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  1. The models for the USF uniforms are wearing the Schutt F7 LTD helmet; first I've seen it in the college game.
  2. These are really cool. I think the effect of the shoulder and sleeve stripes will actually look better on the in-game cut uniform.
  3. If there's one good thing to say about nike-era NFL uniforms, it's that the colors really pop in the sunlight.
  4. i guess im in the minority that i dont outright hate the MSU uniforms. they arent good but they're far from being the literal worst, especially following the years of adidas shockweb and the florida gatorskin uniforms
  5. I think this all but confirms nike's new "thing" this season is going to be over sized text.
  6. It is possible that the players have good taste, too. I mean, it was a Jets player (whose name escapes me) that posted that 80's inspired concept last year
  7. based off the pro bowl unis from a couple years ago, I feel like the golden diamond wouldn't have been a problem on the VU template
  8. I made a couple mock ups of how the throwback would look in MS Paint using the CR uni. I like it, but as others have said, it's really not too different than our primaries, and I wish we could've gone with the batman unis... oh well
  9. if this leak is to be believed; it looks like they're going with the '70s throwback
  10. Gold pants for the Jags, apparently