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  1. 6 hours ago, Brian E said:

    were you starting to feel good about the jets unis? okay, well here's something to make you worry. this is from the athletic's connor hughes in a Q&A for the site yesterday:


    "The couple players I talked to who have seen them described them as "sick" and "awesome" and "dope." It's a complete redesign — colors, logo, etc."


    soooooo who knows. but it sounds like there's at least something in there for the [FLAME EMOJIS] crowd.

    It is possible that the players have good taste, too. I mean, it was a Jets player (whose name escapes me) that posted that 80's inspired concept last year

  2. 2 minutes ago, lahaye7 said:

    I agree with the above posts, what's the point of these throwbacks? Just thinking, would the Batman jersey cause a template problem for Nike?  Would they have to have made a special template for the Steelers? 

    based off the pro bowl unis from a couple years ago, I feel like the golden diamond wouldn't have been a problem on the VU template