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  1. Wouldn’t want to see these disappear after a season, but I think the Knights do need a gold jersey in their arsenal (even if it’s a little flawed). Hopefully some of these Reverse Retros will stick around in a fourth jersey slot.
  2. These look so much better than I thought they would.
  3. I agree, while I hadn't really thought of purple as Coyotes colour before the RR release, I really think it's something they can take ownership of. While the Kachina jerseys look really nice under proper lighting, the green, brick and black bleed are muddled on the ice. I put together this concept not too long ago, which blends my favourite parts of each of their four current uniforms. It's too bad that when they inevitably switch to the Kachina jerseys full time, they likely won't make any major changes to the existing look.
  4. Adding a blue outline to the stripes and making the numbers blue looks more than okay in my book.
  5. I'm thinking throwing a gold to purple gradient map on that could give you a nice colour scheme. Love everything about this series so far!
  6. They've experimented with it this year, looks amazing on blue IMO. Not sure how a version on a white background would look.
  7. Sens’ retros are a good concept in theory, but they need a lot more white to work full-time. I’m thinking flip the numbers’ fill/stroke and base the design itself on the more white-heavy black jersey.
  8. Interesting that they're using their current number font on the navy helmets... either they're the stickers they already have on hand or they're thinking of doing the opposite of their gold Saturdays
  9. I think this logo would work the best if the Lightning ever decided to correct course (ignore the rest of the concept)
  10. Third team wearing 5 jerseys this year...
  11. I kind of like the colour balance on the Avs’ roads, they just need blue stripes added to the jerseys
  12. shows NHL 21 has at least accuracy issue with the Avs EDIT: at least *one*
  13. On the whole helmet ads debate, I probably would have had a different opinion a year ago, thinking only of the ‘purity’ of the uniform and the aesthetic like those opposed to the ads do. However, the circumstances have changed. I follow lots of graphic designers and social media managers around the league on Twitter, and I’ve seen how many of them have been furloughed. Extrapolated to the hundreds of other lower level workers per team, it clearly shows that even though the owners aren’t in danger of losing anything tangible from pandemic losses, many, many others are. While yes, it’s possible they just opened Pandora’s box, if those ads save just a few lower level workers’ jobs, so be it. While we are a uniform design forum, I think some of you should think a little more of the human impact before parroting greed, in my opinion.
  14. If the talk of a subtle change to the Avs' jerseys is accurate, it's not about the home uniform...
  15. So... 5 jerseys in rotation? Doesn't seem like they are retiring the Stealth jersey since it's being marketed as a "heritage jersey"