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  1. Here's Anaheim's last update... while the rest of the teams stay the same. And that's it for the series, thanks for all the comments and criticism. I started posting the final product on Twitter, keep an eye out for more!
  2. Another update... C&C appreciated!
  3. Minnesota and New Jersey are finalized... Montreal's logo is cleaned up... ... though Nashville still needs work. C&C appreciated!
  4. Detroit and Edmonton are finalized... while Florida is overhauled to look less like a "demented seal"... LA's art deco pattern is simplified and its purple stroke increased. C&C appreciated!
  5. Carolina and Chicago both get slight logo updates... ... while Columbus and Dallas are left as is. C&C appreciated!
  6. Here's my update for the Bruins, fixing the "stocks" issue. I'm satisfied with my Sabres and Avalanche concepts... I also revamped my Flames concept to get rid of the protruding outlines, and added some much-needed white. C&C appreciated!
  7. A little something in the middle for Anaheim...
  8. Here's an update to the Coyotes, fixing the tooth issue.
  9. First in the string of updates are the Ducks, where I moved around the colours in the logo to fix the contrast issue.
  10. Tampa Bay brings back silver and black, with a refined lightning bolt-in-a-circle logo and less Leaf-like jerseys. With that, I'm done my initial take on all 32 teams, though I'll be going through them alphabetically for updates based on your feedback. C&C appreciated!
  11. The Penguins keep their tried-and-true formula of a penguin in a golden triangle, but bring back the penguin's scarf. On both the logo and jerseys, the bridge pattern emphasized during the 2017 Stadium Series is used. C&C appreciated!
  12. The Avalanche's 90s classic A logo is modernized, incorporating two mountains forming the A and a puck-less swoop. The jerseys are also modernized, completing the team's transition to a maroon and navy blue colour scheme. C&C appreciated!
  13. Happy accident! Started off with the jet and the circle, and played with it until I was happy with it.