about uniforms. Truthfully, they don't know anything about logos and uniforms. Most of the sales of counterfeit uniforms are fans that don't realize what they're buying is fake. People that know they're getting a fake but go ahead with it anyway, sure these people definitely exist, but they don't make up nearly the amount of people that buy counterfeits unknowingly. A large portion of my fans are Detroit sports fans and could careless about logos and jerseys. They all have fakes (Lions and Wings) They know they have fakes and are ok with it because they saved a few bucks. I suppose we all have anecdotal stories on this, but while I agree with -Dan on the issue in general, I tend to think that most people don't recognize that they are getting fake jerseys. Of course us "nerds" get it and most of us can pick 'em out. But it seems to me that most people don't notice some of the things we do. They don't notice "bubbly numbers" or even incorrect details. They don't remember that Player X was gone before that jersey even existed or that that old Twins wordmark should not match that current twins sleeve patch. I can only speculate the degree to which they would care if they did know...(Probably not alot) I'd say most fake jersey owners just think they found a good deal and that most that get their product with the big wordmark (MLB), wrong number font, slightly wrong color, etc. don't really notice it.
  15. I can... Wisconsin State Senator George Petak. He cast the deciding vote for Miller Park's public financing, and was recalled by his district over it. But your point is well taken, it's very rare. And I think you're right - the Vikings are in the end going to have to settle for a couple years of playing at the University of Minnesota and then take the downtown site. Parking be damned. Actually, I meant losing a seat in Minnesota (over the Dome, Target Field, etc...). People talk tough about it then forget it.
  16. The overall tone of this thread is that the Vikings are very close to a deal. That's just not true. You are correct about the church's site. That's dead. The Vikings want Arden Hills for the "Gameday Experience" (translation: parking revenue), but that requires a bunch of very costly highway improvements. I think most of the political powers prefer the Metrodome site. However, that would mean 3 years of playing at the U of M stadium, which apparently is not possible without putting a bunch of money into un-needed campus parking just to satisfy the NFL's criteria for 24 games. Add to it that the cost is WAY more than the Twins ballpark and the financial times are WAY worse than they were when the Twins deal was done...this area is generally weary of public financing (Of course stadiums get built and nobody has a recollection of anyone losing an elected seat over it). There are all sorts of undecided things right now involving funding (which would come through some gambling, which is drawing ire from the tribes). I am not saying it's not going to get done, but it's got a ways to go. I am a Vikings fan, but I think the best thing is probably to say to the team and league: "You can have the Metrodome. You can play there or you can tear it down and build something else. They can play at TCF Bank Stadium while building, but we will not ruin our campus with additional parking spaces; be less rigid on this requirement since it's a temporary situation. We will not pour 9 figures into highway improvements for the Arden Hills site. If you don't think this is adequate then move." I don't want the Vikings to leave, but I am sick of their greed and their feelings of entitlement. I know this is how it works nowadays, and I accept it. If we let 'em go, I'll be strangely proud of that, though it will be a sad day as well. They are not playing the "we'll move" card too hard now, but they obviously will. We'll survive without the NFL...without these 8 games per year. This is Minnesota, most of us will just forgive and become Packer fans (hell 20% of us are).
  17. I was kind of dragged kicking and screaming, but I agree. Pat had far too much detail. I don't love the flying Elvis logo, but it's decent. However, my unpopular opinion is that the red 1980's Pats jersey (the one with the shoulder stripes) is a top-5 jersey in NFL history.
  18. I have seen quite a few of these on eBay recently, but none under $40. One right now going for $50. What size are you looking for? Man I love that jersey. It's what I still wear to games. I got it probably less than a week after it was made available (the white had been on the market for some time, but I was holding out)...and this was at a time when replicas were of pretty good quality at a somewhat decent price. Since that's not the case anymore, this is the only Wild jersey I'll ever own; and that's fine...it's the best one anyway. I hope they'll one day have a primary that is similar to this: green with the logo not marginalized in a circle.
  19. That picture looks legit, but just look at how they spell Minnesota in the listing. I'd be surprised if you got the jersey in that picture. yea, but the thing I dont get is that this seller is a top rated seller and all of his comments from the buyers are positive see, it's not hard to get. you can see why that would be in this thread. there are different types of people who buy knock offs. in one group, there are the people that don't know the difference. these are the guys who can see wearing one and bragging to their buddies, "yeah, authentic and only $40 on ebay!" then there are people who brazenly say, "i know it's a knock off, but [insert litany of justifications], so i just don't care." that makes for a lot of satisfied customers, so it would make sense that a knock off seller would have good feedback. (removed stuff I agree with, but we've been over) Yeah, I think the majority of buyers are happy for those reasons. Remember, we are NERDS. We recognize this stuff more than most. And most of the rest "get it" and "don't care". Though if he is doing a bait and switch with the photos, I'd expect a couple people would provide negative feedback. My guess, though...fake...cuz if it seems to good to be true, it usually is.
  20. Who knows. They may use a legit photo and still send a fake.
  21. The problem is one can make an economic argument to justify any illegal activity. I could name a hundred things I feel are overpriced...including cars.
  22. That's a very popular opinion...I think I have the unpopular one. I hated Cy on the helmet and think the I State logo is better. I also love the current uniform and think they are a colored facemask away from perfection. I am aware of the USC issue, but I think it looks so good, that I can live with it...particularly the lack of white on the homes.
  23. I prefer UCLA's block numbers to the stylized ones they used to wear.
  24. That'll teach him to speak out...all other victims take notice, keep it to yourself! (note the sarcasm) My reaction was the basic "stay classy PSU fans", but it's really more a sad commentary on everyone...I don't think this same story with this beloved of a coach would be any different anywhere else...
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