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  1. Actually very close. Just a streamlined version with some serifs removed. Some other differences like the gap added to the 4, But there are clearly similarities. Maybe you're blind. Not even close my ass.
  2. The VT font probably seems like it's been around forever because it's just a ripoff version of the FSU Glades font. Note the 1s, 3s and 5s especially. Very, very similar font.
  3. Here's a larger version. The NM State Aggies twitter has this as their picture now
  4. The font on the jersey numbers is new. The number font on the helmet matches the font from the prior jerseys.
  5. As a Virginia fan I have mixed emotions (if these helmets are for real). We have been calling for a white helmet since 1993 when we last wore them... But I'm not a fan of the modified blue helmet. The current look is iconic to us the way it is. I hope we get a white jersey with stripes to match the blue throwback. It's just good to see a white helmet again...
  6. UCF helmet on the far right. Just for show, or will it be used?
  7. The jerseys in that graphic are photoshopped, but it's reported that we might be switching to those jerseys full-time this season, with the modern logo replacing the retro logo (like in the graphic). And based on what I've heard, we would pair that jersey with the regular blue helmet. Might not know if any of it's true for a while though.
  8. I'm a UVa fan and none of us liked that helmet. It was a last ditch effort to try and get fans excited. Now we can be excited by having a real coach, Mendenhall. Why we would ever deviate from our regular navy blue helmet is beyond me. It's perfect for us. We also wore this helmet last season. Bronco Mendenhall will end this crap thankfully. More wins and less ugly uniform combinations.
  9. UCLA is going to UA it looks like. https://twitter.com/BruinReport No more of this poop:
  10. It looks like the same font as Rutgers' new uniforms
  11. The script logo has an 8.6 rating and everybody seems to love it except for WV fans. http://www.sportslogos.net/logos/view/80318662016/Pittsburgh_Panthers/2016/Primary_Logo