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  1. The OCA logo combined with the word mark makes it look a little like BOCA.
  2. I don't know if this is so bad it's good or actually good. Either way, my spontaneous reaction is that I like it.
  3. As far as thirds go, it's actually pretty nice. Much better than the manufacturer using some weird, funky color that has nothing to do with the team.
  4. I don't want to quote the post, because I don't want anyone to have to see it again, but that Milan kit is horrid. No redeeming features.
  5. I think the criticism directed at OKC is a little unfair considering that the NBA has several teams with a logo that is nothing but a basketball and a name. How are the Pistons for instance any better?
  6. England vs. Iceland. I dislike England's kit so much I'm using this pic where it's only visible in the blurry background.
  7. Spain vs. Italy. Red jerseys vs. Blue jerseys would have been even better, but I still love Spain's weird pattern. Italy great looking as always.
  8. Germany vs. Slovakia. Slovakia's two shades of blue is good looking and with Germany's classic kit we've got a good looking match-up.
  9. France vs. Ireland. Still don't like France's kit, but I do love Ireland's and it's nice that Ireland isn't wearing all white.
  10. I agree. That is an amazing secondary for Germany. Would love it if they made red and black hoops their permanent secondary (details would be changed of course to allow Adidas to sell new jerseys every two years).
  11. Portugal vs. Croatia. Croatia is lovely as always, but what Portugal is wearing is horrendous. That color is awful and it looks weird with two light teams.
  12. Wales vs. Northern Ireland. Nice green vs. red match-up. I like that we're seeing a color flipped version of the same kit.
  13. Poland vs. Switzerland. All white vs. all red. Big yawn.
  14. Time for best and worst from the second half of the group stage. Worst is yet again England in their awful mix of red, dark red and blue. Slovakia isn't too bad, just a victim of playing against England and wearing all white. No obvious winner, but I give best match-up is Sweden vs. Italy. These teams both wear simple, good looking uniforms. This match-up has looked the same at least since the invention of color TV and it's nice to see they haven't changed. Nothing spectacular, but very solid.
  15. That's a downgrade. If the Stanley Cup Champs can have a silly, cartoony bird logo, then why not Lahti's team as well?