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  1. Thanks for the feedback. I do intend on keeping my designs as minimalistic as possible but still highlighting unique and iconic uniform details for various teams. To to all those who have requested designs, I apologize for not posting new ones lately but work and home life have been busy. I'll work on requests as soon as I get some downtime. Thanks to to all for the support and feedback.
  2. I just noticed that some of the image was skewed. I'll have to go back and fix it but hopefully this one gives everyone an idea of the design I'm going for.
  3. Here is the Tampa Bay Rays design. I incorporated their alt logo and placed it over the Tampa Bay Area. More to come. Im not ignoring previous requests so the Bucs, TCU, Blue Jays, Bengals, and Ohio State are on my queue.
  4. My concept is to incorporate uniform design elements into the state outline. I know there are many teams out there that already have their state in team colors and that's not what I'm focusing on. I'm also not going to focus on uniform concepts. I'll eventually try my hand at wallpapers but I gotta fine tune my photoshop/illustrator skills.
  5. JosiahWVU, here are a few more Pittsburgh ones. I did the Pirates one based on their pillbox style caps. The other design is a general Pittsburgh for all 3 of the city's teams. I'll have to work on the WVU one later on. That one might take me a while.
  6. As promised, Alberta with Edmonton Oilers road stripes.
  7. Here are a few more...Green Bay Packers and Chicago Bears. I did both home and road jersey stripes. Once i I get my skills up to par I'll take requests. FGM13, the Oilers one is next.
  8. Newbie here. I've been wanting to do a state and team pride series in a minimalist approach. I've started off with the Pittsburgh Steelers. I did it w paint so excuse the pixelating. C and C welcomed. Here's my latest: NY Yankees