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  1. I guess I am pretty old and curmudgeonly. I pretty much hold onto most rules. The closest I can come is not being as interested in MLB going with no-NOB at home and using an NOB on the road. It was never a rule but I liked it. That was a nice little tradition that I still recall being done by some teams. But that's pretty much gone now and I don't really lament that reality.
  2. That's another reason to switch to a C. I think the stripes simply look better on a B than a C. But I totally agree with the concept that the city initial would be better, all else equal.
  3. I like Navy in general, though it might be overused. Not sure how unpopular this is but I think the Bears are by far the "drabbest" team in the NFL. I admit that I don't know much about pantones, etc. but if you look at the Islanders photo above, I think it's a decent look. I believe (someone correct me if I am wrong) that the Bears blue is darker. I think if their blue looked like the Islanders (i.e., a bit lighter) or if it was just black instead of blue (i.e., like the Bengals), I'd like their look a lot better. But their shade is kind of in this weird in-between spot that just doesn't appeal to me. If I am wrong about the darkness of the Bears's color, then it must be something about the way they balance their colors.
  4. The XX IIII is brutal. New uniforms? How are they going even do that given the amount of real estate devoted to ads?
  5. It looks like they might just minimize the use of the name, but preferred the option of keeping it for a year rather than going the Washington route. I am actually OK with this even though it’s counterintuitive to suggest the name must go...next year. I suppose this is a showing that it is not as egregious as the Washington name was. But I just can’t bring myself to be upset over the way the team is handling it. It kind of feels like the second to last step in the phase out, with the final step being a new name next year. Wahoo is gone and the name is just sort of keeping the seat warm for a new name.
  6. That's still my favorite Seahawks jersey. And helmet. It's my favorite uniform, even though they always struggled with the pants (whehter going mono or not). I thought that color was terrific.
  7. I would not be surprised if there’s no orange on it at all.
  8. I’ll believe they are going to have two-color numbers when I see it. That said, I will take it if offered. It’s sort of a clean-up of the current uniform, with several bad things going away. The orange stripes on the black jersey are a bit odd; it’s why I prefer the original orange “band” with black tiger stripes.
  9. Yeah. I suppose the A's and Angels in green vs. red is even more distinguishable than white vs. gray. I'd still argue that the place to draw the line is white or gray should be included in each game because 1) then we don't have to draw a line and watch navy vs. black, navy vs. royal, or teal Mariners vs. kelly A's and 2) even the obvious contrasts bug me and I'd rather primaries play a bigger role. I don't think wearing whatever jersey the starting pitcher wants makes it worth saying "the Cubs and Brewers don't wear the same blue, so it's cool.
  10. That royal blue helmet looks really nice on its own, though not with the color as head to toe. I'd rather they dump the navy set, and then swap the two helmets and pants.
  11. So many MLB examples. I first encountered this at Padres/Brewers in County Stadium in the late 1990s. From the upper deck, there wasn't a lot to distinguish. At the very least, there needs to be a rule against two teams wearing the same color (though I'd be all for only one team being allowed to wear an alt).
  12. If the Ravens absolutely have to go with two non-contrasting colors so they can look like Ravens, then I guess the Bengals need to focus on orange with some gradient to white on the bellies. (I'm against both ideas)
  13. I think all four teams have a shot to be good. Might be the best division in the NFL. The Cardinals is an odd choice for Watt and while some of the reactions are a bit over the top, I think it is an indication that he's not what he used to be and there wasn't that much demand. (Maybe even that people were too hard on the Texans for letting him go).
  14. I've enjoyed the episodes so far, particularly how Chris and Paul sort of evolved into making uniforms and logos more than just an odd interest (like it always was for me).
  15. The whole NBA program of short-lived jerseys that don't match team colors bugs me. That said it's giving you the opportunity to be creating. The Bulls theater jersey, for example. I only noticed the second time through that the side panels are curtains. Very clever, though the marquis might be a bit clunky for the front. In the same vein, while I don't think community uniforms should exist, the T-Wolves should absolutely do something like you've done with the Minneapolis / St. Paul (since these kind of uniforms do exist). For some reason, I think the suburbanites would be OK with the Minneapolis and St. Paul sides, but I think they'd balk at the area codes "612 to 651? 763 for life!" Also, I like the LA map side panels.
  16. It's amazing how this is the only suburban team (well, teams, since there are two of them) that draw these comments. The Football Team plays in Maryland and nobody says anything about that. I honestly believe if New York State and New York City didn't have the same name, nobody would squawk. If the city was called Gotham, New York and the Gotham Jets and Gotham Giants played in the New Jersey suburbs of Gotham, nobody would care. Otherwise, where's the "Maryland Football Team" bandwagon?
  17. Unpopular opinion, I am sure, but the full-body jag would look great on a helmet.
  18. As a Wisconsin graduate, I always loved the career of Jim Sorgi. One-year starter at Wisconsin. Backed up Peyton Manning when he was an iron man. I think he was in the league for eight or nine years and barely got on the field. Probably made some good money (though he didn't have that Flynn moment to get him the fat free agent contract), owns a Super Bowl Ring, and probably has his health intact. EDIT: https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/new-york-giants/jim-sorgi-5046/cash-earnings/ Looks like he earned about $5 million in only seven seasons. Only appeared in 16 games. High six figures on average for seven years. It's nice work if you can get it.
  19. I think the only way to make a tiger-striped "C" look good would be to go back to the 1980s and use more/thinner stripes. But that would be difficult to translate under the collar, on a polo, etc. So ditch the letter and go with the leaping tiger. I have a personal bias towards full-body logos (Lions, the short-lived Coyotes alt, the original Jags sleeve logo, the crawling Cub sleeve patch) and against head logos, anyway. But with the Jags and Panthers, we are pretty well set in the cat head logo. Leaping tiger was fantastic and would be unique in the league, since it's animated while Detroit uses a silhouette.
  20. I'd say either incorporate gold or remove the stripes. The current striping is the worst example of the poor contrast between black and purple. The stripes are barely visible.
  21. I certainly think a C would be better because it is redundant to use a letter representing the name and then other imagery the name the same time. For the same reason I don’t like the Falcons and Eagle logos that respectively highlight an F and an E. That said, I don’t think the stripes would work very well in a C. Therefore, the B is probably better by default. But then again, they don’t need to use either.
  22. I can buy the B as better than yet another cat head. But the leaping tiger was tremendous and should come back.
  23. As discussed in some thread (maybe this one?) a while back, I am not going to give a second thought to "classic is good." That means almost nothing coming from someone who isn't obsessed like we are. All it really means is that they'll be using black and orange. I am sure most non-obsessed observers would have said that upon seeing the current Vikings uniforms, which would get us thinking about Fran Tarkenton or perhaps Cris Carter.
  24. I just learned about this so maybe it's already been mentioned... Goalie Mike Murphy appeared in two NHL games. He gave up no goals. Career record: 0-1. https://www.hockeydb.com/ihdb/stats/pdisplay.php?pid=90954
  25. The Twins/Wild mashup is pretty sharp. Their current (stupid) use of gold just slides right in there. However, I bet it would look even better without gold. After 60 years, I would not want to see the Twins change this much, but this would work really well if they were coming in today as an expansion team.
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